Briefly about the main thing: what do girls like in bed, what sex they prefer

Briefly about the main thing: what do girls like in bed, what sex they prefer.

Briefly about the main thing: what do girls like in bed, what sex they prefer

Ideal sex for a girl through the eyes of a man who has read a magazine gloss looks like this: candles, silk sheets, champagne, fruits, 100 best compliments, two -hour clit licking, two -hour sexual intercourse, smokers, everyone repeated. Dull grayness of pressing realities. Dear men, are you really putting it in practice! If so, then you know nothing about that, What do girls like in bed And what sex they prefer!

Drop everything learned earlier and carefully read our advice. We will open all the cards, even trumped! And you will understand that women are diverse in their tastes and preferences. Someone likes vanilla tenderness with the above script, and someone wants a sweaty rude man who will take force somewhere in a dark alley. So, take universal recommendations that will help you understand what sex girls like.

Briefly about the main thing: what do girls like in bed, what sex they prefer

What most of all girls in bed

Oddly enough, but many girls will be happy if a man, before filling up on the bed, will ask her preferences at least indirectly. It is a pity that the guys do not do this, believing that they already know everyone. Any youth is sure that he is a cool dude who can satisfy all women on the planet, the main thing is to hold out for three hours and diligently lick the entire crotch! And if such endurance races suffer a fiasco, the monster is overgrown with complexes. Like small children, honestly. They don’t know what girls like in sex completely different techniques!

Long or quickly

I would like to say right about the most important. About painful, to be honest. Girls do not like sex long for the whole night without a break! They cannot withstand such distances and erase, poor things, the most precious that nature has given. Boys, where did the myth or legend come from (what it is?), assuring that women want at least an hour of zealous friction? If the lover lasted two, in the eyes of the lady he is the hero of the Second World War, at least. You do not even know what many virgins are worth it, in order not to say at the second hour the stupid hollows and the examination of the walls: “Enough! When you finish? I’m tired! My vagina is already hurting!”. We regret you, unfortunate.

Stop distributing to each other and on the network stupid legends that girls like many hours of sex without respite! Stop bragging to each other and lie that ten women gone and moaned, and then they called and asked for supplements. They simply did not tell you about your sexual incompetence. They regretted male pride so that less offended maniacs would go along the sinful land of our vast country. Remember, we are quite enough with the proper approach from 5 to 30 minutes! Everything, further than timeout. Better speed shooter than a torment.

Speed and pace

There are no norms at all here. The question of how the girl likes sex, quickly or slowly, so stupid that there are no words. And what do you love more: eat or poop? Probably differently, true? Sometimes I want to eat, another time to throw off ballast. The same in sex: sometimes I want quick sex with gross translational frictions, and tomorrow it will go sharply, and the maiden will dream of a gentle, slow intercourse.


Dear men, you like blowjob, true? And if each sexual intercourse begins and end with a blowjob 7 days a week? Turned out. And the ladies want diversity. Yes, they love romance. Women by nature are gentle creatures prone to romanticism, pink snot and tearful melodramas. But! Everything has a limit! Candles, exciting massage, languid looks and conversations under the moon, of course, turn, relax, but sometimes something sharp is required-just another!

Guys, be unpredictable in your sexual behavior. Sometimes I want an unexpected, spontaneous visit from behind and rough male power. Came, saw, tilted, mastered, became a happy father. Joke))) just more often remember your dreams of diversity. The girls are no different in this.


Women love high -quality prelude. This does not have to be a professional difference with the use of a dozen manual techniques. In the word prelude lumines the grandiose spectrum of enhancement before sex. Compliments, affectionate whispers, passionate touches, a deep kiss of an overhead, caresses of the crotch, too (and where without it), massage, interesting conversation, watching a thematic film – all these events are prelude.

