Documentary films about sex that is worth watching

Sex Documentary Films.

Documentary films about sex that is worth watching

You are mistaken if you think that documentary films about sex — Another way to promote pornography on television air and large screens. Documents «about it» Take away serious filmmakers. This is really a good movie that is interesting to completely different people, although often provocative and almost necessarily with a note of 18+.

It is more difficult for a documentary to captivate the viewer than game. It is one thing to come up with a fascinating story. And completely different — Find such a topic, plot, heroes in everyday life, so that a person «Glueed» To the screen. Sex is perhaps one of these topics.

In documentary cinema, it is examined from a biological point of view and as part of culture, considered in a historical context and in geographical. There are documentary films that teach sex («Kama Sutra of the 21st century: Modern Love»). Many films have been shot about people employed in the porn industry («Life after a career in porn», «Porn Zvezda: Ron Jeremy Legend») and about successful projects in this area («Kink.Com» — About the famous porn site, «In a deep throat» — About the sensational film).

We offer a small selection of five documentaries about sex. Each of them — A reason and a way to look at this part of our life from a new point of view, which you may not have thought about.

Discovery. True Story of Sex and Love with Terry Jones

The Surprising History of Sex and Love with Terry Jones, 2002

Terry Jones is not only a well -known comic actor, but also a certified historian. What only he did not broadcast fans of popular science series on the Discovery channel: about the history of Rome and Egypt, about ancient inventions, about love and sex.

The latest study was especially exciting. Perhaps only Terry and could tell with such humor and so excitingly what place in people’s lives occupied at different times, how they treated it and how they used it. And it was used! Priests for cult purposes, rulers to control citizens. And now they use marketers to sue us unnecessary goods.

Film 16+, suitable for sex education lessons in high school.

Sex 24 frames per second

Sex At 24 Frames Per Second, 2003

This film is already hotter. He is also about the history of sex, but not in world culture, but in Hollywood films. How sex appeared in a feature movie? Why «I took root»? How to remove it? They discuss these topics and tell piquant facts the directors and actors who have acted in intimate scenes.

Cutting from frank moments in famous films, of course, is attached. You can see rare shots carved at one time with censorship. It is interesting to compare erotic scenes in feature films of the 20s of the last century and in modern tapes — 100 years have passed!

Hot girls are wanted

HOT GIRLS WANTED: Turned On, 2015

And this is a serious social cinema that raises important problems of our time. It is about young girls involved in porn industry — webcam models and porn actresses recruited on Instagram.

It would seem that everything is as before. Girls who wanted to feel like stars, taste luxurious life, get rid of boredom and routine, on which they are doomed in their little American townspeople always went to act in porn. But something has changed. Living communication «moved» online, and there morality is no longer so dominated by people, and young people are increasingly saying: «Why not?»


Venus: Let’S Talk ABOUT SEX, 2016

This is a film — The study of female sensuality. He was removed during the casting. Young women come to the studio, sit in front of the camera and answer questions: about their first sexual experience, about their fantasies and taboos, about what they call their own genitals… Their reactions are natural. Someone is very shy, someone is more relaxed. Technical workers get into the frame every now and then. Everything tells us that this is not a movie according to the scenario, and it needs to be watched: women — To better understand yourself, men — To at least find out something about women.

Talking about love

Love Meetings/Comizi D’Amore, 1965

A similar sociological study was conducted in the far of 1965, the legendary Paolo Pasolini. He created an interview film in which he asked questions about virginity, sexuality, homosexuality, prostitution and other similar things. Only questions were not addressed exclusively to women, but to Italians of both sexes, different ages living in different regions of the country. At that time, it seemed to Europeans that morality was changing, and even breaks. But you will be surprised at how the heroes of the film are similar to us…

Unfortunately, «Venus» And «Talking about love» Not duplicated into Russian. But if you are friends with English subtitles, watch this documentary movie about sex — It will reveal something new to you inside yourself.

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