Lack of sex in women – consequences

How does the lack of sex affect a woman.

Naturally, unlike men, women are more emotional. It is no wonder that the term “hysteria” is applied precisely to the beautiful sex. First of all, this is due to frequent changes in the hormonal background, and in the second, this is a long absence of sex in women.

Lack of sex in women – consequences

In the modern world, many women do not have a permanent partner for sexual pleasures, this is due to the growing popularity of the ideas of equality between men and women. So, ladies are now also trying to keep up with anything from men, both in the career and in other household matters. And in pursuit of one level or even superiority, women have no time to build a personal life, and a frequent change of partners is suitable for few. Thus, most of the fair sex can do without sexual acts for a long time. And then there is a significant change in the character and behavior of a person.

How to find out a woman without sex

About how the lack of sex affects a woman, we can talk both in a psychological manner and from physiology.

Lack of sex in women – consequences

We will list several basic factors that may be related to the fact that a woman has not had sexual intercourse for a long time:

  • Restless sleep or insomnia. It is no secret that during sex in the body, natural hormones are produced, one of which is a sedative. Now it’s clear why you want to sleep immediately after sex?! If there is no sex, then the quality of sleep can be violated.
  • Skin condition, when a woman without sex for a long time, worsens. You have acne, acne and the like ? Take sex! So any doctor will advise you. In addition, during sex, the collagen is released, which is responsible for the youth of the human skin.
  • Naturally, with a lack of sex, the girl becomes more irritable. Experts say that tiles of sweet chocolate will help relieve irritability, but do not forget that such a method can lead to obesity, single women without sex are also subject to this problem, because they often seize stress.
  • During the lack of sex, our body becomes sensitive to colds and other viral diseases. During intercourse, antiviral antibodies are released, which strengthen human immunity.

Also remember that sex life directly affects the level of self -esteem, both in a man and a woman, and in general, sex has a lot of useful “consequences”. The long absence of sex in women does not affect behavior in the best way, at first they are disappointed in men, and then in their own attractiveness. And on the contrary, if you see a self -sufficient and confident woman, then she almost certainly has a partner who satisfies her.

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