Is it possible to have sex during pregnancy, and what

Is it possible to have sex during pregnancy, and what.

Is it possible to have sex during pregnancy, and what

Is it possible to have sex during pregnancy? The answer to this question, dear readers, we will look for today. He worries most young people who will become dads and mothers in the near future.

A reverent attitude to the future baby makes parents reconsider their habits, lifestyle, relationships, and, of course, their sexual side. Looking a little in advance: you can have sex during pregnancy. However, there are some precautions that not only women, but also men should know about.

Is it possible to have sex during pregnancy, and what

Why a pregnant woman needs intimacy

Doctors have an unequivocal opinion about female sexual activity during the period of gestation: to make love to a pregnant woman needs regularly, and the main reasons for such a recommendation are:

  1. Moral and physical satisfaction of female natural needs. The enhanced production of endorphins during orgasm allows the expectant mother to experience pleasure and happiness, which means that is comfortable and the fetus. Baby and mom at this stage – a single whole.
  2. All fears and contraceptive measures can be left in the past. At least 9 months. It remains only to relax and enjoy.
  3. Organic reduction of uterine walls is an ideal charging that prepares the mother’s reproductive system for the upcoming birth of crumbs.

Is it possible to practice anal sexual intercourse during pregnancy

If you can have vaginal sex during pregnancy, it may be allowed anal sexual intercourse? Many men are afraid to enter into traditional intimate contact with their wife, afraid to harm the child. In fact, the fears of future dads are absolutely in vain: in the uterus, the fetus is protected by several shells, and in order to “reach” to it, you need to have just a huge penis. Future dads with average 13-17 cm may not worry: they will not harm a woman or a child in anything.

Meanwhile, anal sex is far from a way out of the situation. In pregnant women, due to increased load on blood vessels, the risk of hemorrhoids increases several times. Penetration into the anus can provoke a number of complications, so it is better to refrain from this type of intimacy.

In some cases, ordinary vaginal sex may not go in favor. At any of the stages of pregnancy, it can be possible when it is desirable to refuse sexual intimacy for a while. For example, in the first trimester, when a woman only learned about her interesting situation, she has a depressed, reduced sexual activity. The reasons for this may be experiences for the future baby, and poor health (toxicosis, dizziness, etc.D.). The attraction to her husband disappears in this time, so the pregnant woman should not be imposed on her desires, you need to refrain from sex in this case.

Is it possible to have sex during pregnancy, and what

In what cases should you refrain from vaginal sex

In addition, not only vaginal sexual intercourse is allowed during pregnancy. Despite the fact that anal sex cannot be done during pregnancy, there is another option, with which you can make a nice spouse.

Oral sex is an excellent alternative for those women who refuse vaginal penetration for medical reasons:

  • with a threat of termination of pregnancy;
  • due to the presence of miscarriages in the history;
  • in the case of chronic diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • with bleeding or pathological discharge with blood impurities;
  • If one of the partners is sick with a venereal disease.

Sex during pregnancy of the second trimester can be done as much as your soul. However, doctors advise being given to love joys without unnecessary fanaticism. On average, the duration of sexual intercourse should be no more than 10-15 minutes. The main thing is the absence of contraindications.

The advantages of this period, both for a partner and for the future mother, have more than enough:

  1. The stomach is not so great as to cause discomfort and interfere with the process.
  2. If in the first weeks there was toxicosis, then in the second trimester it, as a rule, passes.
  3. The hormonal background of the future mother was stabilized and stabilized and stabilized.
  4. Husbands often find their wives more sexy during this period.

Everything that is above is referred to, implies the lack of pathology and a successful course of pregnancy. With multiple nursing restrictions, a woman appears much more, including in terms of sex.

Features of sexual life in late pregnancy

In the third trimester, sexual relations must be approached more delicately. In addition to the visual changes that occur with the body of the future mother, it is worth noting that her body begins to prepare for labor from approximately the 8th month.

Orgasm at a late date is the possibility of pre -war training of intimate muscles and tribal tract. But in the third trimester, many couples are afraid to have vaginal sex, preferring to him oral. The fact is that over the past weeks of pregnancy, premature birth can be provoked, since sperm helps to soften the cervix, which every day, approaching childbirth, becomes more elastic. It is worth noting that cunnilingus is also prohibited: air can enter the vagina and provoke a deadly hazardous condition for a woman – embolism.

Is it possible to have sex during pregnancy, and what

But even in the late stages, the man will not harm the fetus in any way, which by this period is reliably protected by amniotic fluid, placenta, uterus. In addition, the cervix of the uterus is almost to the birth of the mucosa clogged, which protects the woman and the baby from infection.

During pregnancy in the last weeks, it is difficult to choose the most convenient pose. Positions that allowed sex just a couple of months ago, become impossible and complex. Women who are waiting for the birth of two, three or more babies should be especially careful. In most cases, doctors recommend that they completely abandon intimacy.

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