Emergency contraception after sex, drugs, drugs, tablets

Emergency contraception after sex, drugs, drugs, tablets.

Emergency contraception after sex, drugs, drugs, tablets

Dear ladies, most of you have to resort to emergency contraception methods. But not all girls know what harm can cause such medications. Despite the popularity of pills that prevent the onset of unwanted pregnancy, in some cases their use is unacceptable.

Now we will consider in more detail, What is emergency contraception, what tablets are these, We will get acquainted with the most popular drugs and nuances of their use, possible side effects.

First of all, you should deal with the indications for the use of medicines of this contraceptive group. It’s no secret that the main reason for their appointment is unprotected sex. Unfortunately, the number of abortions from year to year is not reduced with the wide range of various methods of mechanical and drug contraception. Everyone seems to know very well that they need to be protected, but in most of the so -called “ramps” the couple probably relied on “Avos”.

Emergency contraception after sex, drugs, drugs, tablets

In what cases is it necessary to use emergency contraceptives

Although, as practice confirms, the most reliable and affordable method of protecting from unwanted pregnancy and STD is a condom, in reality, often leads a partner, tearing or sliding at the most inopportune moment. It is then that women think about emergency contraception.
However, the need to accept such means is not always. In some cases, you should calm down and not panic.

Since the use of such tablets cannot be called absolutely safe, drinking them with and without it is not worth it. For example, postcoithic drugs are not used if:

  1. Unprotected sexual intercourse occurred at least a week before the onset of ovulation.
  2. There is a regular planned contraception.
  3. Together with oral means to protect against unwanted pregnancy, antibiotics or other potent drugs were taken.

During breastfeeding, a woman should not use emergency contraceptive tablets. If there is a probability of sperm entering the vagina, lactation should be interrupted for the use of drugs.

Experts recommend that women do not rush to take such hormonal tablets. Having missed the planned intake of safety drugs, it is better to resort to the use of spermicids. Ideally, the candle should be used 5-10 minutes before intercourse.

Popular means of emergency contraception after unprotected sex

So, what kind of “urgent” drugs are popular today among women?

We will receive the answer to this question from numerous reviews:

  1. Postinor – everyone heard about him. A mass of side effects does not prevent this drug from reserving the leadership position in demand. Potinor is an emergency contraception of the “old generation”. Among the risks of its use, it is worth noting violations in the work of the endocrine system and metabolic processes in the body. It is necessary to take it like this: during the first two to three days after unprotected sex, it is necessary to take the first tablet, and after 12 hours-the second. The effectiveness of the drug determines the timeliness of its use.
  2. Escapel. The action of these tablets is also limited, they must be taken no later than 3 days after sexual intercourse. In comparison with the postinor, the escapel is a newer medical exit from the situation. Side effects of its use are an order of magnitude less due to the content. Reception scheme: drink one tablet and drink with a large amount of water.
  3. Another method of emergency hormonal contraception is to take combined drugs in increased dosage. Most often, they use the lines, minisiston, regididon – they drink 3 tablets for the first time, and after 12 hours – the same amount of the same amount. Marvelon can be used as a method of emergency contraception according to a similar scheme, increasing a single reception to 4 tablets.

Emergency contraception after sex, drugs, drugs, tablets

What to do if pregnancy has occurred after an emergency contraception

The probability that the drugs will not fail remains high. But still, cases of pregnancy after taking “urgent” drugs have occurred. Most women are worried about the influence of drug data on the health status of the future crumbs. After all, hormonal drugs, the action of which is aimed at preventing fertilization, are also dangerous for the woman herself. Doctors reassure expectant mothers: there is no need to abort the pregnancy in an abortive way. If a new life is still originated, then the drugs did not fully have their effectiveness.

Theoretically, problems may arise if emergency contraception was used not after unprotected sex, but during the already occurred pregnancy in order to commit medical abortion. The principle of “all or nothing” also works here: either a miscarriage will occur, or the embryo will continue its development and growth. Find out whether such an attempt to terminate pregnancy has been safely, from 12 to 20 weeks, screening and other types of research will objectively help objectively.

Side effects and other methods of emergency contraception

Monthly after emergency contraception, as a rule, is the most reliable sign that the method has worked. Menstruation in most cases occurs a week after taking hormonal tablets. Emergency contraception products are undesirable more often than 2-3 times a year.

The most common side effects from the use of medicines are:

  • uterine bleeding;
  • disruptions in the menstrual cycle;
  • headache;
  • dyspeptic disorders;
  • General deterioration in well -being.

Emergency contraception after sex, drugs, drugs, tablets

By the way, in addition to the tabletized means of emergency contraception, the names of which were indicated above, there are postcoithic methods. In particular, these include the installation of an intrauterine spiral (Navy) urgently. This option is mostly suitable for women who planned to take care of constant contraception in the near future, and passed all the procedures necessary for permission to install a spiral of a spiral.

When introduced into the uterine cavity, the Navy causes an inflammatory process in which the fetal egg cannot be fixed in its walls. In addition, this product includes copper – the metal suppresses the viability of the spermatozoid. This method of planned and emergency contraception is considered the most reliable, but it is not perfect.

Among the side effects, which often make girls refuse to undertake the Navy installation, it should be noted:

  • increasing the risk of ectopic pregnancy after removing the spiral;
  • progression of inflammatory and tumor processes against the background of its action.

Determining the method of postcoital protection, you should rely on the professionalism of the obstetrician-gynecologist. Only a doctor will be able to prescribe suitable drugs or emergency contraceptive products, taking into account the reproductive health of a woman. But what should not be done is to listen to the advice and reviews of friends who have the experience of using this or that drug.

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