How lesbian sex

How lesbian sex.

Sexual intercourse between a man and a woman looks natural and understandable, but how lesbians are having sex, only people who are more experienced in these matters know. The fact is that the absence of a member is at a standstill, it seems to be an orgasm that it will not work out under any circumstances, but petting and other types of sex without penetration, this is only fun not bringing the result.

Meanwhile, according to polls of bisexual girls and those who had experience of same -sex love, it is lesbian sex that opens new horizons, is more sensitive and tender. It is worth making a reservation that the point is not in the very form of sexual intercourse, but that the woman knows better what a partner needs and is ready to give her it. If a man is not a selfish in bed and at the same time experienced enough, then of course lesbian sex is no better than the standard.

The technique of single -sex sex between girls is more aimed at erogenous zones and their stimulation. The use of sex toys is almost always necessary, not a key factor. It is much more important that there is a dialogue between partners, both are ready for experiments and everything happens by mutual agreement in a comfortable atmosphere.

How lesbian sex is: the foundation of quality communication

People most often turn to a sexologist when problems appear in an intimate life between permanent partners. When sex became boring, stopped or did not even start to bring pleasure, disappeared at all. All this is a consequence of leaving the relationship of trust and dialogue.

This almost does not happen between the girls, because they have many topics for conversations, they do not try to subject a partner to Abuez, they easily discuss relationships, including intimate. The result of trust and a established dialogue is a high -quality prelude, which men almost always forget about. This is the most important part of sexual intercourse, but the guys don’t think so. I got up, you got wet, let’s go!

This opens the second advantage of lesbian sex – more attention to erogenous zones. Men often ignore them completely, reducing sexual intercourse to the mechanical outskirts, naively gentle that the faster and stronger move, the more pleasant the girl. In fact, His Majesty Cliter is important, with all branches of nerve endings, areas of increased sensitivity.

The most famous is the point g, the point k is directly opposite it. In the first case, the fingers will help with which the partner can find the treasured lump in the girlfriend’s vagina and stimulate him in circular or other movements. If desired, you can use the massager of the point g.

At the same time or in the form of a separate practice, a huge bet on the erotic massage of the clitoris is made in lesbian sex, which, with the correct execution and the corresponding size of the clitoris, can bring to squirt. Now you understand how lesbians are having sex, but this is far from a complete set of techniques for a full -fledged sex life between girls.

How lesbian sex is: what to do with penetrations?

In addition to the language and fingers stimulating erogenous zones, the girls today have received a wide range of goods capable of realizing any ideas with penetration. These include the phalloimitators and strapons, which are several types, shapes and sizes at once.

For example, strapon on panties is not very suitable for a classic lesbian of sex, since only the receiving side receives physical pleasure. Therefore, the developers of intimate goods came up with a brilliant invention – a rash strapon. Its base is plunged into the vagina of an active girl and then the phallus itself goes to the girl performing a passive role.

Not devoid of lesbians and double penetration. When using strapon, no one prohibits immersing a finger in the ass during sex, which in turn has an effect on that very point to. The phallimitator on the suction cup makes it possible to make a blowjob right during intercourse. Double phalloimitator can be used for unusual and sensual sex in the back to the back. With a man, most likely it will not work.

Thus, we conclude that the modern industry of intimate goods opens up unlimited possibilities before sexual minorities. Lesbians do not feel limited, from the word completely!

The most popular positions

Surprisingly, among the lesbian, the missionary pose is very popular, despite the seemingly unrealistic of its implementation. However, girls use vibropuli or vibrators, the receiving side lies on their backs with spread and half -bent legs, the other caresses the chest and neck, kisses the lips.

If one of the girls lies on the stomach, then the second gets the opportunity to perform rimming, while the stimulation of the clitoris and caresses of the labia are also available. Getting to point to will be so simple.

You can’t get anywhere from a mutual and extremely convenient posture 69. Here the girls have a complete parity, it remains only to find out who will be from below and who on top. If the dispute has come to a dead end, then feel free to take a pose on your side, so you will be 100% in an equal position.

See how diverse the sex life of girls. You are still wondering how lesbian sex? Then let’s discuss a few more important features.

How lesbian sex is engaged in: exposure myths

Many consider the same -sex sexual contact between girls safe from all points of view. Yes, of course, the husband will not suspect betrayal and pregnancy is excluded, but do not forget that you can always become infected with cunnilingus. From the point of view of SHIPP there is nothing safe here.

One of the girls should certainly be like a man. Another popular myth. In fact, an intimate between girls happens for various reasons, sometimes it is just a curiosity or an attempt to enjoy as a result of an unsuccessful experience with men. Not only by physiological, but also for psychological reasons, a girl may want one -sex sex.

Scientists often agree that women are bisexual by nature and if a friend is pretty, then no significant barriers will arise. The proximity between two feminine and absolutely unlike guys girls are more than possible.

The fact that without a member of sex is impossible we have already figured out. Lesbian sex is more tender and sensual, it is aimed at erogenous zones, affection and psycho emotional intimacy. Often, besides fingers and tongue, nothing is required at all.

Why a man cannot replace a lesbian?

Lesbians are those who have no normal man! This is a widespread opinion of men. It is true from a part, only what is a normal man? You think this is a fat cock and 2 hours of powerful penetrations? Not at all.

This is respect, understanding, empathy, trust. In bed, this is a combination of tenderness and rudeness exactly in the proportion that a specific girl is required. Someone likes kisses and hugs, someone needs to slap on the priest and grab the hair. One freezes from affectionate words, the other will have to strangle. What is she, your companion?

To find out it is necessary to establish a dialogue, openly talk about her feelings and desires. Not to be an egoist and not consider yourself a guru. Phrases from the series “everything ended before you, something is wrong with you”, at the reception of a sexologist they meet with enviable regularity. When a man does not understand a woman and is convinced of his male power, not trying to hear criticism and feedback, there comes a moment at which a romance with another girl is really better for a girl.  But this is far from the only reason.

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