How many times do you need to have sex for a man and a woman for health

How many times do you need to have sex for a man and a woman for health.

How many times do you need to have sex for a man and a woman for health

Agree, dear readers, the question of, how much is needed and you can have sex to a man and a woman for a certain period of time, it sounds strange and even stupid. Are there any norms in this matter? Or for each, the norm of sex is a conditional figure that relies on his personal needs? Of course, regular sex is the dream of everyone living on earth. Only very often the concepts of regularity in intimacy do not coincide not in some mythical guys and girls, but even with you, in our families, with our own halves!

So, the optimal frequency of sexual relations is a relatively individual indicator that differs in each person depending on gender and age. To understand how often you need to have sex, scientists have conducted a number of research. Modern sexologists take the conclusions obtained on the basis in practical activities. We learn about them today and we. Do not worry, we will not crush you with tedious statistics – it will be fun and interesting!

How many times do you need to have sex for a man and a woman for health

How often you need to have sex for a man

Yes, dear men, let’s decide how many “sausages” are you supposed to, well, suppose, a week! You always want a lot, but you can even more, but suddenly a lot of sex is harmful to health?

What do scientists say

The conditional frequency of sex (we will believe scientists from popular universities in Canada, USA and Great Britain) is a certain amount of sexual acts for each age. Let’s take a look at sad statistics and understand that, in principle, men cannot have complaints about the ladies – they give them even more than the “consumer basket” permit))) Sad numbers, boys, personally for you!

Sex in youth

Guys from 18 to 32 years old have the highest frequency of sexual intercourse. And you know what scientists say? You are enough 2-3 times a week! The largest piece of pie! Just do not have to be indignant that men have sex more often. We believe scientists. Younger and so they gave the intercourse in 1-2 days with a bonus. The peasants of older were less fortunate – they were cut off the ration, considering that old age is not far off, and the body slowly begins to fade away.

Sex in adulthood

In general, it is regrettable, but the fact is that the norm of sex for uncles from 33 to 40 years decreases to 1-2 times a week. And if you take the cycles from statistics, then 1.6 times a week you have enough to be healthy, cheerful, cheerful and happy citizen of your country! Yes, okay, we all understand: fatigue, advanced age, wife-pylorama … who wants more than one and a half times? Once until the end, the second-almost did not have time before he fell asleep. We are all human people)))

Sex in old age

At the age of 40, the man understands that his wife, children, work, routine – everything lifted up to the stove! What sex, comrades? A middle-aged uncle recalls him once a week or 4-5 times a month. Most likely, intimacy is in half of cases with oneself. What to do, we will all be eager to grow old and we will breathe-stick through time.

Sex in old age

At the age of 50, not just old age occurs – there are irreversible hormonal changes, illness, prostatitis, decrepitude, lethargy and eternal 5.thirty. At least, scientists say so. Only in men with a strong sexual constitution “cupcake” for breakfast happens 1-2 times a month, the rest of 1 time in a few months, or even just want to sleep and plant potatoes on May holidays.

What do men say or frequent desire for sex at any age

But the men themselves call completely different numbers when you ask them the question, how often they have sex with their partners. Regular sex in men is present at any age if health and wallet allows. Not always with his wife, but he is. And if the statistics with the legal life partner calls quite real sex norms, then we are unlikely to learn about the regulations in intimate relationships with mistresses – everything is much more prosaic there!

A man, in fact,, due to his physiology, needs to have sex much more often. With prolonged abstinence, an excess of sperm appears in the body, and its stagnation, in turn, may affect the general state of the body. For example, men need much more often than their partners. Explain this is easy.

Every fourth guy thinks about indecent bodies of the body at least twice per hour. Puberty in men on average occurs with a slight delay in comparison with the representatives of the fair sex. However, while still at a young age, many guys gain their first intimate experience, often with older partners.

How many times do you need to have sex for a man and a woman for health

At the age of 18 (sometimes earlier) and up to 28-30 years, they are able to have sex every day and even several times a day. This is the most “gon” when sperm hits the brain and blocks any arguments of reason. Moreover, regular sex life at this age does not replace masturbation to good fellows at all – they also manage to masturbate a couple of ranges. Ehhh, young-green)))

At 30-40 years old The amount is replaced by quality, the guy turns into a warden man, and the hormone bursts cease to overshadow the mind. In general, there is a certain idyll between the state of the hormonal sphere and mental abilities: I want not so often, but enough, it always can be, when you want, and this is also enough.