Learn to see the girl’s mood, which is suitable today! Sometimes pizza devoured in the elated training and a T -shirt in front of the TV screen, where the thistle horror is shown about zombies, can become a chic prelude. Do not know how to scan her desires, ask – you have a language and a great gift of God – coherent speech.

Times of Day

What do girls like in bed? When their biological rhythms are taken into account! If you want to fry up at 7 am an “owe”, you will receive a mass of negativity or body-trap instead of a passionate lover in response. The same relative to the “larks” that fall asleep at 22.00, and the beloved decides to have fun at one in the morning, having come from work or party. Your Ptah is watching the sweetest dreams at that moment! What kind of sex, dear? Wait for the morning or try to have sex with a sleeping one, in the mind of not coming. And what, some regularly fantasize on this topic.

Types of sex

Of course, all girls adore vaginal sex in all its manifestations. Almost the same numerous army was seen in amateurs of oral caresses. Do women like anal sex as much as men say and want? And here is a bummer. They would love him if you had done it right, and not with a run, a member of Shokoglaz, who had not knew not knew anything more firmly and more of his own poop.

Do girls like anal sex

For those who are offended by the girl’s refusal to have sex in the ass, we have a friendly advice. Go to the store, having previously measured your “instrument”. Buy a rubber dick exactly the same length and thickness. We do not take grease! Then we conduct practical experiments, as in school.

We moisturize the anus with a delicious grunt, attach the phallus to it and with a sharp breakdown movement we take the gate to the ram. As soon as the rubber brother went to the full length, we simulate movements during sex. Do not forget about the anal orgasm – you must end and be satisfied, because in your view a woman behaves just like that. Did you like it? If not, be sure to repeat until you feel a sincere love for anal sexual intercourse. No? Why? So you don’t like your girlfriend! She so wanted to look at you with a rubber member in the ass. What a pity. You do not satisfy her, but she dreams so – these are her deepest fantasies. Let’s try to stretch the anus. Once again we go to a sex shop and purchase an anal plug, which you will pull the chocolate eyes on all four side of the world every day.

In general, many men will help an article about how to have anal sex correctly, so as not to cause harm to a partner. If she refuses the love of shit in the rectum, has the right. You are not forced to make a blowjob to another guy or put yourself a vibrator in the ass. And so, of course, there is anal amateurs.

What caresses do girls like

Different. Women are starting from breast caresses, kisses in the neck and interspace zone, delicate touch to the back of the knee, wrists, from a passionate whisper to the ear. Everything is very individual, if we talk about bodily exciting incentives. The degree of sensitivity is different for everyone. Of course, skillful caresses of the clitoris with tongue and hands, drive the girls crazy. Those who do not suffer from complexes and constraint can come into a frantic delight from anilingus and even fisting. Someone does not need caresses, because in preferences rude fast sex.

With unusual caresses, toys from a sex shop will help you! The best clitoral orgasm with a universal vibrator, breast masturbation with a nipple massager, anal affection with a cork, double penetration – ask your chosen one what she wants, and then go to us!

Briefly about the main thing: what do girls like in bed, what sex they prefer

Experiments and the embodiment of vulgar fantasies

You think only you like porn and what they show there, and the girls are all completely chaste shy? How are you mistaken! Boys even do not imagine how vulgar fantasies in the ladies’ head can be. Here is a small list of what sexual perversion rummages in their mental images.

  • Sex with two and more men.
  • Bisexual contacts (by the way, very frequent fantasy).
  • Threesome sex.
  • Pull the man.
  • Be raped.
  • Domination and submission.
  • Mutual masturbation with a bunch of adult toys.
  • Fisting anal and vaginal.
  • Sex with a stranger.
  • Blowjob several men at the same time.
  • Swing VEDERING.
  • Sex in crowded places.

This is a very short list of what girls like in sex, because its expansion needs to look already in practice with a specific individual. Sea variations. Just girls more secretive in intimate communication and getting a vulgar imagination is directly difficult. This is due to those foundations that have been based in our minds for centuries. Genetic memory transferred by grandmothers and mothers.

