Male dominance in sex. What practices are popular?

Male dominance in sex. What practices are popular?.

Male dominance is a set of actions and practices aimed at enjoying sex with the help of subordination, humiliation and suppression of a woman who gave consent to this. Includes both physical activity and psychological pressure.

It is often perceived as a banal aggression due to the wrong choice of techniques and practices. How to dominate the man in sex so that the girl wants to still, read on.

Sexual dominant is a man who prefers a leading role in intimacy. It’s not about sadism or compensation of complexes, on the contrary, such a man is usually more sensitive to a woman, knows her physiology and psychology well.

The sexual dominant is not a hypocrite and not a selfish, he knows exactly how to bring a partner to orgasm and uses various methods for this.

Male dominance in sex: Technique

The first thing to learn is the principle of consent. The dominant role in sex can be taken only if your partner does not mind.

Discuss the conditions of the game with her in advance. It’s not worth it just to grab a girl rudely without warning and bring down on the bed.

This behavior looks good exclusively in erotic films. In practice, the girl can be offended, and instead of a sexual game you will get a quarrel.

The second rule is self -confidence. Only a strong partner can be considered a dominant. The girl should feel your power and, more importantly, your responsibility for her.

There is no dominance without responsibility. Therefore, it is you who should make sure that your sex game does not deliver painful unpleasant sensations or injuries to a partner.

The third rule follows from the second. Male dominance in sex is not a way to “take revenge” on a woman or intentionally humiliate her.

Even if in ordinary life you adhere to equal relationships or your companion takes on a dominant role, in bed you should not strive to “recoup”.

Only a self -confident man can accept the principles of dominance without intentional humiliation (if it is not directed into an erotic channel).

No less important rule is not to leave the image. Now you are a gentleman. And they should not give slack, talk about fatigue or ask a partner what to do next. Take her actions. Make change your poses, give the commands.

And be sure to praise for their performance. To make it easier to adhere to the image, the script of sex games can be discussed in advance.

You can buy special BDSM-adoptions (whip, handcuffs, gags, and so on) or just try yourself in the role of a “formidable boss, whose secretary was guilty”.

Male dominance in sex: Practice

If you have prepared morally and talked with your partner, you can try one of the common practices of male domination:

Bondage.  Bondage is an erotic binding technique. The simplest thing is to fix your partner’s hands. To do this, you can use special handcuffs for sex.  If you want to go further, you can tie her legs to the bed or completely immobilize her.

Tie the girl to the bed or chair. After she cannot move, you can start one of the following practices.

At the same time, the bondage can also act as an independent practice. The dominant man binds the girl and brings her to orgasm with the help of fingers or phalloimitators, controlling the excitation of the partner. At the same time, he himself can also masturbate or make the girl have oral sex with him).

Flagellation. Or simply – flogging. Buy a special whip or flogger and spank the girl well on the buttocks, hips or chest. Remember that blows should be applied measuredly and accurately so as not to damage the skin.

Dog and master. During this practice, a man puts a leash and a collar on a girl. She acts as a domestic animal.

You can only move on on all fours. A man can also force a partner to drink from a bowl or execute his teams.

The essence of practice is to completely surrender to the will of the owner. Such absolute trust can bring partners closer closer.

Feyissitting. This is a type of erotic humiliation when the upper (in this case is a man) sits on the face of the lower (girl). At the same time, the girl can caress him with her lips or tongue.Very popular in the topic of BDSM.

Sensory deprivation. The girl can not only immobilize, but also deprive other feelings: tie her eyes or put on a special mask for sex, insert a gag into her mouth, close the ears with headphones. Sex in a state of sensory deprivation becomes even brighter.

What practices to choose practice for male dominance?

The choice of practice depends on what you want to achieve. If your goal is subsequent stormy sex, then choose a bondage or flogging.

In the event that you put the game at the forefront – Feyissitting or even golden rain (urination for a partner) and other practices will suit you.

And remember: what is happening in the bedroom should remain in the bedroom. If you make the girl obey your will in bed, and then begin to blame her (or shame) outside the bedroom walls, this will not put you in the best light. And certainly a partner will not want to repeat the experiment.

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