How to diversify sex? Sex games!

How to diversify sex? Sex games!.

At some point in relations, sex may stop being as exciting as at the beginning of your relationship. Do not worry, it is quite normal, and many couples feel it, even in sexually and emotionally good and full -fledged relationships. However, sex games can do a lot to revive your sex life.

When habits and routine creep into a relationship, this often applies to your sexual life. You can start feeling that something is missing, or if you just have a desire and excitement, because, for example, the same sexual positions are always used, and it becomes a little boring. Sex games are a medicine for your sexual life, the capabilities of which are almost limitless.


Yes, masturbation can give pleasure in pairs. You might think: what is the meaning? In the end, many masturbate only if they do not have a partner to still achieve sexual satisfaction. However, masturbation is a way to improve your joint sexual life.

Joint masturbation can be a very intimate moment – especially when you look into each other’s eyes until you reach the climax. The view of how your partner masturbates can be very exciting. Try it!

BDSM elements

This option does not necessarily mean that you should hurt your partner. There is nothing to do with the thoughtless use of power here. It is important that you have set restrictions from the very beginning. First, it is enough to tie a partner to the bed or ask him to knit you, and take control. But remember that it is important to agree on what suits you and what is not.

Role-playing games

A little fantasy in bed will not hurt. Role games are ideal for this! Dress up or take root in the role of certain heroes and professions – your possibilities are limitless. Masks, costumes and suitable accessories will bring excitement and diversity to your intimate life. During role -playing games, you can even feel that each time you have sex with another person, and this can especially excite.

Sex toys

Sex toys are suitable not only for use alone. Toys are a good option for steam, as they are able to help in increasing excitement and supplement sex. You can choose any of the many options: dildo, vibrators, anal stimulants, and even vibrators designed specifically for steam. Solve only to you.

A game “Do not touch”

At first it may seem a little absurd, but in this sexual game there is everything you need. You are allowed to do everything with your partner – but he or she is not allowed to touch you. Only you decide when you can touch you. If the partner does not adhere to conditions, you can use handcuffs to prevent him or to disobey for the prohibition.

Table sex games

Table sex games are suitable if you do not want to come up with anything yourself. Everything is invented for you here! You can use phantas, coupons and even jeng for adults! And with a sex cube you can in arbitrary order to try out various sex positions.


Increase excitement by setting certain conditions. These can be erotic trials, as well as simple instructions that determine what you will do for each other. As an alternative, you can play the game "True or action", where the obligatory part of the action is especially interesting. Thus, you can allow your partner to do exactly what you like best.

Believe me, you can even write a book with various sexual games and their descriptions. And almost every sexual position can be integrated into a sexual game. Remember that in sexual games there are no restrictions besides mutual consent. So give free rein to your imagination.

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