How to have sex during menstruation? | Questions about intimate health

How to have sex during menstruation?.

How to have sex during menstruation? | Questions about intimate health
You can have sex during menstruation, but it is important to approach the process correctly. At such a moment, the woman’s body is very vulnerable, so the precautions should be observed. Simple rules will allow you to enjoy even in critical days without negative consequences.

Sex during menstruation. Positive points

Intimacy during critical days is a natural process. After all, this period is not a disease for a woman. On average, menstruation occurs from 10 to 16 times a year. And if you give up sexual intercourse every time, you get many days without pleasure.

Love made during menstruation has a number of undeniable advantages that even gynecologists are talking about:

  • Removal of pain. If there is a painful pain of a visa of the abdomen, an orgasm helps to cope with it. It is a powerful analgesic, as it removes spasm, namely it causes discomfort more often. Of course, the pain sometimes disappears completely, and sometimes only for a couple of hours. But making love is much safer than the use of painkillers.
  • Reducing menstruation. During orgasm, the uterus is reduced, this accelerates the course of menstruation. The discharge leaves the body more intensively, and critical days last 1-2 days less.
  • Improving mood. Sexual intercourse contributes to the release of hormones of pleasure, which helps to overcome the consequences of PMS in a woman. It becomes more balanced, the desire to complain disappears. And against the background of a positive attitude, immunity is restored and immunity.

Sex during menstruation is useful process. But during this period, the risk of developing diseases increases. Therefore, it is important to properly prepare for proximity.

How to prepare for sex during menstruation

Blood is a great environment for the development of bacteria. And any infection can fall into the uterine cavity immediately. Therefore, it is important to prevent the development of any disease. And the main stage in this is the correct hygiene.

Visit the shower Both a woman and her partner should. In this case, you should use the means for intimate hygiene to both. But the woman should wash only the external genitalia, the foam and water should not get into the vagina of the vagina.

Condoms during critical days necessary. Even if partners are not protected on other days, on such days it is necessarily. This protects women from violation of the vaginal microflora. It also prevents blood to the urethrass of a man, which can also cause inflammation.How to have sex during menstruation? | Questions about intimate health

Convenient posts for sex during menstruation

There are no restrictions in poses during critical days. The couple can choose any position without limiting themselves. But there are options when partners get down less, and they can be taken into account.

  • Missionary position. Blood does not flow in the process, so there is less likely to stain everything around.
  • Tablespoons. Does not imply a beautiful view of genitals, helps to forget about menstruation for a while, and also protects the partner from observing bloody discharge.

In the pose of the rider, blood enters a partner, and if the discharge is abundant, then it can be seriously stained. In Doggi Style, with every movement, he can see a bloodied member that not everyone is pleased.

The acuteness of sensations during menstruation

Every woman is experiencing a period of menstruation in her own way. For some, this is the time of maximum sexual desire, for others-the time of the loss of interest in intimacy.

There are women who It’s easier to relax on critical days, since the probability of getting pregnant seems to them less. It is more difficult for others to get an orgasm, since there is a shy in front of a partner.

Physiological changes also occur, and this affects the experiences in bed. For example, The cervix drops, With deep penetration, it can be painful when pressed on it. But such stimulation starts someone.

Discharge are additional lubrication. Sliding is very sensual, it also helps arousal.

And also the feeling that The walls of the vagina swell. At the same time, the member is wrapped very tightly, each movement is felt more intense, which the woman and the man likes.

How to maintain cleanliness

Sex during menstruation can be much more comfortable when using some accessories. They help protect the surfaces from pollution.How to have sex during menstruation? | Questions about intimate health

  • Towels. Can be used for wiping after sex. It is permissible to put under the bodies during intimacy so that the blood does not stain the surface. It is ideal to use large and dense fabrics that can absorb several tablespoons of liquid.
  • Diapers. Disposable is ideal for preventing pollution. Perfectly use size 60 by 90 cm. The surface of the diapers is delicate, cotton, and the other side is made of oilcloth. This guarantees perfect absorption, and the diapers do not get wet. You can find such accessories in any hypermarket in the department for kids.
  • Shower. He will help to wash off all the discharge before and after sex. But you can make love under it, then the periods will be almost invisible.
  • Special tampons. Soft tampons are specially designed for sex. They resemble a soft sponge, and are not felt when penetrating. In this case, contact with blood does not occur, no pollution occurs.

You can buy tampons for sex today only in sex shops. Choose a suitable packaging with delivery – here.

Contraception during menstruation

During menstruation You can get pregnant. This is a well -known fact that doctors are talking about. Of course, the probability of pregnancy is slightly lower than on other days, but it is not recommended to exclude it completely.

An ideal means of protection against unplanned children is a condom. It also helps to protect partners from infections and inflammation.

Cunnilingus during menstruation

Oral sex during menstruation is not prohibited. It helps to experience orgasm faster, and the girl’s experiences can be many times brighter. But how to make sure that there is no blood? How to protect a partner from touching the discharge?

