Before, during and after having sex

Before, during and after having sex.

Sex and orgasm – two independent concepts. It is possible that you can have sex without orgasm and get an orgasm without sex. Both men and women deserve orgasm every time you have sex if they want it. Sometimes they have sex not for orgasm, but for the sake of mutual contact, but the presence of an orgasm is not essential. But it should be recognized that most people who have sex want to get an orgasm. Women are much more difficult in this matter than men, especially when it comes to orgasm during sexual intercourse. But there is no doubt that, based on male and female anatomy, with ordinary “classic” sexual intercourse in a woman, as a rule, those places that she need to stimulate to achieve orgasm are not stimulated. A woman’s orgasm in sexual contact “a member in the vagina” is possible with experience, and both men and women should take care of this, this is achieved by skill.

Before having sex

In most cases, women have an orgasm before sex. During the prelude, an orgasm in a woman is achieved by manual or oral caresses of her genitals. Sometimes one or more orgasms are achieved using accessories such as the phallimitator.

The advantages of this are that a woman is experiencing strong excitement before having sex and vaginal discharge is abundantly, so that even in the absence of an orgasm when having sex, she does not remain unsatisfied. The disadvantage is that the orgasms of partners occur in turn, and not jointly.

During sex

Freud gave rise to significant disagreements in men and terrible disappointments in women with his statement that the clitoral orgasm is an “unripe” orgasm, and women who have no orgasm when contacting a member of the vagina (t. e. vaginal orgasm), significantly lagged behind in their sexual development. After that, all men and women began to believe that it is natural for a woman to receive an orgasm during sex, and if he is not, then a woman was recognized as incapable of orgasm. Since then, the concepts of “sexual development” and “sexual function” have undergone significant changes. Now we know and argue that the stimulation of the clitoris to achieve an orgasm needs 99,999999 % of women, and those women who get an orgasm when having sex are due to the simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris, and not because they have some kind of somewhatSpecial vaginas made of special “orgasic” fabrics, which everyone else does not have.

There are a number of positions for sex that allow both partners to achieve orgasm. These positions have been opened for a long time, and now they are very popular. Having trained a little, you can make your bed the seventh sky for both of you.


This way of having sex is known as “Coital Alignment Technique” (TKV) and is widespread among couples who like to make love to face the full contact of bodies and the possibility of orgasm in both partners. TKV is a variant of a missionary position, from which it is fundamentally different by the actions of a man. Firstly, the whole weight of the man is distributed over the body of a woman, and does not fall on his elbow. When a man relies on his elbows, he ends faster, and one of the conditions of simultaneous or at least a joint orgasm is to delay an orgasm in a man as long as possible to give a woman enough time to achieve an orgasm. Secondly, a man “sits on the woman” on a woman;T. e. It moves up so as to introduce the member into the vagina, but so that the base of the penis is in constant contact with the clitoris. There are no reciprocating movements of a member with deep penetration in TKV. Instead, the couple makes swinging and rubbing movements so as to stimulate a member, without violating its constant contact with the clitoris. This is the essence of this position: do not interrupt the contact of the base of the penis with the clitoris. The man maintains this contact with the movement of the penis down into the vagina, and the woman maintains contact with the man with her friction up to him. In this position, both partners receive stimulation sufficient for orgasm, and sometimes it occurs at the same time.

Tilt the pelvis

Another version of the missionary position is that a woman puts a pillow under her lower back or buttocks in order to tilt her pelvis forward. When the pelvis is raised up and tilted forward, the clitoris and labia protrude more, and a man can stimulate them intensively, pressing them with his pubis. And in this case, recipiently progressive movements of the penis are not sufficient for stimulation: a prolonged orgasm in both a woman and a man is caused by a constant friction of his pubis on the clitoris.
Since time immemorial in China and India, a sexual accessory has been used, known under the name “Horned Pill”. Such a cushion in the form of a crescent was placed under the buttocks of a woman to raise her pelvis to stimulate the clitoris and deeper penetration of the penis. In the West they quickly borrowed this experience, and a pillow of any shape is suitable for this.

Woman on Top

The position “Woman from above” has a number of advantages. Firstly, a man does not need to maintain the weight of his body, so he can focus on the control of ejaculation in order to increase the duration of sexual intercourse. Secondly, in this position in a woman, the clitoris more protrudes out, especially when she sits straight or at a slight angle, and not just lies on a man from above. Thirdly, when a woman lies on a man, she can be rubbed on his pubis, while making reciprocating movements with friction and rotation. Fourth, the “Woman from above” is also good for mutual swing back and forth without reciprocating movements of a member and vagina, since at the same time genital contact and stimulation are sufficient for mutual orgasm.

After having sex

A woman rarely has an orgasm after a man ejaculation, if she does not create it herself. Apparently, in the sex of orgasm is the last passage of the symphony of passion. It cannot be repeated “on BIS”. Therefore, if a woman did not have an orgasm during a prelude or intercourse, it is unlikely that it will come after proximity.

If a man asks you: “You were good too?”, You must be honest and, if necessary, say:” No “. Of course, not every man is eager to lick between your legs, when his member has just been there and you are expiring with moisture, moreover, as a rule, he is no longer excited. You can ask him to do it with your hand, and if he does not agree, do it yourself. Women who do not end during intimacy usually run to the bathroom and give themselves pleasure with their own hands. Men who come to what you do in the bathroom do not quite like it, it does not quite impress their dignity, because they should immediately understand that it is better to bring you to orgasm before having sex or during it. This is not an example to follow in a relationship, but this is etiquette in sex.

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