Female dominance over men in sex

Female dominance over men in sex.

Intimate life of people is constantly developing. There are various forms of female dominance over men. They can be latent or explicit. It is worth considering such features of women’s behavior in more detail.

Types of dominance in sex

There are several types of female dominance. Over time, progress from one stage to another is possible. But it is necessary to mutual consent to this. If there is no consent in the pair, who is the dominant, then problems may arise. Here are the main forms of dominance:

Choosing a posture. It all depends on who is the actor exactly. If a girl loves to dominate, then she is unlikely to be from below. Usually it takes a position from above, and decides to speed up the pace, and when you slow down. Moreover, a man can do little in such poses on his own.

The manifestation of command tone is the next stage. In this case, the girl says what her partner should do. Subordination can be partial. In this case, a man can, at his discretion, fulfill or not fulfill a request-requirement.

Using various items. Including handcuffs and ropes. In this case, submission is complete. A man has no right to discuss a woman’s team, and she can do with him that she wants.

It is worth noting that the last form is considered deviant behavior in sociology. Freud argued that not quite healthy people are prone to such dominance. However, this is not quite true. It is worthwhile to figure out why men and women are interested in the topic of female dominance in sex.

The reasons for the development of female dominance

Today, movements are actively developing that call women to emancipation. The most radical of them go further: they put girls above the guys. Thus, their supporters a priori consider themselves better and are confident in the need to dominate an intimate life and not only.

An intimate life is also becoming more and more open, and the porn industry is constantly developing. This allows you to come up with new items and poses to get pleasure during intercourse. The desire to try something new leads couples to various forms of male and female dominance.

In rare cases, the reason for the desire to dominate is mental deviations. Statistics show that there are less than 1% of such steam. British scientists conducted a survey among 2,000 pairs, where a woman manifests herself in sex than a man. Based on the results obtained, it turned out that 99% of respondents are completely normal people who are driven by the desire to experience new feelings.

How not to feel awkward during dominance

Some girls feel awkward when they come from above. Especially if something is ordered to do to their man. After all, during sex it is possible to order something that he will do. But in real life will be offended.

To exclude such situations, it is recommended to discuss the facets of the possible.

Important. When using extreme forms of dominance, it is necessary to carefully approach the issue of the partner security. For this, it is important to know the structure of its genital organs well. Otherwise, it is possible to cause irreparable harm to health.

Experts recommend starting all gradually, mastering new forms. In this case, you need to read specialized literature. It will allow you not to cross the framework of the permitted, during which pleasure is the transition to the provisions of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (deliberate membership).

Today, more and more couples use female dominance in sex as a variety of sexual life. This is a natural process that is associated with the publicity of intimate life and the development of the porn industry.

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