How long does sex last – expectation and reality

How much sex lasts on average?.

In any relationship, the sexual side plays an important role, since the quality of sexual activity affects the well -being of the family. Many partners are thinking about, How long does sex last And what is the norm. Men are especially acute by this issue. In this article we will completely consider this topic and give specific numbers.

How long does sex last – expectation and reality

Causes of failure in sex

Before we tell how much sexual intercourse lasts, we will first find out the possible causes of failures in sexual life. From the point of view of male physiology, problems in the intimate sphere can occur due to premature ejaculation. Sexologists say, this concept describes the process of seeding before the introduction of a penis into the vagina or up to 20 committing progressive movements within female genitals.

Most women believe that this is not enough to achieve a full orgasm, which is why the duration of sexual intercourse is significantly reduced. Frequent “breakdowns” of the process of achieving pleasure can negatively affect relationships in pairs.

The duration of intercourse is influenced by three factors: emotional, physical and psychological components.

How long does sex last – expectation and reality

The described phenomenon above occurs irregularly, so in this case you can not pay attention to this. If premature ejaculation occurs regularly, then it is worth going to specialists to exclude various pathologies. It is on the health of the stronger sex that the time of sexual intercourse will depend.

Early seed output can be caused by the following reasons:

  • long stress;
  • various problems in relationships;
  • emotional loads;
  • problems at work;
  • Fear of failure in bed and much more.

Moreover, sometimes the little things can affect sexual intimacy, for example, a partner can distract an excessive creak of a bed or a call to the phone.

Thus, there are many similar reasons. They can be solved independently, but only if they rarely occur. If a pattern is revealed, then it is best to contact a sexologist.

How long does sexual intercourse last – the norm

Now let’s move on to the most interested question: how much sex lasts on average? To do this, the results were conducted in this matter. People of various professions and social status took part in this experiment. As a result, the average indicator of 13 minutes was revealed.

But the survey, not supported by the evidence base, showed completely different numbers: most are sure that the duration of sexual intercourse is about 30 minutes. Not all men are able to last so much time, which is why the strongest floor is immersed in depression, and their women are unhappy.

However, the normal indicator will be in which both partners will experience complete satisfaction. Do not focus on indicators of the whole world, because each person has their own individual characteristics, which means that the quality of his sexual life will also be different.

How long does sex last – expectation and reality

If you want to understand how much sex lasts in your pair and whether it is the norm, then you can get specific data after only a few years of life together, revealing the average value. It is worth considering that the nature of intimate life will largely depend on a woman. Someone is enough and 5 minutes to achieve the cherished orgasm, and for someone it will take more, there are cases when women can enjoy their man all night.

A short sex can arise with the first experience between partners, only a few progressive movements can go away to achieve the result, and the guy’s experience will not affect this at all. Do not forget about preliminary caresses. If the preludes were too long and the man holds excitement for a long time, then sex can end as soon as he penetrates his partner. It is necessary that the pair is harmony and both partners feel each other, and from the stronger sex it is necessary to train their self -control.

For healthy sexual intercourse, at least 20 minutes of preliminary caresses are required, and the number of progressive movements will already depend on the anatomical features of the penis and the degree of excitement. The couple should understand that in sex there should not be any chase for normal numbers and indicators, it should be of high quality and satisfy the desires of both.

Therefore, do not look at the average data, you need to relax and just have fun.

Therapeutic effect

Despite the fact that many people are afraid to talk about short intercourse, problems arise when it lasts too long. You already know how much normal sex should last, so you must realize that an indicator exceeding the figure of 30 minutes is very dangerous. With prolonged sexual intercourse, excess hormones blocks the absorption of free radicals. Their deficiency affects the state of health, that is, there is a decrease in immunity and the development of various diseases. For strong sex, sex should occur regularly, otherwise it can end with a frequent visit to hospitals. It is best for men to have sex often and not for long, then this will significantly improve the condition of the cardiovascular system.

How long does sex last – expectation and reality

Thus, long sex is harmful to male health.

Regular sexual intercourse positively affects the physical condition of the male:

  • The risk of infarction and stroke is reduced, since the cardiovascular system is strengthened;
  • The insulin emission system is established into the blood, which, in turn, reduces the risk of diabetes;
  • When an orgasm is reached, the prostate iron is strengthened, which means that the likelihood of developing cancer formations is reduced;
  • blood circulation improves;
  • During sex, there is an active production of endorphin (hormone of joy), it positively affects human health, reduces stress and raises the mood. In parallel with this, cortisol is reduced, which is so detailed on the vegetative-vascular system;
  • With prolonged abstinence, the level of testosterone increases in the male body, which is also negative. During sexual discharge, it is released and its level falls.

What affects the duration of sex?

It is important not only to know how much sexual intercourse lasts, but also what affects its duration. In many ways, the quality and time of sex is affected by the way of life. In addition, the sexual aspect includes a whole range of factors from everyday life, which can directly affect the duration of coatus.

The main factors of influence include:

  • heredity – that is, at the genetic level, the sexual capabilities of the partner are laid;
  • The environmental situation of the region – unfavorable ecology affects health in general, therefore, it is natural that it will affect the sexual aspect;
  • sexual activity of a woman;
  • individual physiology;
  • lifestyle, the presence of bad habits and sports activity.

The following phenomena can affect the time frame of sex:

  • the ability to control the inner muscles. This applies to both partners. If a guy or girl has a good tone and can control their intimate muscles, then an orgasm can be accelerated or slowed down. This skill can be developed using Kegel exercise;
  • The psychological factor is how partners are open to each other;
  • Sexual activity of a partner. If a woman does not like to have sex regularly, then this can affect the activity of her partner;
  • Regularity of intimacy. It is necessary to adhere to the “golden mean”, so frequent and infrequent sexual acts will affect the time frame of intercourse.


In this article we told how long the sex should last. If the above numbers do not coincide with real results, then you should not be upset. In most cases, this is temporary, which is associated with stress or problems in relationships. In the case of a long trend, it is necessary to contact specialists.

During sexual intercourse, the use of alcohol and tobacco affects, so you need to try to abandon these pernicious habits and begin to engage in physical activity.

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