How to understand by the sign of the zodiac of a man about his favorite pose in sex

How to understand by the sign of the zodiac of a man about his favorite pose in sex.

How to understand by the sign of the zodiac of a man about his favorite pose in sex

The fact that each representative of the stronger sex has his own special temperament or character with individual “charms” every woman knows.

But what often Favorite poses of men in sex are determined by what sign of the zodiac they were born, Only units are familiar. And it is worth saying that these women are lucky, because they know exactly how to please their gentlemen and deliver unearthly pleasure in bed.


How do I like making love to Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra

It turns out that male Capricorn is truly spontaneous guys! They practically do not have their favorite poses in sex as such, but the partner needs to remember one thing: she should always be prepared for piquant situations with her beloved. If he wants intimacy, then she should be right here and now. Wait until his chosen one takes a shower or adjust makeup, this young man will not, he will simply lose interest in love joys for a couple of hours. Nevertheless, it is worth highlighting one of the favorite poses of the male Capricorn-“Rogue”. In sex, however, as in life, these guys allow their ladies to be “from above” often, and their male pride does not suffer from this at all.

How to understand by the sign of the zodiac of a man about his favorite pose in sex

Guys born under the stars of Aquarius, Libra and Cancer in the process are extremely emotional, by the way, they also require the same from a partner. Sometimes, not wanting to give all the percent, these guys are tidy to enjoy female diligent actions. Any experiments initiated by a lady in bed, they encourage with joy. It is very important for such men to feel the partner as much as possible, it impresses them when the girl groans loudly or screams during sex. The most suitable positions for making love with representatives of these signs of the zodiac should be called “Woman from above, back to a man”, “spoons”, where both partners lie on their side.

Lions, Sagittarius and Taurus: how to choose the perfect position

There are no beloved poses for a man-lion, who had known the whole world as a passionate lover, no, just as there are no frames and borders. Undoubtedly, it is always the main one, and therefore – “from above”. Rough and dominant lion loves to rule over his victim. Representatives of this sign resolve their emotions, desires and fantasies with the help of role -playing games much more often than the rest. Submission and obedience, mixed with the pride and nobility of a real lioness – these are the qualities that they wanted to find in their partners.

Despite the fact that the ideal position is quite difficult to highlight this sign, but for sure, a woman will be able to excite a lion by accepting the original position “Doggi-Steel”.

This pose is beloved and in Sagittarius. In sex, these men like to always be behind. Control over the process, and for one and its complete contemplation-what always starts representatives of the stronger sex born in November-December. The endurance of the archers during sexual intimacy is admiration for the ladies, which is why they often boast of their girlfriends about how the next night of love has passed. But all the sexual advantages of these men can cross out one, the most negative quality: Sagittarius is not stable and not constant. Random ties, illegibility in bed often cause a sexually transmitted sexual character not only to them, but also to wives.

How to understand by the sign of the zodiac of a man about his favorite pose in sex

Taurus man is a real experimenter equal in the aspiration of search and self-improvement. He does not recognize rudeness and pressure, but prefers to be a leader in bed. Among the poses of sex that these men love, clearly prevails “69”. If Taurus has good physical data, he will like the position of standing, fully holding a girl in his arms and controlling the intensity of frictions.

Favorite poses in men-scorpions, twins and Aries

They say that in your favorite pose in sex, a man can conclude about his character. Judging by the assertiveness of the twins in real life, in bed this guy will also not stop halfway. Bringing the unique pleasure of his partner, he will only begin to think about the fact that it was time for him to finish.

Men born under the sign of Scorpio are considered one of the most passionate lovers. In sex, they surpass themselves loved ones, so the choice of pose is not fundamental for them. At the first opportunity, the scorpion guy will be glad to demonstrate his physical capabilities.

However, the girl always should remember that:

  1. Banal sex on the bed is possible exclusively as one of the variants of a variety of marital life. On the table, on the floor, in the bathroom, on a chair or armchair – it is insanely exciting him.
  2. Scorpions like long sex, 3-minute orgasic marathons-not for them.
  3. The ability to control the moment of ejaculation allows you to enjoy your partner.
  4. Scorpio loves the classic missionary position only because it is a direct reflection of his leading position in bed.

The exact opposite of the preferential scorpion is a man born under the sign of the Virgin. Their favorite pose in sex will be the one who will choose a partner. Uninitiated, not accustomed to experimenting and preferring a conservative style of gender, virgins, while laid out in bed in full. They, like fish, need the regularity of the process, regardless of the poses of the main action.

How to understand by the sign of the zodiac of a man about his favorite pose in sex

An aggressive lover of a stormy “animal” sex is considered to be a man-man. He certainly likes to admire the charms of a partner, which means that you need to choose a suitable pose. “Inverted rider” or “doggie-old” in various variations-exactly what is ideally consistent with the sexual preferences of Aries.

Wanting to surprise your boyfriend in bed, adhere to the fulfillment of only the above favorite positions, at least not enough. Getting rid of the complexes and giving the “green light” of fantasy, it will be possible to add fresh notes to intimate life.

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