How to choose music for sex: songs, genres, performers

How to choose music for sex: songs, genres, performers.

How to choose music for sex: songs, genres, performers

Can you imagine dear readers how passionate and hot can be sex to music? If you have never been given love joys for romantic motifs and melodies, we will tell you why you should try and how to choose the most suitable musical accompaniment of the intimate process. Using some tips, you will be able to open for yourself and your partner a more sensual and emotionally deep inner world of each other.

Calm and quiet Music is suitable for sex because it has partners for tenderness, At the same time, a rhythmic melody helps to open, and works with a clear erotic subtext serve as a wonderful background for enjoyment and orgasm. In addition, it is no secret to anyone that women are mostly like with ears. Perhaps music is the same key that men have to look for for more than one date.

How to choose music for sex: songs, genres, performers

Why do you need romantic music for sex, advantages

Properly selected musical accompaniment for dinner plays an important role in the further development of the events of a romantic evening. In addition, experienced couples also have sex to the music – this allows them to change the routine everyday sex of real enchanting of feelings and emotions. But why, then, not everyone makes love against the backdrop of merciful and disposal of compositions?

They probably guess what miracles the musical art works. Any doctor will confirm: when listening to your favorite songs, overall well -being improves, heart activity normalizes, mood increases, breathing becomes smooth, psychological harmony begins with oneself. And if we talk about sex, but not as a process of direct copulation, but about the unity of two partners, personalities, temperaments, then here you can get amazing emotions, vivid sensations.

So, why should I try to have sex to the music:

  1. This brings partners together. The music affects both participants in the intimate process especially positively if their preferences in art are similar. This allows a man and a woman to be like on the same wavelength.
  2. This allows you to have sex imperceptibly. During sexual intercourse, a variety of sounds may arise, starting from sighs and groans to cries of pleasure and passion. Not to mention the squeak of the bed, which will always give a couple, which decides to be given the desire at a particular moment among the white day. Music included for sex is disguised as any sounds.
  3. This helps to get rid of the burden of negativity. Nothing like music saves partners from thoughts about pressing affairs and problems. To relax, you must completely distract, plunge into another dimension, full of feelings and passion. Only light romantic music for sex can help in this. Relax and enjoying direct sexual intercourse – its true purpose.
  4. It acts seductively on a partner. With the help of music, creating a romantic environment and seducing half is much easier than with a quiet silent atmosphere. In addition, some performers (for example, Enigma) filled their works as exciting, hinting at sex, sounds. This cannot but inspire and not encourage active actions.

How to choose music for sex: songs, genres, performers

What else needs to be known about the role of music for beautiful sex

The best music for sex is the one that both partners like. Before turning on a particular composition, it is advisable to ask your half that she likes. Having left alone, it is necessary to turn on the delicate unobtrusive music for the background, it is more convenient to be located, and begin to caresses, which will quietly go into amazing sexual intercourse.

Those couples who have sex soundlessly, in silence, more often than others dream of surrendering to uncontrolled passion. The desire to scream and moan quite naturally in bed, especially for girls, as this helps them strengthen pleasure and keep in touch with a partner. Therefore, having sex silently means suppress emotions and deprive yourself of your best, the whole gamut of feelings.

You can find a way out in any situation. Even if you can’t make a jumper at home (children, parents, thin walls, etc.D.), you can go to where no one will hear. Sex in a car or in a forest glade for musical accompaniment will leave a lot of impressions for a long time, and the sensations during intercourse will be brighter and the orgasm will be more powerful.

Beautiful sex to music is possible only when already mentioned, when partners are completely free from extraneous thoughts. Any song that causes a guy or a girl only positive emotions will help to free oneself from endless oppression of problems. You just need to turn it on and sing a little. When it becomes easier in the soul, you can switch the composition to a more intimate.

What kind of music is best to have sex, the main directions

If the couple has its own intimate album, this is wonderful. To create it, first you need to learn about the preferences of your partner. After all, each person has his own associations, in a particular case, it is necessary to listen and feel. What you like and helps to be excited one, does not mean that such music acts the same.

Upon learning what kind of music you like to have sex for your partner, make a collection. Most often, the compositions of the following genres are chosen for intimacy:

  • jazz;
  • blues;
  • light club music;
  • New Age.

How to choose music for sex: songs, genres, performers

In addition, if you want the chosen music to give the process of love of piquancy, pay attention to such recommendations of psychologists:

  • Instrumental compositions without vocals, like the songs of foreign performers, will not be distracted from sex;
  • It is important that both be liked by musical accompaniment, and not cause any of the partners a sense of irritation;
  • The volume of the chosen music matters – the more tender and leisurely the actions of the pair, the more inappropriately the bass from the speakers will be more inappropriate;
  • Avoid the radio – it is impossible to focus against its background, besides, in addition to musical compositions, you can often hear the conversations of the leading.

To successfully choose music for sex, it is important to consider how well you know the preferences of the partner, whether the first proximity to him is, how much it is planned to take time for sexual intercourse. So, for the first intimacy, the relaxing motives of Enigma, ATB, Hari Mata Hari, Robert Miles are ideal.

To throw aside romance, leaving only sobriety of thoughts, it is necessary in case of accidental sex, for which the music is selected, given the situation. Brian McKnight, The Black Eyed Peas, Chris Brown, Rihanna will help you tune in to the desired wave. Popular compositions and hits will strengthen the drive and club rhythm, which will force the bodies of even unfamiliar partners to move into the rhythm of sounding music. The Prodigy, Scorpions, Aerosmith – performers whose songs help lovers get closer in a hurry and extinguish the fire of passions in a few minutes. Quick musical pace increases the frequency of heart attacks and the level of psychological activity.

The main thing is that both people like the chosen music, be sustained in a single pace drawing, have no jumps and sharp transitions from slow to fast, and vice versa. Perhaps in order to find music of your sex personally, you will have to listen to more than a dozen songs and instrumental works. Having determined the point of unity and contact in a particular composition, a whole musical style, the desire of love and tenderness will be difficult to restrain. Try it and you will certainly like.

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