  • Take a shower. It is important to understand that no more than 150 ml of blood stands out on the most active critical day. Per hour is a maximum of 2 tablespoons. Therefore, visiting the bathroom removes a lot, and new discharge happens in 20-40 minutes not many.
  • Choose a suitable day. At the beginning and at the end of the cycle there are minimal blood loss. It is on such days that oral caresses should be given, not fearing that there will be a “puddle of blood”.
  • Use a swab. Even ordinary. He is introduced into the body, he absorbs everything. At the same time, external caresses occur completely without pollution. Of course, with an ordinary tampon, vaginal sex is impossible, but cunnilingus turns out without problems.

It is not recommended to force a partner to cunnilingus during menstruation, but if he himself takes the initiative, no need to refuse.How to have sex during menstruation? | Questions about intimate health

Smell during menstruation

Women know that discharge on critical days has a certain aroma. It differs from the smell on other days. Moreover, its intensity can be different.

If there is a constraint about this, The aroma will be removed. You can do this with special lubricants. They are equipped with bright smells that help to mask the natural amber.

The use of lubrication for menstruation is not contraindicated. The need for it happens less often, but it can be used, and sometimes you need. And finding a wonderful smell is simple, fruit notes are more common.

Alternative to vaginal sex during menstruation

Sex is a multidimensional concept, and the process is not always associated with penetration into the vagina. Oral affection – A great alternative on critical days that will give pleasure, but will not cause pain.

Anal sex during menstruation is also not prohibited. Of course, it is important to observe hygiene, to make sure that nothing from the anus falls into the female bosom. But there are no other restrictions.

Caresses with hands, hugs, touching different erogenous zones – All this is appropriate in critical days. And each couple can find an alternative solution for themselves, which will allow you to replace vaginal sex if it scares.

Bleeding after sex during menstruation

How to have sex during menstruation? | Questions about intimate health
If penetration occurred, it is important to know that in the future it is possible An increase in the number of discharge. Within a few hours of blood loss, it seems plentiful. This is especially noticeable if a woman has experienced an orgasm.

Pleasure causes uterine cramps, and this accelerates the emissions of menstrual discharge. There is nothing wrong with this, just the duration of critical days will decrease, and this is normal.

But during sex on critical days, injuries may occur. Sensitivity changes, a woman can not always experience pain even with intense effects. And after aggressive sex, trouble can happen. Bleeding that does not stop for many days in a row is an occasion to see a doctor.

Damage to the cervix is possible during sex. It can happen on any day, but it is in critical days that the girl may not notice him. Therefore, it is important to look at well. And if bright scarlet blood is released for a long time, its amount is significantly larger than usual, you need to consult a doctor. If your period does not end in the due date, if it lasts a few more days, you need to talk to the doctor.

How to persuade a partner for sex during critical days

What if the partner refuses to make love on such days? It is important to understand that any intimate contacts are a voluntary action, it is not necessary to force it. But you can try to convince him by offering some alternative.

  • Talk. He can refuse to harm due to fear. In this case, he just has little information, and you need to let him read the materials talking about the safety of sex on critical days.
  • The struggle with fears. If he or she is afraid of such sex because of the type of blood, smell or some other points, it is important to try to eliminate them. How to do this – read above.
  • Gloves. In order not to get dirty in the process, you can use gloves. It looks very piquant, brings diversity into the proximity. Find them will be possible in any pharmacy, latex viewing.
  • Alternative types of sex. Sometimes it’s easier to offer alternative types of sex to cause excitement. And then in the process a person can change his mind and try vaginal contact. But it is important to offer, not crush.

How to have sex during menstruation? | Questions about intimate health
In communication with a partner, honesty is important. You need to tell you why you want sex during this period, what feelings you experience. Understanding the situation will find the best solution for both.

Questions about sex during menstruation

Can. There is a probability of pregnancy, so protection is necessary. Ovulation in a woman does not always occur in the middle of the cycle, and it can happen in the last days of menstruation. And spermatozoa live up to 72 hours, fertilization can occur 3 days after sex.It is very important to tell a man that you have critical days. If this does not scare him, no need to be afraid. It is not difficult to hide blood, play with lighting, light the candles so that it is less noticeable that there are discharge. And you can also blindfold him, it will be an exciting game that will help to overcome embarrassment.

Special tampons for sex will prevent contact with blood. And they are the best assistants to women during this period.The man treats you very carefully, so he is ready to wait. It is difficult to convince him. Therefore, in such periods, masturbate. The achievement of orgasm in this way will also give sexual discharge, will allow you to cope with the desire.

Or choose alternative types of sex, for example, anal. But use the swab so that there are no discharge.Yes, an orgasm can happen on any day of the cycle. Some ladies say that sex gives more pleasure on critical days than in other periods.

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