Asphyxia or strangulation in sex is a deadly practice

Asphyxia or strangulation in sex is a deadly practice.

Asphyxia or strangulation in sex is a deadly practice

Some sexual practices are exotic, but quite harmless. So, for example, flogging with a light whip with many tails creates more sound than pain or any other effect for the body, and the maximum that it can cause — This is redness of the skin. With other practices, everything is different. So, one of the enough Dangerous erotic hobbies Asphyxia is.

Asphyxia — This is strangulation, and the methods of deprivation of the air partner can be used by different. You can achieve an effect:

  • When overlapping the mouth and nose.
  • When leaning the neck with your hands or rope, various objects.
  • When strangling with clothes.

Asphyxia or strangulation in sex is a deadly practice

In addition, it is possible to immerse the head in water or putting on the package. Methods are diverse, but they are all very dangerous. Fully There is simply no safe option, And therefore, the experience of a person, his attention and the ability to feel a partner are archiving moments here. As, however, and stop-signals. It is strictly not recommended to engage in such things alone, as well as with unfamiliar or drunk partners.

Why practice asphyxia as sexual practice?

If you look at the question superficially, asphyxia can look like one of the options for dominance. Of course, this aspect also plays an important role. The psychological component is such that the top literally controls the life of its bottom itself.

The subordinate side may feel that she entrusted the Mr. or Madam to the most valuable, to completely surrender to the power of the top. These are very deep experiences, but this is not all.

From the physiological side, strangulation Adds sexual sensations, Changes their perception. On the one hand, it may seem very tempting, and therefore some couples are eager to experiment without going into the basics. However, this is very reckless. Even the simplest practice with stifling hands requires theoretical preparation, and in addition, the ability to subtly feel a partner.

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