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Fands: how to diversify your sex without SMS and registration.


Fanta – a game familiar to everyone since childhood.

Some cards and cubes, something like a board game where you need to complete tasks.

And erotic phantles are also a way to get to know each other better, get closer, bring some novelty into your relationship, liberate, try the new.

Types of phantas

Fands are divided into several types – there are options "Light", suitable for flirting, this is something like a manual to a novice Casanov, they can be brought to a corporate party or anniversary, they do not oblige them to anything, do not contain too vulgar tasks. Such are very popular in clubs and parties. Remember your feelings when you played in "A bottle" At school? With flirt fanta, you will feel them again!

Another type of phantas, by the way of "A bottle", kissing. These are associated with different varieties, views and even stories of kisses. Thai, Chinese, French and those about which you are ready to swear, even not a rumor, not in spirit!

The following phantles are erotic-mall, they are something between kisses and vulgar, they are suitable for almost everyone, the best-selling, they have options for pasting before sex, erotic massage secrets and so on, associated with a note of piquancy in ordinary home sex.

The latest type of phantas is dirty, extreme. This is for those who think that I tried everything. Or wants to try everything! 😉 In them – techniques, poses and techniques. They have fire, lust and passion. This is a game for real lovers.

Different boxes have different contents and different types of games. Masks and taps may come across to you, perceive it as auxiliary elements and just pleasures! 😉

What is the chip

Fands are good because you do not need to strain your brains or study the Internet.

Here you have a whole deck with options for a cool evening! 😉
You can play honestly and complete all the tasks you come across, but you can sit down and choose something interesting at the moment.

In short – Vaniants of the game mass.

And at the expense of the rules…

Rule number one: relax and have fun! Leave decency to those who can no longer.

Our phantas lie in the section "miscellaneous" —> "Erotic games", They are also easy to find in a woman.

Choose… To choose from what! 😉

Here, you can see for yourself.

-Fands "Acrobatics in bed"

– Flirt fanta "Adult fun"

– Fands "A holiday romance"

– Fands "A bottle"

And there are many more, all sorts of people 😉

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