A healthy male at this age tilts the female 3-4 times a week with qualitatively and tastefully and feels that the flow of seminal fluid into the brain no longer bothers.

And what happens to serious uncles, which took place in life in many areas? How often do these individuals have sex? The average peasant is 40-50 Often often wants to have sex. Again, we agree that it was not always with Tolstopova a wife who, by this age, found a haircut a la “kid” and a kilogram of 30 excess fat, in which it is difficult to discern the female individual and vagina, in principle, in principle, in principle.

If the wife looks attractive and did not get the brain with a spoon to this period, then the “Sosting of intergalactic ships” occurs 1-2 times a week. With the current craving for diversity (threesome, cuckolds + sexwife, all kinds of toys for adults), maybe more often. In the presence of a tight wallet and a young mistress with pouting lips and standing nipples jumping out of the T-shirt, a man 45+ works miracles that not every 25-year-old are available. “Swan Song” is in full swing.

This is not to say that frequent sex in 45+ in men is harmful to health, but cases when a dead hero-lover was removed from a young student after a heart attack, a frequent phenomenon.

How often can you have sex Men 55+? And is it necessary at all? Well, if you want and can, then love your health. Some men are quite capable of puffing normally on their old woman and up to 70 years old. On average, the frequency of intimacy at this age in old-timers of big sex is 1-3 times a month, unless, of course, the interests have not shifted in favor of potatoes.

How often you need to have sex for a woman

Everything is clear with men: for them sex is not just a pleasure, but also a life necessity. Speaking about the sex life of girls, many take the judgment on the basis that, they say, women need to make love only to get pregnant. This opinion is fundamentally wrong! If a direct physiological aspect of sexual contact plays a role for men, then the emotional component of intimacy is more important to maintain female libido. It is impossible for a girl to get excited without prelude, kisses, caresses and touch.

And this does not mean that sex for women does not matter. Its frequency and quality directly affect the health of the genitourinary and reproductive system. In addition, the psycho -emotional background of a woman to a greater extent depends on the regularity of sexual acts and the success of their completion – orgasm. The more they have a young lady, the less subject to depression and a bad mood. Men, a note to you! We give to Virgo more orgasms, and your pylorama wife will turn into a sexy fairy!

What doctors say about the frequency of sex in women

In general, women are on the contrary! When spermotoxicosis turns off the brain, for girls aged 18-20 years sensuality is just beginning to develop, so there is no such wild need for regular sex. Young nymphs believe that 1-2 times a week, by the way, doctors with them agree with them.

At the age of 20 to 28 The bulk of women get married, give birth to children, so the peak of the development of sexual needs is pushed back by 5 years. During this period, the frequency of sexual contact in women rarely exceeds 1-3 times a week.

The most relish begins After 30 years. They say that the heyday of female sexuality occurs precisely after this age line. Woman begins to want sex! Even modest ladies with low temperament notice an increased need for regular sexual activity.

The girl wants sex more often after 30, when she is no longer a girl! That is why many guys are attracted to sex with mature women – the peaks of intimate needs coincide in youths and sultry women like two halves of one whole!

In general, the difference between the opinion of the doctors and the statements will give about how many times you need to have sex for a woman to be healthy and happy, there is no.

How often they have sex for health, all the reasons for the desire and its absence

How often do our fellow citizens have sex? If you know, because sexual behavior is affected by many factors from the outside and the state of the body. Let’s figure out the main reasons why you often want to have sex or a desire is completely absent.

Sexual Constitution

Ladies and gentlemen have a different sexual constitution, that is, emotional and physical need for intimacy. Giants of sex can indulge in sinful joys every day, people with an average (most often found) type need sex 2-3 times a week, but the weaklings copulate even less often: who is 1 time a week, others-per month or year. Look for a partner to match and enjoy. Believe me, a giant with a weakling is unlikely to find a middle ground.

A woman with a weak sexual constitution rarely suffers from this only if she regularly catches her husband’s reproaches that she is a log. Men, sexual nonsense, knowing that modern realities exaggerate increased sexual need, try to compensate for the absence of such harmful habits and various deviations (prostitutes, unwritten sexual relations, change of mistresses, bi-experiments, etc.D.).

