Morning or evening? What time of day sex is more useful

In the morning or evening for sex?.

Morning or evening? What time of day sex is more useful

Sleeping together in the same bed for the couple is one of the most intimate, but at the same time ordinary classes. At the same time, everyone knows that sleeping and sleeping together – completely different things. Different partners have a different reaction to the presence of half in bed, as well as at different times prone to excitement. The whole problem lies in the mismatch of biorhythms in pairs.

Time of passion does not match

Studies conducted by the company manufacturers of goods exclusively for adults lasted as many as 5 years. For so many long time it turned out that women would really often lust for the opposite floor closer to midnight. But men are on the contrary – about eight in the morning. At the time of the greatest excitement in the strong half of humanity, only 11% of all women can be the same passionate in bed. Paradox, but the rest of the young ladies reaches the peak of excitement up to two in the morning. While 16% of men can have sex right before bedtime.

The most important aspect when choosing a time period for sexual intercourse is the biorhythms of both partners. “Larks” prefer morning sex, and “owls” on the contrary – night. It is important that non -consuming internal rhythms do not lead to quarrels. According to statistics, 68% of girls and 63% of young people meet people with excellent biorhythms. It turns out that in more than half of the couples one of the lovers sacrifices with his time in time, adjusting the approach to sex.

The pluses of night sex

Despite the fact that women want love pleasures after 11 pm, and men from 6 to 9 in the morning. But here there is a small nuance. With any arrangement of stars in the sky, the biorhythms of different sexes coincide from about 9 to 11 pm. It is at this moment that you can explain a rather high amount of testosterone in both. According to statistics, a woman is already physiologically ready for sex, and the man is still not against.

Let’s get back to the advantages of evening sex. After working hours, nothing drives people to run somewhere and do something. Therefore, you can pay more attention to romance and preliminary caresses that warmly interest in men. It is the psychological qualities of partners that have a greater weight as sexual intercourse. Therefore, sex before going to bed, the future will give a much greater pleasure.

Sex at any time is a certain load on the muscles and body. With orgasm, a woman and a man experience in their body the effect of the appearance of oxytocin, prolactin, endorphin and other hormones. After a long load and charge of positive emotions, peace occurs. This body reaction is a pleasant bonus from evening sex. Therefore, you can fall asleep without any sleeping pills in an embrace with a loved one. In addition, from the point of view of hygiene, making love closer to the night is a very correct solution. Both partners are fragrant with freshness of the soul and toothpaste. And no less important, do not take the turn to the toilet from a greater desire to get there in the morning.

But on such a rainbow note should be agreed. The greatest pleasure from evening sex is possible only when both lovers approach his beginning with an empty head, not preoccupied with everyday thoughts. In the modern world, the constancy of the influence of work and stress often has a negative effect on sexual activity in the evening. Therefore, if there is excessive fatigue of a chic orgasm and the completion of sexual intercourse may not be.

Pros of sex in the morning

Whoever says, and darkness is one of the main attributes of sex. But why not make love at dawn? After all, the couple is in a warm bed, still in no hurry, and their heads are not filled with routine problems and affairs. In addition, about 8 in the morning, both sexes have an approximate coincidence of biorhythms. In the morning, a man is ready for caresses and relaxation before work. This desire is felt more if a woman slept with her back to her lover. So why not relax before the working day?

Morning sex may well replace a run or full training. The load during intercourse works out all muscle groups, including internal. Do not forget that it invigorates no better than a double portion of coffee. Thanks to sexual intercourse, attention on the whole day becomes clearer and nothing cloud. The number of positive hormones of joy and happiness overflows the whole body and mind.

Cons of morning sex

At the same time, there are many minuses that frighten a large amount of steam. I want to sleep more. Little time before work, you still need to have breakfast, gather all family members to the exit. Therefore, morning sex does not look so seductive.
But if you really want to, then why not prepare for sex in advance, namely from the evening. It will be enough to get up a little earlier, visit a shower or toilet. And then without losing a burning desire to return to bed and gently with a caress to wake your soulmate. A few pleasant words in a whisper in the ear, light touch to the bare body, stroking. And a loved one will not only wake up with pleasure, but also wants to extend him. When you feel that time completely drives you into the framework, it is worth visiting a shower together. There you can perfectly complete the started.

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