7 ways to make sex in the shower convenient and pleasant

7 ways to make sex in the shower convenient and pleasant.

7 ways to make sex in the shower convenient and pleasant
Quite often in films (not only for adults) you can find scenes where the couple has sex in the shower or bath. They do it so naturally and carefree, but in real life differently: very slippery, inconvenient, and water is not the best lubricant.

Beautiful sex in the aquatic environment is impossible, and if previous attempts during bathing did not live up to your erotic expectations, try some of these tips before finally refused.

Stable position

Sliding is sexually only when it concerns you or partner, and not your bath or shower booth. The surfaces in the room can become very slippery if water and soap gets on them, so it will be very difficult to hold on to them with hands or legs. You can fix the situation with the help special rug At the bottom of the bath, and attached to the wall The handrail, for which it is convenient to stay during sex.

Do not rush

If you want crazy sex, during which you change the pose every few minutes, then the shower or bath, is more likely not for you. You can enjoy quick sex in water, but any movement from one intimate position to another should be Slow and careful, to avoid sliding or falling. Getting an injury in a bath is completely unexpected and sad.

Use sex toys

Sexy items in a bath are great if they are suitable for games in water. You need to choose a toy with high moisture -proof factor (IPX7), as well as such that it is easy to hold in the hand – toys also become slippery. Check out the reviews of other users if you plan to use an accessory in water. Many manufacturers assure that their products are waterproof, but some of them do not withstand the tests in reality.

Keep the face away from water

Oral sex in the shower can be very exciting and erotic – until water fell into your face. In films, it looks very sexy, but in fact everything can be different. A stream of water that fell into your nose when you caress your partner’s genitals with your mouth, It makes breathing difficult. Remember your position and either move the shower nozzle, or make sure you are in a convenient place and do not choke until you bring pleasure to your beloved with oral caresses.

Do not be afraid to get dirty

Proximity in the shower or bath is an excellent solution for those cases when you Do not want to spoil bedding or bed. You can take special edible paints or chocolate sauce, and write them on the body of a partner a real picture. Or it can be, for example, sex during menstruation, “golden rain” or even an orgasm with a squirt. Any discharge is simply washed off in the sewer, and you do not need to worry about washing or cleaning when you finish.

Use grease

If you are going to penetrate inside yourself or a partner during sex in water, Use grease and do not save her. Water washes off any natural lubricant secreted by the body. Painful or difficult penetration does not add pleasure because to become eccentric in the soul. Choose a silicone or hybrid lubricant that you like and does not cause irritation. Keep it at hand for any penetrating sex, masturbation or use with sex toys. Just remember that Silicone lubricants cannot be used with silicone sex toys.

Do not finish the proximity

Maybe you don’t want to use a lubricant in the bathroom or fear to slip distracts you from pleasure process. In this case, you can make affection in the water part of the prelude, and end everything already in bed. Wash each other, go through fragrant delicate foam in all the necessary places. Use your favorite sex toy or just make a relaxing massage under warm water to a partner. There is no such rule according to which an orgasm must be obtained in the bathroom so that it can be considered sex in the shower.The most important thing is that you need to remember sex in the soul or bath – it should not, and probably will not correspond to any fantasies that were and are in your head. Sex in any form I must bring pleasure. Laugh at gliding, strange positions and spray of water in the face. Find the time to determine the pose and rhythm that are best suited to you and the partner. And if tired, then you can stop at any time and continue already outside the bathroom.

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