How to relax during sex

How to relax during sex?.

How to relax during sexQuite often, girls are faced with strong clamp and constraint during intercourse with their partner, which causes the lack of a full orgasm and satisfaction. And, of course, every man feels it. That’s why If you want to receive strong and regular orgasms, then we recommend that you carefully read the recommendations on how to relax before sex and sex.

Of course, every girl wants to look beautiful and sexy during sex with her man. However, thoughts about any shortcomings and complexes often do not leave even during the prelude and direct sexual contact. A man, seeing the girl’s discomfort, most often accepts him at his own expense and perceives it as evidence that she does not like sex with him.

In order to avoid these awkward and offensive situations, we recommend that you:

  1. Talk in advance with a partner. Tell him how much you like him and how much he excites you.
  2. Do not rush to go directly to sex, deviors more time. Thanks to caresses and kisses, you should be excited so much that there are no other thoughts left in your head, except for the burning desire for the penetration of the male member into your bosom.
  3. Work with the perception of yourself and your body. Each of us has any children’s injuries and complexes that can touch excess weight, small or large breast and others. Do not concentrate on them, try to work them out with the help of a psychologist or yourself.
  4. It is very important to remember that if a man has already opted for you, then he realizes his physical traction, so the view of your naked body will give him only pleasure.
  5. Continue to study your body and experiment in bed, even if you and your partner have been married for several years.

How to relax during sex

  • Learn your body yourself

In order to relax and receive pleasure during sex, you need to clearly understand what exactly you like and what caresses act on you most. It is most effective to carry out with the help of masturbation, which can be carried out both alone and together with the partner.

  • Prepare in advance.

If spontaneous sex most often causes you strong compression, then try to explain it to your partner. Prepare him a surprise in the form of a romantic dinner, beautiful lace underwear, candles and a glass of wine. All these little things will allow you to feel like a real queen.

  • Talk to a man about sex as often as possible and frank.

Be sure to share with your partner all your fantasies, tell me what exactly you like and what you would like to try more. In order for a man to understand how to help a woman relax during sex, he must know what kind of affection, pace and rhythm she loves.

How to relax before anal sex

How to relax during sexIf you and your man love or just want to try experiments in bed, then treat all responsibility for preparation. In order for anal sex to give you only pleasure without unpleasant consequences, you need to remember the correct actions before anal sex and relaxation with anal sex.

In order to avoid awkward situations, do not forget to first make a cleansing procedure using an enema or anal shower. Also pay attention to anal lubricant and anal condoms. These two assistants will help prevent the occurrence of various kinds of damage and cracks in the anus.

Particular attention should be paid to preludes, After all, how excited you are to a greater extent your relaxation will depend. It is best to tell a partner in advance that before anal sex you would like to get more kisses and oral caresses.

So that when entering the penis into the anus, you do not feel pain, We recommend that you prepare it using anal traffic jam or simple gradual penetration of one or two fingers using an anal lubricant.

The more smooth and gentle the attitude of your partner towards you, the more chance that you can completely relax and trust him. Therefore, it is important to enter into sexual relations with the person for whom it is important to deliver pleasure to you and orgasm.

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