How to increase the duration of sex in safe ways

How to increase sex duration.

How to increase the duration of sex in safe ways

Low duration of sex is a common problem, which makes you doubt its own health, deprives satisfaction and upset the relationship. There are harmless and simple ways to extend sexual intercourse that can solve this problem.

The duration of sex is whether there is a norm?

If until recently it was believed that the normal duration of sex should be 7-10 minutes, then modern sexologists are solidarity in the opinion that sex should not be appreciated by anyone and it makes no sense to evaluate this process by averaged numbers.

How to increase the duration of sex in safe ways

Give an accurate assessment of proximity is not an easy task. In addition, sex does not come down to penetration and ejaculation, it is much more extensive, and it is better to focus on what brings pleasure.

Sex is clearly not the matter that you need to control, glancing at the clock. Moreover, sex has its own physiology, which is poorly corrected and depends on the work of the reproductive system. It is possible to talk about pathology only if the ejaculation occurs in a minute or two – and even nothing can be said for sure, an examination will be required.
It is necessary to think about increasing time if the process does not bring the desired satisfaction and I would like to make an active bed rest for a longer. Well, if this decision is conceived in pairs and mutually accepted.

The reasons for reducing the duration

The most common causes of rapid ejaculation in men are increased susceptibility and high sensitivity of the penis head. In such cases, even the usual sexual effect becomes too intense, which leads to accelerated ejection.
Also common factors are emotional difficulties, communication difficulties in relationships and psychological injuries.
You can work with each of these factors.

Unacceptable methods of increasing the duration of sex

For a long time, “grandfathers” and “Internet” methods that can harm health have been widespread.

First of all, these are manual influences. Clutching the veins at the base of the penis and the search for “magic” points in the groin, pressing on them, you can supposedly delay the ejaculation. Such methods do not solve the root cause and can lead to damage to the vessels and soft tissues of the penis and the organs of the pelvis.

The method of switching attention is also harmful. Not only that, imagining something third, only in order not to finish, you can destroy sexual interaction and ruin pleasure-it also leads to the formation of unhealthy sexual habits. In a plus to this, with the physiology of sexual reply and natural processes, it is difficult to argue. The method is doubtful and often does not bring a result.

If you want to increase the duration of the act, it is better to use safe practices.

How to increase sex duration – safe ways

If the problem of premature ejaculation arises, it is these methods that should be tried first. Even in the absence of a result, it will further be easier to diagnose, collecting a more complete picture of complication.

Condoms and silicone rings

Continates slightly reduce the sensitivity of the penis and its head, increasing the duration. The sensations are smoothed out, the impact on the member becomes not as intense as before.

How to increase the duration of sex in safe ways

There are several nuances:

  • Do not put on two condoms, in the hope of reducing the sensitivity even more – the products will break from friction against each other;
  • It is not suitable for those who have latex allergies;
  • Polyurethane condoms are thinner than latex – there will be no effect;
  • It is recommended to use condoms for any sexual intercourse, the purpose of which is not conception is a simple rule of contraception and security.

A good effect can be achieved using special prolonging condoms.

The silicone retailer holds the head of the member of the open, moving the foreskin. As a result, the nerve endings of the head are accustomed to exposure, and intercourse is longer. You can purchase a retractor ring made of silicone in online stores. It is inexpensive.

Change of perception

A good result can be achieved if you do not perceive an erection as a call for penetration. Often men, especially young ones, are in a hurry to perform penetration, feeling an erection – they fear that if you wait a bit and switch to caresses, the erection will weaken.

This approach provokes nervousness and stress. A large role is played by habits developed during masturbation. If pornographic materials are regularly used to achieve discharge, a stereotype is produced, which needs to be finished as soon as possible. During sex, everything happens differently. It is better to perceive any sexual interactions as an interesting and relaxing process, feeling pleasure every minute.

How to increase the duration of sex in safe ways

This attitude will help to cope with increased excitability.
In some cases, the change of poses is effective. It is necessary to change the pose to the one where there is the possibility of limiting the amplitude of movements.


Psychotherapy is needed if there is a psychogenic component of premature ejaculation. The specialist helps to work out a failure with emotions and relationships.

How to increase the duration of sex in safe ways

Eliminates anxiety and works with an injury if it is. It is possible to attract other specialists – for example, a psychiatrist, psychologist or neurologist. Working with a psychotherapist requires the cost of a significant amount of emotional resources. Since the specialist and the client are equally involved in the work, but it often gives a positive result.


Prolongators are special products produced in the form of creams, gels and even sprays.

How to increase the duration of sex in safe ways

Used externally, applied to a member. Contain a proven anesthetic – lidocaine in the composition. Under the influence of the active substance, the sensitivity is reduced. Modern prolongators give a quick effect. They do not solve the problem as such, but help to get a positive sexual experience that can become therapeutic. Prolongators are sold in SEX shops, their assortment is vast, and prices are diverse.

If not one of the methods did not help

It is worth considering that often with premature ejaculation, and as a result, a low duration of sex, young guys face. As a rule, with gaining sexual experience, studying their own sexuality and the development of reproductive function, this issue ceases to disturb.
If the early ejaculation does not pass, but only exacerbates, significantly reducing the quality of life, it is necessary to undergo an examination by a urologist and a neurologist. Medication and surgical correction of premature ejaculation is widely used – these are modern and effective methods.

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