The ability of men to combine brutality and tenderness

This is probably the most pepper when a man knows how to be rude and gentle at the same time, when he is hard enough by the hair in the Doggi pose and says: “How I love you, my girl”. Or a slap on the ass is supplemented by a delicate kiss on the lips. And in this performance: spontaneously took on the kitchen table, tearing his clothes, but was extremely careful, affectionate and attentive.

Care for contraception

Shifting responsibility for the birth of children to women’s shoulders beats quite hard along the libido towards a particular partner. If he doesn’t care whether you spoil your health or not, if only you couldn’t stand it and doesn’t catch your elastic band to the end – this is a shame. Female resentment is not the best pathogen in bed. They do not like egoists and cease to want over time.

Attention after sex

Hundreds of jokes are walking about the husband’s wall (or that left for a smoke break), and still men do not draw conclusions. I would like to say: you are primitive, like animals, who, seducing, walk on the heels and puff the tail, and how they received the desired one, immediately to the side. Cats are always remembered, asking for food: they look into the eyes, rub on the legs, purr. And how to get dried up, immediately the muzzle is wooden-fried and impressive hickle-I really want to give Pendal under a impudent fluffy ass! Also with men. Is it really difficult to give your partner five minutes after sex to say a couple of affectionate phrases and caress?

Sincerity of emotions

Girls always feel how honest a man is in his feelings and sexual desires. Sex “on and get rid” is unlikely to satisfy anyone. Reinforcement of high-quality sex with a sincere love of love enhances all the sensations ten times and hides some jambs and absenteeisms.

Let your beloved finished two minutes after the start, but he wanted you so and passionately entered that the under admired orgasm would not have such a great meaning as the representatives of the stronger sex think. Just love your chosen ones)))

Briefly about the main thing: what do girls like in bed, what sex they prefer

What women don’t like in bed: the main mistakes of men

Special attention deserves moments that women in bed do not like. What do guys do such that kills female desire and excitement. So, to the next paragraphs, men should pay special attention.

Fixation on premature ejaculation

Girls like it when sexual intercourse lasts more than 5 minutes, we already talked about this. But fast ejaculation is not worth those moral torment and brain removal that guys arrange.

Silence during sex

It doesn’t matter to some women whether their partner is silent or makes languid sounds. But there are ladies for whom exclamations and words of love are fundamentally important. Intercourse should be accompanied by moans, but not silence, since it resembles a purely technical process.

Smoke and wash immediately after proximity

Girls are emotional creatures, and after sex, the ladies usually want to talk, throw out their emotions. In the case when a man hastily retires into the bathroom or on a smoke break, an unpleasant feeling of disappointment and unnecessaryness comes.

Bolts and bruises

It is undesirable to leave sucks on the body. Bruises do not need to be, besides, if they are noted by others, an impeccable reputation of a woman can tarnish. Bite and painfully pinching should not be. Often, guys in a fit of passion show some aggression and believe that such actions are excited by a partner. In fact, girls are unpleasant and painful.


The greasy head, unshaven armpits, bushes in shorts and socks, proudly standing near the bed … No, dear, it will not work. Otherwise, Virgo will also stop taking care. Love us natural. You do not want? We, too.

Inappropriate cunnilingus

Many guys believe that female causals must be fled, that there is urine. Like a heated bulldog, tearing to pieces of his rubber toy chicken. They also climb unshaven. For an experiment, draw a sandpaper on your bare head. We feel this.

To find out what women like in bed, it is necessary to regularly discuss such issues with them. You need to ask and the most difficult thing is not to be afraid to hear a negative assessment of your actions from a partner. At first, it will not be easy, as soon as you get closer, learn to trust each other, any constraint will go away forever. We take off the crown, aside the scepter, get off the throne and … go down to our ladies with the question “What do you like in bed, dear”.

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