Love for MHM Sex is a sign of latent homosexuality

Love for MHM Sex is a sign of latent homosexuality.

Today we have a very interesting topic, namely: hidden forms of homosexuality or how and in what they are manifested. Latent homosexuality, as it is also called, is when a same -sex attraction, such as a man to a man, is expressed indirectly, that is, not directly. In this article we will analyze several signs of such sexuality.

The image of a sexually attractive woman is as close as possible to the male image. This can be expressed in the preference of masculine women, whom he considers more sexually attractive. He can like girls with wide shoulders and a narrow waist with a small ass.

Love for anal sex. Moreover, a man of a latent homosexual is more attracted by such sex not in terms of sensations, but in terms of the fact that he is started by the fact and the realization that he will enter the anus in a small hole. Such men generally adore women anus, love to play with it in every possible way, stimulate your tongue or fingers. They haunt their wives, endlessly persuading them to have anal sex.

Humor and ridicule of homosexuals. A man constantly joking on the topic of homosexuals and in every possible way ridiculed them as a rule is a latent homosexual. As if not for nothing, folk wisdom says: “Whoever hurts, he says about that”. Such people cannot cope with this hidden part of their sexuality and try to make fun of it in every possible way and first of all ridiculed in themselves. Most often, the most avid fighters with homosexuality themselves are hidden homosexuals. They organize rallies are active in social networks, but in fact they are fighting that they are sitting inside them. A person always fights for the fact that he is worried, but that he does not bother him and does not see point blank.

Lovers of MWM sex or lovers of WMW sex. In fact, they are homosexuals. Very often Seryozha, offering his friend Dima to invite Tanyushka for MWM sex, actually wants not sex with Tanya, but sex with Dima. Since he needs Tanya only as a buffer zone or covering those hidden real needs. After all, what is MWM sex is a very close contact of a man with a man, since they often have to rub against each other and interact in every possible way. Their genitals can come into contact, or touch them with other parts of their body. This is not the point. The bottom line is that 2 men who want to have simultaneous sex with one girl actually want to have sex with each other. Also, the girls invite them to their man to invite an outsider for sex. The husband is often madly happy, since he is the opportunity for legal betrayal, but he does not even realize that they, by and large, do not need him. His presence is only an excuse for the homosexual nature of his wife.

However, this does not include cases when this happens for example with prostitutes, when one prostitute is removed and have several men in order to save. We are only about completely wealthy people men and women who do it intentionally.

These are interesting facts. Share your thoughts about this topic in the comments.

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