Films with frank sex scenes – list

A selection of films with frank sex scenes.

If you pay attention to the entire history of cinema, you can see that there are a lot of directors who make only films with frank scenes of sex. Such scenes have a lot of criticism, they say about them, write articles, no one leaves them unattended.

In this article, we want to tell you about the most popular erotic films that deserve to watch and highly grades. Yes, they contain candid sex scenes that borders on pornography, but still remain high art, which even many years after shooting video tapes still talk.

Cellular films with bed scenes

Below you will present the best films about sex in which there are a lot of the most realistic intimate scenes. In such cinematography, you will see what happens after a kiss of a man and a woman, when the light will always go out in other paintings. All the ribbons presented by us are not in vain forbid people to watch people under 18 years of age, because such moments can tease the viewer.

Last tango in Paris

In 1972, the audience was presented to the film “Last Tango in Paris” from director Bernardo Bertolucci. In this story, the main characters of erotic scenes were Maria Schneider and Marlon Brando. Marlon Brando was once nominated for Oscar for the best acting game. The film was also a nominee for Oscar for the directorial work of Bernardo Bertolucci.

Films with frank sex scenes – list

Surely, you all heard about the famous scene with butter when the main character decided to use oil for lubrication. Maria Schneider at that time was 19 years old, and she did not know in advance that there would be just such a plot. People said that this was a real rape of a young actress.

All viewers admired erotic scenes that were the most exciting at that time in the history of cinema.

With wide -closed eyes

The director of the film “With Years wide Closed” was the talented Stanley Kubrik. The essence of the tape was the show of the perfect family of the doctor with his wife. But, as it turns out, the devils are found in a quiet whirlpool, and each family member wants to go to treason. Married couple lives without love, and then they decide to get it in sexual satisfaction.

Films with frank sex scenes – list

Adel’s life

The laureate of the Cannes festival “Golden Palm Branch” receives the film “Life of Adele”, which tells us about unconventional love. The young girl has been in search of her native soul for a long time, and she is ready for anything to be happy.

Frank sex scenes from feature films amaze with their intimacy, and what artists are ready to go to so that it turns out beautifully. The creators of the film “Life of Adele” said that the main characters used silicone linings for intimate episodes.

Films with frank sex scenes – list

Today, many people want to learn about non -traditional relationships, and just this plot tells the viewer that love is not always loved by heterogeneous people.

Nine and a half weeks

“Nine and a half weeks” is today a very popular tape, but at one time it turned out to be a failure. This picture was not appreciated either in Europe or in America, in addition, it was even made by the nominee for anti -aircraft. But when the show was made publicly available, he made a real revolution. Video shutters did not have time to put the cassette on the shelf, because it very often was popular.

Films with frank sex scenes – list

Bitter Moon

The film “Gorky Luna” from the director Roman Polanski came out in the last century, but is still one of the most discussed in the world. The video story affects a lot of relevant topics and that is why it is successful with contemporaries. If you do not want to watch such erotic moments alone, then you can meet in your city directly .


Cinema Sistanory “Nymphomanca” from the cult director of Lars von Trier was shot with a record number of candid scenes. There are two versions of the tape – rolling and directorial. The latter is the best bed scenes from films and add some intimate points.

Spectators do not call this film a pornographic film, many focus on psychological moments. The essence of the picture is a woman who loved only sex, and when she wanted to love her soul, she could no longer do it.

Films with frank sex scenes – list

And your mother too

The essence of the film “And Your Mom too” is that two very good comrades go for a walk on the beach, where light drugs are going to smoke and relax. An adult unfamiliar woman rides with them, who gets closer to the young men. Intimate moments occur on the beach “Gate Paradise”.

Fifty Shades of Gray

The film adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Gray” was shot according to the book of the same name, which describes a lot of intimate points, including BDSM. However, the film was shot in a fairly restrained format, and many critics even called it anti -Erotic. Many decided that he was boring. Look and make your rating.

Films with frank sex scenes – list


The drama of Gaspar Noe quickly won the love of almost the whole world, and then struck all the spectators of the Cannes festival. Critics decided to name this video story pornography in 3D, as it includes many sexual scenes. The line of the picture is based on the memoirs of the protagonist, who is sure that he had lost his only love because he decided to exchange it for numerous sexual experiments.


A lot of films were shot about ancient Roman emperors, but few decided to illuminate the sexual orgies that took place in ancient Rome. Tinto Brasse is the director of the Kaligula tape, which covers the moments of the life of the Romans, when the same -sex connections, rape, molestation of minors, and t, flourished. P. Caligula is the name of the Roman most cruel and vicious emperor, during which strange sexual perversions took place. Caligula is the world’s first person who openly had sex with his sister.

Films with frank sex scenes – list

There is evidence that the most frank porn episodes were shot by Bob Guccione, who is the publisher of Penthouse magazine.

Lard, or 120 days of sodoma

The main line in the video “Salo” or “120 days of sodom” is to enlighten homosexual relations. The action is described during the Second World War in the Italian village. The Nazis decided to gather young people with whom they later experienced sexual experiments.

Psychologists do not recommend watching this movie if you are the owner of a weak psyche.

Films with frank sex scenes – list

Empire of feelings

The film “Empire of Senses” became popular in the 90s, when people raked these cassettes at the speed of wind. The picture describes the events taking place in old Japan, where profuse and sexuality reign. Critics called this tape pornography.

Films with frank sex scenes – list


“Seeking” is a video that tells us about homosexuality. The main role in the film went to the famous actor Al Pacino, who is investigating the murder, rape of gays, as well as dissected. But the interesting begins when, as a result of these investigations, the policeman himself decides that he is gay.


The film “Autocatastrophe” tells us that one person can be excited from incomprehensible things, namely from accidents, beaten people, etc. P.

Films with frank sex scenes – list

Critics claim that this video creation is dangerous for open broadcasting.


The cult director Lars von Trier took his next masterpiece – the painting “Idiots”. The bottom line lies in the fact that normal people pretend to be mentally retarded in order to reveal their inner world. Once in one of the public places between them there is a sexual orgy.

Fuck me

The painting “Fuck Me” contains many frank scenes that were shot by two women according to the work of the same name. The film gained special fame as a result of the fact that the moments of real sex without simulating were qualitatively shot.

Films with frank sex scenes – list

The center of the world

The Center of the World is a film about a computer scientist and a strip-dive who decided to escape from reality and go beyond the boundaries of normal sex.


This picture presents a lot of sex scenes, but only lovers of such a cinema will notice the second storyline that consists in the psychology of two people. A woman decides to diversify her boring life filled with one routine, and a man runs from loneliness.


The picture describes the life of Parisian students in the 70s of the last century. The main character is an American who goes to Paris to improve spoken French. There he also meets two young people who are a brother and sister among themselves. The guys all together begin to get involved in watching pornography, and then decide to embody it in their life.

Films with frank sex scenes – list

9 songs

“Nine songs” is a movie historian who tells us about the relationship of the teacher with a student.

Films with frank sex scenes – list

Such a banal scenario, but the bottom line is that there were no previously thought -out episodes, and the whole tape is based on improvisation and the director’s every second -class inserts.

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