Health status

Of course, the common desire or its absence is affected by the state of health general and local, that is, intimate. The factor of decreased sex drive can be improper nutrition, a shot down daily routine, alcohol in large doses, etc.D.

Funny, but the fact: the less you have sex, the weaker your health, the weaker your health, the less you want “love”. Look for yourself where you have the beginning and where is the end of this axiom.

Psychological aspect

The climate in the family, at work, in relations with others in general, some personal tragedies and failures poison not only the social and everyday sphere, but also the intimate part of life. In a depressed state of proximity I do not want. Frequent desire for sex arises when a load of problems leaves, or relations with a partner are being established. This can also be decided by the appearance of a new partner in bed.

Material conditions

You rarely meet a person who has not a penny in his pocket, and at home sits an evil mother -in -law in anticipation of a “beloved son -in -law” in order to start a barrelman about a “real peasant” who passionately craves the onset of evening and intercourse with his wife. Most likely, in such a situation, I would like to get into a pig in a neighboring eatery with some kind of friend of childhood.

By the way, women have a frequent desire for sex just directly related to material income and social and industrial equipment, as, in fact, its absence.

The partner is tired

Maybe you have everything great in a relationship, but this family “sandwich” bored in the evenings after a shower that the thought of standard marital sex in the name of health evokes dog longing and wants to whine out the window. No wonder that the frequency of sexual intercourse will decrease. You would better quote Shakespeare’s sonnets opposite each other than took off their underpants in front of such a boring husband/wife.

Dear, you need to have sex more often! If the number of acts is reduced due to the lack of novelty in bed, go to our sex shop and choose everything you like! Perhaps your woman will re -play in your eyes in seductive underwear for role -playing games, or you have long dreamed of strapon, but did not dare to say? Do not be shy and do not howl on the moon, just take it a rule to buy something new for acute sensations!

How many times do you need to have sex for a man and a woman for health

What is the benefit of sex for a man

The benefits of sex for men are simply incredible! We will not bore scientific terms and walk around the bush, but immediately move on to the list of reasons why you need to have sex more often!

  • Regular sex reduces the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system. This is almost a training!
  • Increases resistance to viruses and colds due to the production of immunoglobulin.
  • Just prolongs life through the production of hormones of happiness and satisfying natural needs.
  • Supports weight normally and improves mood.
  • The functions of the prostate.
  • Gives a strong dream.
  • Increases testosterone production – the main male hormone.
  • Improves sperm quality.

Taking into account such important and necessary processes in the body that occur under the influence of normal sexual contacts, we recommend that you have sex more often!

What is the benefit of sex for women

To satisfy their desires and the ability to become younger, women spend condition, but they do not even think that many expenses can be avoided if … resolve the frequency of sexual activity! So, the sex is so good for beautiful ladies?

  • Reduces weight and appetite.
  • Helps to fall asleep better (and good sleep helps to reduce weight).
  • Increases the mood to the heights of Everest.
  • Has a preventive effect on the heart and blood vessels.
  • Solves the issue of stress and depression.
  • Normalizes the menstrual cycle and extends it at the age of 40+.
  • Heals from any headache (men, do not give your wife a pill, but just love it with all passion).
  • Strengthens the immunity, increases the chances not to fall off with the flu, prolongs life and generally makes you immortal)))

Do not give up the free pleasure that almost everyone snores at the side! Remember, the need to sleep with a man is laid down by nature. The lack of sexual intimacy serves as a trigger that trigger many somatic and psychosomatic diseases!

What will happen if you rarely have sex

What is the lack of sex harmful? All! Abstinence is not good for women or men. Sex is an integral component of our life. Long-term abstinence negatively affects the emotional state of people, their social interactions and stress resistance.

In men, rare sex triggers pathological processes with potency (early ejaculation, weak erection), psychological disorders, hormonal failures that affect the condition of all organs and tissues.

Women without sex become nervous, more often stress and suffer from PMS. The lack of sexual life in a lady is a direct path to gynecological diseases. Hormones begin to be naughty, mood spoils, hair and nails do not shine with their appearance, jumps pressure, etc.D.

The release of sexual energy must be mandatory! Sexual abstinence does not benefit either your brains or a browned body. Want to be healthy and happy – have sex more often! And remember, its frequency for each person is individual. Do not try to seem an ideal lover, make love as many times as you want.

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