How to have hard sex – ways

How to have hard sex correctly?.

If your sexual life no longer brings vivid sensations, then you can invite your partner to experiment. To do this, it is not necessary to play games or try acrobatic poses, just change the approach itself. We will tell you in detail how to have hard sex, even if you have not tried it earlier.

How to have hard sex – ways

The reasons for the use of rudeness

We describe the main reasons that will play in your favor when trying to persuade a partner to try something new:

  • Diversity: hard sexual joys are highlighted in a separate group, as they have a large number of subspecies and special techniques. The abundance of options will help the couple bring something new and extreme;
    The exact separation of roles: the main rules of hard sex is the accurate allocation of the dominant and subordinate role. Thus, each of the partners will be able to completely reveal his desires without fear of being convicted. In addition, when a person experiences pleasure in an acceptable role for him, an orgasm occurs faster and stronger;
  • A lot of passion: a sense of pain/domination naturally adds passion and pleasure. In this case, all hidden desires and traction are revealed, because of which a person begins to simply dissolve in pleasure;
  • With such sex, partners can get closer more, as they reveal to each other all their innermost preferences.

How to have hard sex – ways

These were the main reasons to try this option of intimate pleasures, because he will be able to rekindle the fire of passion in long -term relationships. But, of course, do not forget about tenderness, everything should be in the best way.

Hard sex techniques

If you decide to try this option of rapprochement, then you need to familiarize yourself with the main techniques, because it is when studying them that you will learn how to have hard sex with your partner correctly. All given methods have gained popularity around the world, which means that they are noteworthy. Among the entire list you can choose the one that will like the most.

How to have hard sex – ways

1. Spanking

A separate subspecies of the BDSM of the group, which consists in swinging his partner in the ass. Such classes are very fond of men, in principle, like female buttocks themselves. During sex and the achievement of pleasure, claps are produced on the buttocks with a palm or sexy toys. Here the main thing is not to overdo it and listen to the wishes of the partner, otherwise you can injure it. If you like both partners, then you can even go to the springboard in sex to enhance the sensations.

2. Fisting

It is unlikely that this can be fully attributed to hard sex, but if you show imagination, then why not. Many use fisting as preliminary caresses. A man introduces a woman’s fingers into the vagina to additionally stimulate her excitement. A more stringent form allows the introduction of the whole hand, but here everything will depend on the woman herself, or rather, on the possibilities of her vagina.

The next option is the stimulation of the anus, when everything is repeated, but only penetration occurs into the anus. Fun with him will bring more pleasure precisely during the penetration of a member into the vagina of a woman. The same can be done with the anus of your man.

Anal fisting requires the pre -consent of the partner, so as not to find it in surprise during intimacy.

There are no harsh restrictions, the main thing is not to carry out too assertive movements and try to cut the nails so as not to damage the mucous membrane.

How to have hard sex – ways

3. Foot-physha

Ambiguous and specific option where you need to know the nuances in order to achieve maximum pleasure. At first, everything is quite ordinary here – the stimulation of erogenous zones and points is produced, the only difference is that all this is done by the feet.

The girl begins to massage a member of a man with her feet, then clamps him with her feet. If you perform actions over a woman, then it is necessary to massage the walls of the vagina with your fingers, then you can penetrate inside.

It is men who adore this version of the fetish, because among the foot-physhysts about 95%-male gender.

You can develop this subject and put on stockings with impudent shoes, but if there are heels, you must be careful so as not to cause severe injuries.

4. Feyssiting

Quite a young course that has recently gained popularity. It consists in ensuring that one of the partners is seated by the genitals on the face of the other. That is, there is an emphasis on oral affection, but only with horizontal placement of the genitals.

There are no special rules and instructions, only a comparison of his partner’s weight, so that during the “sitting” not to harm him.

5. Flagellation

The right way if you only started to study the topic of sex harder. It is with this option that many of the TVs or the Internet, which consists in forcing and subordinating.

As an additional inventory, whips, handcuffs, whips and everything else that can be purchased in a sex shop will be required. Thanks to them, one partner forces the second to certain actions. However, if you decide to try this option of hard sex, then be sure to consult your partner. It is very important that your positions are harmonious, that is, one plays the role of the dominant, the second – subordinate. Surely many girls who can be acquainted for sex without obligation will not refuse you in such entertainment.

6. Sibari

Ah, this mysterious Japan, which has brought a lot to the rules of hard sex. It is eastern practice that has many techniques of gross pleasures and sibari one of its brightest representatives.

It implies the binding of his partner with thick ropes, with the aim of complete immobilization. It is only necessary to bind in a special way to emphasize the beauty of the human body and affect the sensitive zones. At the same time, you can suspend or fixed related anywhere, then do anything with it. It is important to find out in advance consent to this, because binding can be an unpleasant and even dangerous process. You should first find out how to have such hard sex correctly.

Basic rules of hard sex

Most men love hard sex where the woman is his victim, and he is a rapist.

How to have hard sex – ways

Where is such a craving where is unknown, but, of course, men like it, and women do not mind. Let’s figure out what the thrust for hardness can be related to and at the same time consider the basic rules of hard sex:

  • Passion at the peak. Of course, this style of sex requires more passion. On the part of a woman should be maximum efforts to excite her man to the extreme point and try not to immediately let him in. But you should not delay, a man may be bored with the expectation and then everything will be a drainage.
  • Position lying. Hard sex does not require a vertical position, it is worth doing it in a lying position, then a man will be able to fully engage in conquering and taming his lady.
  • The measure is in resistance. In imitation of the game, for example, a victim and a rapist, do not run from your man, you can move a little, turn away, slightly pinch and bite, but your body should touch his body.
  • Do not fight. This item can be attributed as an addition to the previous. Again, you can use minimal resistance, but do not fall into fanaticism and do not begin to beat your man, especially in sensitive places!
  • Persistence. If a woman felt that a member of a man is firm and standing in an iron rack, then there is no need to immediately give up and let him in. You need to tease it a little, at least a minute or two. Believe me, sex with resistance will be much brighter than the usual process. We squeeze the hips. Do not let your “rapist” a certain period of time there. This all refers to us to the first point: give a man the opportunity to “hunt”, because hunting is good only when it is not mining to you, but you are running after her!
  • Raise the white flag. The resistance should not be completed, the girl should eventually surrender, but only do it convincingly. You must prove that you were captured contrary to your denial.
  • Hard sex poses are spontaneous, as the partner usually plays resistance and the man should achieve it. Therefore, it is often impossible to plan and predict in what position it will be possible to penetrate. But the classic pose for this kind of comfort – a man enters a woman behind, while she can lie, leaning either on her knees, or to be pressed against the wall and furniture.
  • Invent a stop-word with a partner, which will indicate the termination of the current action. The request itself to stop/release/not to do it will not help with hard sex, because the role of the victim already suggests such phrases. Agree with a partner that these phrases will only be a game, and the code word will return to reality. This is an order to stop immediately, and they should not use it just like that. Then there will be fewer problems!
  • Hygiene observance. If you use sex toys, be sure to rinse and exert them at the end or before sex. Wash your hands and other parts of the body, for intimate games, try to choose cleaner places.

And the most important rule of hard sex is that the more realistic and stubborn the resistance of the girl during sex, the stronger the excitement in a man. But it is very important not to get carried away and always remember the framework of the permitted one, because hard sex does not mean cruel.

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