How important is sex in a relationship between a man and a woman

How important is sex in a relationship between a man and a woman.

How important is sex in a relationship between a man and a woman

Dear readers, let’s figure out whether sex is important in a relationship between a man and a woman. After all, be that as it may, none of you will be able to say that the intimate component does not play a special role.

Sexual contact is the pinnacle of sensuality and happiness, an indicator of a high degree of trust and love for each other. Passion and physical attraction form the basis of the relationship between representatives of both sexes.

Mother Nature ordered in such a way that when meeting with a potential partner, which is pretty to us, we begin to experience a strong sexual desire. Someone will say that it initially takes the desire for spiritual proximity and emotional kinship with this person. Perhaps there is a share of truth in this, but as studies and hundreds of questions have shown, for most men and women it is sex that is the main indicator of the further development of relations. Only after the first night it becomes clear whether the novel has the right to continue.

How important is sex in a relationship between a man and a woman

The role of sex at various stages of the development of relations in pairs

There are no happy and strong relationships without sex. Regular sexual contact is necessary for both. But it is worth noting that in the life of the spouses the intimate side of the Union passes, as a rule, three stages:

  1. Passion. The strongest sexual attraction loves to each other throughout the entire candy-bouquet period. Often the question of what exactly excites in the partner, it does not work out either the guys or the girls. A common mistake at this stage of the relationship is marriage, but statistics gives sad data: on average, 7 families from 10 families break up. Suddenly appearing passion usually fades away after three years. If the couple could not find anything common in each other, except for sex, such relations die, and only a divorce ahead.
  2. Love. If the former love develops into warm trusting relationships, to some extent reminiscent of friendship between a man and a woman, such a family has a chance of a long existence. In this case, spouses need not only sex, but also important mental intimacy, maximum understanding. Such couples easily overcome difficulties presented by fate, including intimate problems.
  3. Habit. At this stage, the relationship between spouses is often not the best, sex – boring, common interests with each year lived. For men, in their opinion, the best solution is the search for diversity, which pushes them to treason. The woman is often ready for betrayal.

What should be sex to build a happy relationship

The crisis in the relationship of a married couple can still be overcome, largely depends on whether both partners are ready to make maximum efforts to preserve the union. But in any case, not a single marriage will last a long time without sex, and the way it will be solved only to spouses. In order to see in your soul mate a still desired and close person, the presence of other components of a happy relationship is important.

How important is sex in a relationship between a man and a woman

First of all, the pair should be made mental contact – then sex will bring real pleasure and not one of the spouses will look to the left. Preludes, affectionate words, tenderness and signs of attention are important to a woman. Men are quite enough to manifest the initiative from the female side. It is important to trust: you do not need to be afraid to discuss your sensations with your partner, more often share your experiences and listen to his requests.

Sex in the relationship between a guy and a girl should be based on the principles of care for each other. Before satisfying your desires, it is extremely important to make a good soulmate pleasantly. This is the only way to achieve real harmony in sexual terms.

The benefits of sex with a constant relationship for men and women

Another essential condition for high -quality sex is the variety. If at the first stage of the development of the relations of both he arranged intimacy when the light turned off in a missionary pose, then over time, such limited sex simply bothers and becomes uninteresting, boring, unexpected, especially for men.

After all, they are known to love their eyes, which means that here you need to not be afraid to experiment:

  • change the situation;
  • put on erotic linen;
  • use sex toys;
  • engage in “non -traditional sex” and t.D.

In addition to the variety, it is worth noting that love and sex with constant relationships are what has a positive effect on health. Extend life, regularly having sex, is possible. During orgasm, men and women develop the so -called hormones of happiness. Endorphin and serotonin have a favorable way on the nervous system, strengthen immunity, increase the stress resistance of the body as a whole.

For girls, regular production of estrogen is no less important to maintain health, hair and nails, for guys – increasing testosterone responsible for the strength of bones and muscles. And, of course, sex with a permanent partner – security guarantee and reliable protection against sexual diseases.

Intimacy is an integral part of relations between sex representatives, which can differently influence the degree of trust and proximity in pairs. In order for sex to become a full -fledged component of a happy family, it is important to learn how to give pleasure not only to yourself, but also to take care of your half. Otherwise, overcoming adversities and disagreements will be much more difficult.

How important is sex in a relationship between a man and a woman

A man needs to feel that his partner experiences a maximum satisfaction from sex with him. In turn, the quality of intimacy is no less important for the woman herself, so most often role -playing games, striptease and candid outfits are the prerogative of the fairer sex. Despite the fact that for men, relationships begin after sex, and for girls – on the contrary, physical proximity between two people experiencing a strong sexual attraction to each other – the foundation of a strong and happy union.

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