Mask for sex: what is it and what is needed for

Mask for sex: what is it and what is needed for.

Sex is a unique relationship between people who give partners not only physiological pleasure, but also bright experiences. Fans of saturated sensations, as well as creative natures, are characterized by various sexual experiments. Mask for sex – an attribute that allows you to make a note of mystery and mystery into a relationship.

What is a mask for sex for

Sex masks can be used in various situations and their purpose is not only to hide the face. On the contrary, for this purpose they are used extremely rarely. The most common options look something like this:

  • In role -playing games, when partners model certain events and depict invented characters. Such a product is called “Mask for Sex Games”.
  • During the practice of BDSM. The power partner can with the help of a mask supplement the individuality of his image or hide his face. The subordinate partner is necessary for the narrowing or inaccessibility of the visibility zone;
  • When shooting films of an erotic or pornographic nature, if the actors want to remain unrecognized.

It turns out that masks for sex are an excellent choice for partners without frames and prejudices who want to plunge into the world of games, where secret and fantasy reign.

Mask for sex: what are?

Products for sex are produced by various configurations, each of which has its own characteristics. For example, a mask for erotic games will be significantly different from a mask for hard BDSM games to deprive a partner. Therefore, first you should find out what is your goal and then choose the product depending on the needs. In general, there are such:

  • In the form of a helmet. Can be decorated with lacing, spikes, lightning and other accessories. Popular models among fans of role -playing games are helmets for “nurses” decorated with medical crosses. The “Dog” helmet, “ponies” is often chosen by BDSM lovers;
  • Covering the whole face. Such products are designed for “slaves” of hard sex;
  • in the form of a blindfold. Are translucent and “deaf”. And lace models are also available, which are suitable for romantic and elegant women;
  • In the form of glasses. In such masks, the eye zone is open, closed or adjustable;
  • In the form of a muzzle.

Masks in the form of bandages and glasses can be used not only when having sex, but also as a means to improve the quality of sleep, because the intensity of light directly affects the speed of falling sleep.

Products often come with other products: handcuffs, whip, leash, gag. Buying a kit is always more profitable than buying goods separately.

Mask for sex: design and mount

The design and fastening of masks depends on the direction of sexual relations:

  • For lovers of role -playing games, masks with horns, bunny ears, hearts, rhinestones and other accessories are produced. Such products create a romantic atmosphere and intrigue. For example, masks with horns will give the lady an image of a charming devil, before the temptation of which no partner can resist. In mesks for role -playing games, fastening, as a rule, is free;
  • For lovers of obedients, masks with hard fixation are sold, which cannot be spontaneously removed. Products are often equipped with additional elements: devices for fastening a leash or a sher.

The color palette of masks is also diverse: plain and color models are sold, products with a design pattern.

From what materials are made

The following materials are used for the production of masks for sex:

  • neoprene;
  • Genuine Leather;
  • polyester;
  • artificial leather;
  • Elastan;
  • latex;
  • vinyl. Vinyl masks are reusable stickers that are attached to the face. Products are available in the form of a mesh or various patterns.

All materials used for the manufacture of masks are hypoallergenic, do not injure the skin, are designed for long -term wearing. Budget models include leather and nylon products.

So, masks for sex are a wonderful product for lovers of acute sensations and connoisseurs of extraordinary sex. A huge selection of models allows you to satisfy the needs of the buyer with any sexual preferences.

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