How to become sexier and enlarge breasts at home

How to become sexier and enlarge breasts at home.

How to become sexier and enlarge breasts at home

Hello, dear ladies! Distracted from your affairs, because the theme of our today’s conversation cannot but interest you. What do you think, which part of your body first falls under the eyes of men? The answer is obvious – this is the chest. Brunettes and blondes, tall and miniature, magnificent and slender, young and mature – each representative of the stronger sex has his preferences, but an indisputable ideal of female beauty and sexuality has always been, there is and will be a magnificent elastic bust. The breast attractive by nature, unfortunately, is rare. Most often, a feminine rounded bust is the result of the hard work of its owner or fruits of the talent of a plastic surgeon.

By the way, the first breast augmentation operations were done in France about two centuries ago. Instead of silicone forms, women were implanted in paraffin, wax and even animal fat, which often led to peritonitis and the death of beauties. In Japan, the standard of femininity was considered the complete absence of any bulges, so the girls did not think about breast augmentation, but on the contrary, they used dense matters to tighten the mammary glands more.

Women’s secrets for enlargement and suspension of the chest at home

Enlarging breasts at home – at first glance this idea seems slightly crazy. But in fact, you can get a beautiful fit body and a luxurious figure without surgery or expensive creams, ointments, sprays. Yes, the effectiveness of home exercises is definitely inferior to the final result of the installation of silicone implants. But if you want to enlarge the breasts by 1-2 sizes, tighten it and return the previous shape, you will have to be patient for several months.

How to become sexier and enlarge breasts at home

It will be possible to achieve the desired effect only if you apply several ways to enlarge the chest at the same time. To transform the bust, you need to get acquainted with some secrets:

  • There is no lush and elastic breast without fit muscles, and therefore the main blow will have to be made on physical exercises.
  • So that the skin in the neckline remains fresh, take a contrast shower for 3-4 minutes every day.
  • No restrictions on nutrition, because low -calorie diets are enemies of female “sizes”.
  • Intimate life should be regular and saturated. During orgasm, hormones are produced in the body that affect the condition of the skin, the size of the bust and a positive mood.
  • Lower underwear is another important point that can both emphasize the shape and ruin the figure. In addition, the bra must properly support the mammary glands, preventing their sagging.

External products and products for a beautiful big bust

In addition, in order to enlarge her breasts, each girl has the opportunity to experience the action of simple methods, tested by more than one generation of the fair sex. Some of them have no contraindications, with the exception of individual intolerance, and are economical simple means to improve the appearance of the female breast:

  • Iodine mesh – a method to enhance blood flow. On the chest, it is necessary to draw perpendicularly many even continuous lines. Try to prevent iodine from entering the nipple.
  • Essential oil compress and sea salt. For preparing the product, a few drops of geranium oil, shi or ylang-ylang, 1 t. l. sea salt and a glass of warm (approximately 38-40 ° C) water. Moisten gauze in the solution and apply on the chest, capturing areas under the mammary glands.
  • Kefir-mendal compress. Helps to lighten the skin of the bust and the neckline, reduce the severity of age spots. Cooks like this: 1 t. Non-cool fat kefir 6-7 drops of almond oil.
  • Putting mustard. For a stronger blood flow, it is difficult to find a more effective tool, but remember that after overtaking a sheet with a width of mustard on the gently skin of the mammary glands, you run the risk of getting a serious burn.

How to become sexier and enlarge breasts at home

As already mentioned, restrictions in nutrition will not help to enlarge the chest. But in order to speed up the process, first of all, it is worth correcting your daily diet, and first to replenish it with phytoestrogens – these are plant analogues of the female sex hormone. The substance in large quantities will be restrained in products such as:

  • fennel;
  • soy;
  • walnuts;
  • green apples;
  • hop cones;
  • spinach;
  • turmeric;
  • liquorice root.

Natural estrogen, identical to what the body of every woman produces, is also contained in red wine, dairy products, fish. Benefit, beer made of hop cones, but a spoiled figure and the likelihood of alcohol dependence – its side effect, its side effect, the harm to a woman is not comparable to benefit.

How to become sexier and enlarge breasts at home

Without silicone: exercises for breast a couple of sizes

To enlarge the breasts, tighten it and give its former elasticity, is sufficiently necessary for physical activity. A set of training exercises aimed at strengthening the pectoral muscles is based on the fight against sagging after childbirth and feeding with a bust. Competently and systematically performed training will help those who want to transform by increasing their bust by 1-2 size of the bra. We offer the following exercises for a beautiful chest:

  • Put the palms in front of us on the levels of the chest, tightly squeeze them and calculate to five. Then we lower the hands sharply down. Perform 10-15 repetitions.
  • Determining the elbows to the sides, try to catch on the fingers of one hand by the fingers of the other. In this position, freeze for 10 seconds, then try to make the opposite – spread your arms to the sides, preventing holding fingers.
  • We fit on the stomach, palms at the level of the shoulders, the elbows are compressed. Then you need to stretch your legs, transferring the mass of your body to your hands. At this moment, you should look at the ceiling, bending as much as possible at the same time. In this position, do not move 20 seconds, make 6-8 approaches.
  • Become facing the wall, lean on it and try to hug. During the maximum possible time, you need to try to crush the wall as much as possible. 10 repetitions.
  • Push -ups are the most famous and effective way to strengthen muscles and enlarge the chest at home. In one approach, perform at least 12 movements.

In an effort to become better and sexier than a woman is invincible. Tune in to hard work and observe simple recommendations – the result will allow you to feel irresistible, confident and desired.

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