Desires in sex women and men – what they want

What do men and women want sex?.

Often we heard that women make love, and men sex. Thus, they are different about sexual intercourse. First of all, this is due to the nature of the body of a man and a woman whose brain processes information in different ways and due to which the perception of the same things occurs absolutely opposite. Hence the differences in the fact that men want in sex and in the desires of women in sex.

Desires in sex women and men – what they want

Sex desire: who has stronger

European scientists conducted an entertaining experiment: students aged 18 to 25 years all the thoughts that came to their minds should have been recorded on paper. The study lasted seven days. Scientists did not report which thoughts are particularly interested in, but asked to record absolutely everything that comes to mind.

So, it turned out that women are interested in sexual intercourse a little more than the stronger sex! Women often fantasize about their ex and sex with celebrities. And although the advantage is completely insignificant, nevertheless these results are debunk a stereotype that thoughts of the stronger sex spin only around sex and “they need only one thing”. It turned out that the beautiful half of humanity is interested in sexual contacts certainly no less than men.

What do women and men want in bed?

Desires in sex women and men – what they want

Often women cannot understand the philosophy of men, so they do not give them what their partner wants. So, from good wives, men do not go to lovers. And men cherish good lovers, as the most valuable in their life. So, what is still preventing men and women from understanding the desires in each other’s sex:

  • First of all, I would like to note that a woman thinks too much and extols sex, almost to the highest stage of love. But no matter how a person calls sexual intercourse, he still remains unchanged in fact. And women believe that if she spent the night of love with her boyfriend, he is then obliged not to marry her, but at least to be grateful to her for this. So, many after sex are already planning a life together and wedding. It would be better if a woman treated sex easier and was also grateful for the pleasure that a man gave her.
  • Secondly, as it turned out in the present, many women love sex even more than men, but society still imposes certain rules of life for them. In order not to spoil the reputation, the young girl must adhere to them. So, many are afraid to be known as whores simply because they will fuck more often than others. In addition, women often want to experiment in bed, but also be afraid of condemnation from the outside, even their sexual partner.
  • And, of course, the complexity. Often, even thin and ideal women independently find flaws in themselves, which are not there, and drive into their own heads that she may not be sexy and not beautiful. Because of this, of course, none of the couple of desire in sex is added and even families are crumbling. Sex becomes smaller, the voltage increases, due to which the quarrels become larger.

As old Freud said, all problems of a person are associated with sexual dissatisfaction. So, the more often a man will have sex with his soulmate, the less she will think about what she does wrong and t. P. And in order for the woman to overcome her complexes, she often needs to speak compliments, and then she herself wants to show the initiative in sex such that she will surprise an experienced lover. And of course, the most important condition for mutual understanding in bed: communication between partners. Only with the help of observations and discussions can you understand what women want in sex and what men have a desire in bed.

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