First sex with a new partner: where, how and when to agree

First sex with a new partner.

First sex with a new partner: where, how and when to agree

The transition from a romantic phase to passionate and sensual is a very important point that can determine the success and prospects of relations in principle. I put on sexy linen, and the man still does not dare to be bolder, or vice versa, he is too pressing, and the girl is tormented by the question of whether it is too early to give up her position proud and impregnable?

The first sex with a new partner is a very exciting and bright event, and at the same time very nervous. So that the memories of the new stage in the relationship become the beginning of something more, it is worth listening to the advice of sexologists.

When you can give in?

Grief of coaching at pickup training firmly stipulates this moment – on the fifth date. Or not, on the tenth. Although wait, it is better on the 28th day of dating … Yes, they all indicate different periods. And all because or not sex today, only the psychological readiness of a man and a woman decides, and not the installation distracted from the reality. It will be comfortable for someone to do this on a second date, and someone will doubt it in two months of active meetings.

The problem is that the woman does not think about whether she wants sex with this man, but tries to calculate whether she will seem too affordable, which means that less valuable for a serious relationship, if she goes about her desires. When sex enters the plane of pragmatism and calculation, it loses the magic of sensuality.

Readiness determines the degree of passion and emotional closeness – and some kind of souls can find it on the first date. Listen to yourself and believe in the inner instinct is the best in such a situation, and if a man really decides that he contacted a woman of non -thorough rules – maybe it may not happen to such a hypocrite. He will find a flint-girl with compressed knees, and a more free woman is the same liberated partner.

How not to hit the mud face

Self confidence

Self -confidence is the best assistant in sex with a new partner. The experiences of girls about imperfectly shaved legs or parachute panties in a flower are insolvent, as polls show. Men in bed with a new partner experience frantic passion and do not pay too much attention to such trifles, provided that a woman as a whole attracts them.

You need to be able to laugh at the failure: the guy is cursing and busy with the clatter of the bra – it is better to turn it into a joke.

First sex with a new partner: where, how and when to agree

This also applies to such awkward situations as vaginal bunch or the fact that he is trying to drill the clitoris with a penis.

First you should resort to the good old classics – handcuffs, whips and intricate toys let them wait for the further development of relations. The first sex is always acquaintance, so you need to give yourself the opportunity to study the body and reaction of your new partner. Long prelude and missionary pose – what is needed for the first sex.

You definitely do not need to agree to what hesitates: if a man actively presses his mistress on the theme, shifting her head in the groin, and she understands that the blowjob is not at all what she is ready for the first time, then it is simply necessary to confidently refuse to confidently refuse. Fear of demonstrating awkwardness and ineptness should not lead the situation at this moment. If you do not want to, do not do it, the understanding partner will not insist.

Imitation of orgasm

Imitation of orgasm is the worst that a woman can do in sex with a new partner. If the guy thinks that he brought the partner to bliss, how he will find really working buttons leading her to real climax?


If the date takes place at the end of the working day, it can be difficult for new lovers to hint to each other that it would be nice to visit the shower before the joys.

First sex with a new partner: where, how and when to agree

This is solved very simply – the one who is particularly concerned about the issue of hygiene is the first to go to the soul, throwing the phrase “and then you”.

Choosing a place

The issue of choosing a place is also very important in this matter: it is optimal to find a neutral location. So the partners, firstly, will be in an equal position (the owner of the apartment always feels more confident), and secondly, it will be easier to complete the unsuccessful date. If one of the lovers, after not the most successful intercourse, sets up for an overnight stay, then what to do the owner of the living space, it is impolite to ask to leave the room at night? And so there is always the possibility of departure.


There are no options here, you need to protect yourself with a new partner, with any type of sex!

The only possible way is a condom. Only he will most reliably protect against unwanted pregnancy, and from all types of STD, including HIV. All other methods are oral contraceptives, spirals, spermicidal gels and t.P. they will save only from conception, but not from infections. If the partner refuses to put on a cond, then the most reasonable way out will leave him alone with his sexual problems. The offer of men can be attributed to Miramistin or other antiseptics, filling it into the urethra – this does not protect against infection with all kinds of diseases.

The first sex with a new partner is the most striking moment in a relationship, and confidence in oneself and confidence in your intuition will help not to spoil it. To do what you want and not to do what hesitates is the main commandment of any successful sexual contacts.

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