If you want extreme? Sex in the elevator – who hasn’t tried it yet? How to have sex in an elevator?

If you want extreme? Sex in the elevator – who hasn’t tried it yet?.

If you want extreme? Sex in the elevator – who hasn’t tried it yet? How to have sex in an elevator?

If you really want to tickle the nerves, get an additional emission of adrenaline or just diversify love games with your partner, just have sex in the elevator, taking into account some points. For sex in the elevator, you can prepare in advance, or you can do it spontaneously, unexpectedly, while receiving a lot of positive emotions.

Smart button

Of course, in a short time of movement to the desired floor, it is practically not possible to experience an orgasm. But for this there is a button «stop»! Before starting such a responsible business, you need to check if this magic button works, otherwise the neighbors will be very surprised when the doors of the booth open.

Purity and pleasant smell

In a dirty elevator with unpleasant odors, having sex is not only uncomfortable, but also very dangerous! After all, a partner can not only not experience potency in such conditions, but also forget about what it is. Therefore, seeing the signs of garbage and immediately catching unpleasant odors, immediately give up the thought of sex.

Neutralization of the video camera

Having entered the elevator, you need to immediately carefully examine it for the availability of recording devices. If you have not taken a piece of patch or tape with you in advance, an ordinary chewing gum is suitable. The eye of the camcorder needs to be sealed – This will get rid of unnecessary witnesses of your extreme sex.

Comfortable clothes

For such love, it is advisable to choose clothes that do not change and quickly put in order so that when opening doors on the desired floor, you leave the elevator with dignity.

According to a poll conducted in one of the largest cities in Russia, have sex in the elevator – Secret erotic fantasy 93% of men and 64% of women. The numbers are rather big. So what’s the deal? Closed space has proximity, the ability to be heard implies a certain risk. But it is the risk that makes this sex extreme and so desired. Life is not so long, reduce it to enjoy it for pleasure!

It is also necessary to take into account that not all poses can be suitable for such extreme sex, so we choose the most convenient.

If you want extreme? Sex in the elevator – who hasn’t tried it yet? How to have sex in an elevator?

Suitable poses:

He is behind or «Alavash»

Holding her hands against the wall of the booth, she leans over, the partner – behind.
Plus: a man’s hands are completely free. You can touch your partner’s chest and caress her.
The depth of penetration – 8 points.

Face to face or «Stork»

Partners turn face to each other, the partner raises one leg. Holding the leg of his sex partner with one hand, the man rests on the wall of the cabin with his other hand.
Plus: a woman, leaning her back on a hard surface, can completely relax and caress herself and a partner with her hands.
The depth of penetration – 10 points.

«The rider is standing»

This pose really likes men, but not very convenient for women in everyday life. Elevator booth – It is the place where you can get the greatest satisfaction from this pose. Partners stand facing each other. A man leanates a woman with her back against a hard surface, picks her up under a basin, supporting her arms bent at his knees.
Plus: lips are free for kisses.
The depth of penetration – 10 points.

The rest of the available poses – These are variations on the topic of the first three.

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