All questions of virgins about the first sex and answers to them

All questions of virgins about the first sex and answers to them.

All questions of virgins about the first sex and answers to them

All once we were virgins and virgins who only had to enter into sexual life. Naturally there were many questions like: what, and how, and what if, and.e, which we may now look at with a slight grin and even possible a little shy about what such questions once asked others!) But all went through it and this is quite natural. In fact, it is not bad that these questions were once asked, it’s bad that there was no one to answer them sensitively. Then myths, guesses and fables were born about the first sex and deprivation of virginity, in which some people still believe as adults and, so to speak, sexually experienced.

It was this circumstance that prompted us to write this article, which collected everything questions of virgins + answers to them in one place.  All these questions have already been published on the site and they were already answered on the relevant pages, so questions were published here in the form of links, clicking on which you will go to the page with the answer. Well, now let’s move directly to the questions themselves, which are most often asked by virgins about the first sex and deprivation of virginity.

Questions of virgins

  • Who is a virgin and what to lose her virginity?
  • How to lose virginity to a girl with a guy
  • How many years will be lost virginity?
  • What should be the first guy?
  • Where and under what conditions it is better to spend the first sex?
  • Does it hurt to lose virginity?
  • Where does fear come from and how it complicates the first sex
  • In what pose will be deprived of virginity
  • What to do if dry in the vagina and there is not enough lubrication
  • Is it worth it to protect when depriving virginity?
  • Is it worth counting on an orgasm for the first time?
  • What should not be done during the deprivation of virginity
  • What is a virgin play
  • Where is the virgin pitch
  • What does the virgin playing look like (photo + video)
  • Is it possible to lose virginity itself?
  • Can I lose their virginity in masturbation?
  • If you can’t lose virginity, it hurts a lot
  • The virgin pole did not break at the first sex
  • I lost my virginity or not?
  • Virgin is I after that?
  • Whether the virgin sores remained or not?
  • I’m afraid of the first sex – terribly losing virginity

These are only part of the questions. If you have a question that is not here, ask it in the comments below.  Soon an answer will be given to him and the link to it will be published in this list. This will help improve this article for other virgins.

I also wanted to say that not so long ago there were times when this information was not so affordable and it was difficult for adolescents to get clear and intelligible answers to all their questions that are exciting them. All that they were content with is the experience of their older friends and friends, which at one time comprehended in a practical way, that is, they were in the same position. And it is not surprising that this often led to the fact that errors were made, some points were incorrectly understood and possibly not correctly understood to this day. And all for the simple reason that there was no good and affordable source of information.

But good we live at another time. Internet time, instant access time of knowledge of interest to us, which largely facilitates the life of modern youth. But the information on the Internet is the sea and sometimes to find answers to all questions of interest to a particular topic, it takes a lot of time. That is why we created this page where we collected all the questions of virgins on one page and gave links to answers to them.

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