How to make sex hot, but not pornographic? How to have sex by phone?

How to make sex hot, but not pornographic?.

How to make sex hot, but not pornographic? How to have sex by phone?

Yes, you can really have sex on the phone, and at the same time not to sound cheap. Virtual sex can be a great way to add novelty and excitement to any relationship, but most of us still cannot forget about the chats of virtual sex of the 90s (and what is wearing you now?) and telephone sex operators speaking with a special aspiration.

Times have changed, and virtual sex has advanced significantly over the past few years.

From a letter to the editor:

«Honestly, I know firsthand what virtual sex is. When my husband and I got married, he was a sailor on one of the large sailive submarines of the Navy. In the first year after our wedding, we spent 300 days separately from each other – This is a huge number of late night phone calls.

I never felt embarrassed or awkward at that time, in truth, virtual sex helped me and my husband continue to get closer, even in the most difficult (or even devastated) year, during which we lived, one might say, in two completely differentworlds.

And yet, I have to say that, since now I have become a little older, and a lot of time has passed since those virtual dates, today I would feel uncertainly if my husband and I were in different parts of the country, continuing hardpipe. I wondered if there are any rules and innovations in sex by phone».

1. Be skillfully modest and destroy evidence and compromising evidence

There are applications that allows you to watch pictures, read messages, and then delete all this, for example, one of these – Snapchat. You heard about him?

2. Pay attention to new technologies

OHMIBOD introduced a new sexy toy that helps people improve their virtual sex. It is called Free Style vibrator.

You ask what it is?

This is an intimate little massager that uses vibration technology in the rhythm of music to deliver pleasure. Having connected the massager with your smartphone, the device directs vibration shocks to the massager, reacting to your favorite music or to the voice of a partner. This will become a unique experience of virtual sex.

How to make sex hot, but not pornographic? How to have sex by phone?

3. Old -fashioned sex on the phone should not be dirty and lustful

The main mistake of people in virtual sex is that they try to sound too vulgar. But virtual sex, which can be both preliminary caresses and a sexual act itself, depending on how you perceive it, should not consist in the use of dirty words. Virtual sex should be sincere, figurative and what is happening here and now.

What can be said during virtual sex so as not to sound vulgar?

If you want to say that you caress yourself in the bikini zone, you could say «I touch my pussy for you". But it’s better to say something like «Your voice makes me take off my panties and relax».

4. Is sex on the phone only long preliminary caresses?

Not necessary. This can be a really long preliminary caressing session if you plan to finish it later or another day, but virtual sex can replace real sexual intercourse if it leads to orgasm.

And, nevertheless, many of us cannot stop constantly thinking that they sound ridiculous when they try to virtually satisfy their partner. Truly interesting and free sex on the phone can only be when you completely plunge into it, not thinking about what you are doing and saying, but do and say everything you like here and now, because you want it.

5. Do not think about it, and do not consider that something is wrong with you if you don’t like virtual sex

Not everyone likes it. Some people consider virtual sex forced and fake, some need to be in reality near someone – touch the body of another person in order to lose their heads. But sex on the phone is a great way to build trusting relationships… Trust that you can allow someone to really intimate places, without moans and turned off the light.

As for sex on the phone, you can’t just call and start it. In order to truly enjoy them, while not to feel like an adult girl from an adult film, you must try to dissolve in this moment.

To sound sexy, you need to be real and carefully listen to the partner. You need to want it. But if you cannot get rid of unnecessary thoughts, then nothing will work out.

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