Advantages and disadvantages of sex varieties

Advantages and disadvantages of sex varieties.

Advantages and disadvantages of sex varieties

In the modern world, sex is considered not only standard sexual intercourse when the penis enters the vagina, but also many other variations. Each species will have its own positive and negative points. Today we will consider in what variety there will be more advantages: oral, anal or maybe one where the penetration is not provided at all?

Pros and cons of classic sex

The usual contact of the genitals of a man and women call «Classic sex». Thanks to him, children appear, and someone considers it a plus, and someone is minus.

In this version of proximity, you must be protected. Otherwise, there is a chance not only to get an infectious disease, but also to get pregnant. And there is a probability of fertilization even when using interrupted sexual intercourse.

Advantages and disadvantages of sex varieties

When having ordinary sex, you can not always get a full range of pleasant experiences, often partners need an additional effect to feel them. Women would like to stimulate the clitoris more, and men can not always get discharge in some poses.

The minus of such sex is the need to choose a posture. For example, taking into account the size of the genitals, the growth of partners, some special devices may be required. And the mismatch of sizes often causes a feeling of discomfort.

Advantages and disadvantages of anal sex

Few couples are engaged in this species, but it can bring a lot of pleasure if everything is done according to the rules. Specific preparation, the use of suitable lubrication make it possible to relieve stress and experience the maximum of emotions. The advantage of this type of affection is that everyone can learn to get pleasure from it.

The disadvantage will be that from careless movements can be injured. For example, if you do not use a lubricant and not observe safety precautions, there may be cracks and gaps of the rectum. But any pair can eliminate this minus.

Advantages and disadvantages of sex varieties

The use of a condom is also mandatory for anal sex. The contents of the intestine should not be in the urethra, because of this it is necessary to protect. Someone can upset it, and please someone.

And even a minus of this type of proximity are considered probable discharge. Such sexual intercourse cannot be called hygienic, and before it, and after you need to visit the bath. But as a result of such an experience, partners are very close to each other, which positively affects the relationship.

Oral affection – advantages and disadvantages

Many people love oral affection. This type of sex is in second place in popularity after vaginal. Kunnilingus and blowjob – A great way to give pleasure to the partner.

The main plus of this sex There will be that you do not need to be afraid of pregnancy. But at the same time, it is worth remembering that you can get infection in this way. Of course, there is much less chance than with anal sex, but you do not need to ignore it.

Advantages and disadvantages of sex varieties

With the help of oral caresses, you can supplement and diversify sexual life. The plus will be the opportunity to alternate oral sex with other views.

But individual tastes and smells of the body can cause an unpleasant reaction in a partner. Someone will not be able to experience pleasure from such caresses because of a sense of disgust, vomiting reflex. That’s why Oral sex is not suitable for all couples.

Sex without penetration

All the options when the genitals of partners do not touch each other, the penis does not penetrate any hole, can be considered sex without penetration. Most often, this species is used by adolescents who are not yet ready for a full -fledged sexual act. Or those partners who have long been together and want to get some new impressions in the sexual sphere.

This version of proximity is very sensual, since the bodies are in contact with the most closely as possible, but at the same time the limited caresses strongly excites. The impossibility of getting a full -fledged intimate can generate even more «thirst» possess, and then it will be piquant. But if anger wakes up, this is a big minus. Such an experiment is not for everyone.

This type of sex can be called partners safe for health: you can not get pregnant, a low probability of getting an infectious disease. But the main minus is in difficulty getting a discharge. If you caress each other with your hands, then you can experience an orgasm. But to finish, stimulating the penis, not every man comes out.

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