Game with hot wax during sex. How to use candles

Game with candles and hot wax during sex.

The game with hot wax during sex is a type of direction in the BDSM. This is a rather tense and dangerous game, if you use wax inept and inadvertently. But, if you follow the elementary safety rules, hot wax will give unusual pleasure, after which hot sex will follow an indispensable.

Which candles are better to use

Do not use bee wax candles! The melting point of their wax is happy with high, which is why serious burns may appear on the skin of a partner. It is because of the possible risk of the appearance of burns on the body, sex industry invented a new type of candle (for example, Blazing Waxxx 3 Color Candles Kit, with which you can draw various abstractions on the body’s body, which will turn this process into more erotic lesson) that today is today).can be purchased in specialized sex scenes and safely use during sex without fear of burns. Moreover, in special candles, the melting point of wax is much lower, which will not cause painful sensations.

It is also advisable to avoid the use of flavored or candles with metal elements, which is fraught in cases where a person has an allergy to metal.

Hot wax security tips

There are several very important points that are desirable not to neglect when you use hot wax in sexual games:

  • Check the wax temperature on your own body, t.e. drip them on the back of your hand – if it causes unpleasant and painful sensations, then the partner is unlikely to experience this pleasure.
  • It is advisable to hold the candle by 35-45 cm above the partner’s body, since it is from this distance that the wax will have time to cool to a safe temperature. And depending on the well -being or preferences of the partner, you can either bring it closer to the partner.
  • A area of the skin on which hot wax is dripping, over time becomes more and more sensitive! Each time, the partner will feel an increasingly strong light tingling, similar to pain. Therefore, it is extremely important to find out from the partner what exactly he feels in order to avoid in the future unpleasant moments.
  • In the same way as in other BDSM games, it is recommended to come up with a code word here, with the help of which you can give a signal to the partner that something has gone wrong and stop.
  • Before playing with hot wax, it is advisable to make hair hair removal, in the armpits and in the bikini zone. After all, it will be very difficult to remove from the hair! It is also advised to avoid its head, face or other particularly sensitive parts of the body,. It is recommended to drip on areas of the body that are less sensitive to touch, for example, shoulders or back.
  • The skin should be clean. And in no case do not use either fatty oil or body lotion. It is also advisable to avoid the use of perfume.
  • It is advisable to lay the oilcloth on the bed.
  • At an extended arm distance, a towel, cool water and a remedy for burns should be located next to the bed!)).

How to use hot wax candles

1) dripping:

  • Let the partner go to bed. Light a candle in the meantime.
  • Check the first two drops of hot wax on the back of your hand from a distance of 35-45 cm.
  • Start dripping with wax on your partner’s shoulders or back, gradually lowering below on the abdomen and navel.

2) spreading or drawing:

In this case, the body of the partner acts as a canvas, and you are an artist. This is a rather erotic lesson that will bring you closer even more. To smear the partner’s body with wax, first drop on a partner, and then smear slowly and erotically with your hand, drawing a picture.

3) Watering:

It is recommended to combine this technique with the dripping, since the erogenous zones of our body are more sensitive to a sharp temperature difference, for example, in no case do not lie hot wax in the navel, which can lead to a belly of the navel of the 3rd degree.

Sexy game with hot wax is a rather extreme lesson. And, despite the fact that this is a game, it is still necessary to observe all the precautions, since only in this case it will bring you joy and pleasure.

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