Sex after betrayal, how to return close relations to spouses

Sex after betrayal, how to return close relations to spouses.

Sex after betrayal, how to return close relations to spouses

Almost every family has to face pain pain. Having passed a lot of sorrows and joys together, for a deceived spouse, the husband’s betrayal is like a lightning stake. But, as often happens, even the most categorical and fundamental woman has to meet and continue to live with the traitor.

Because of children, general life, problems, feelings-the reasons for preserving the family are always enough. As a rule, to establish life and even return the previous style of communication is much easier than to lie down with his husband-predictor in the bed. How to regain sex in relations after forgiven treason?

Sex after betrayal, how to return close relations to spouses

Sex after betrayal: will it be possible to return the proximity to my husband

Psychologists say that the most difficult life will have to be a sentimental spouse. To establish past relations with the wrong husband, she will have to stock up on frantic patience and wisdom. The fate of the “experience” of difficulties associated with treason should have a significant reason why a woman, at all costs, decided to maintain a marriage.

Sex is the most secret and intimate side of marital relations. The regular sexual proximity of the spouses is the highest indicator of harmony, understanding and trust in pairs. After the betrayal of her husband, especially at first, there can be no talk of any confidence, therefore, the lack of sexual attraction to the spouse does not allow sex in the relationship.

Intimate life does not tolerate third parties, but the image of a mistress who burst into the usual family way, as if sitting forever in the head of a devoted wife. Often, in order to start having sex with her husband who has stumbled once again, not a single year may need. The reason for this is a distorted perception of the spouse of the fact of treason as such. Having understood itself, the chances of returning the former sexual harmony will increase.

Why women cannot have sex with her husband after his betrayal

The true source of coldness in women in relation to husbands-amphorys can be the lack of self-confidence. The deceived spouses, as a rule, have no doubt that the reason for the infidelity of the beloved man was disappointment in their appearance. Having recovered 10 kg, stopping following the news of fashion, forgetting about the purpose of cosmetics, married ladies accept everything as it is.

Instead of pulling themselves together after betrayal and return the location of the faithful, starting to have sex with him again, they humble themselves with their role “unloved and ugly” wife, refusing to fake caresses in advance. Often such assumptions are deceiving, and have nothing to do with reality. The main thing is to learn how to love yourself.

Sex after betrayal, how to return close relations to spouses

The disgust and the fear of infection with any disease is a rather significant reason if you consider it from psychology. In men, after the betrayal of his wife, this circumstance does not allow to return sex in a relationship, but much more often to stay together. The very fact that it included another representative of the stronger sex, for a devoted spouse become an insurmountable obstacle.

In women, everything is just the same. Some ladies forever lose their desire to go to bed with their faithful, constantly thinking that he kissed and penetrated into another young lady. Brustrated spouses are not able to have sex with a traitor, often even throw out all the bedding on which the husband was sleeping. Next to disgust for sexual contact there is a fear of infecting some venereal disease. In this case, the wives may require the traitors a medical certificate indicating the absence of pathologies.

What efforts should the spouse need to make for a relationship

In fact, sex after betrayal can not only be returned. It has a lot of chances to become better and brighter, but for this it is necessary to make maximum efforts to both partners.

First of all, a woman needs to take the following measures for this:

  1. To analyze what pushed her husband to treason, which the spouse did not suit him in bed. Often, with the course of a few years of marriage, the feelings and passion of both are dull, the wife is constantly in worries about children and hassles around the house. The sexuality of the partner is replaced by the image of an avid housewife, from that sex turns into marital duty, duty.
  2. Inability to listen to the intimate needs of a man. Sex will return to the relationship after the betrayal of her husband and even become different if the woman begins to delve into the translucent hints of her spouse for the desire to diversify their joint sexual life. Perhaps he had previously offered to try role -playing games, have anal sex, etc.D., But the married lady with conservative views on intimate now and then ignored her husband’s requests.

What should the husband do after betrayal to return sex in the relationship

And, of course, the most important thing is the efforts from the direct culprit of what happened. Its role here remains paramount. Psychologists recommend husbands to design the current relationship with their wife during bouquet-context careers. In most cases, romance in the relationship of steam is self -fraught, meanwhile, women always lack it. The task of a man is to bring almost lost contact with his wife to a new level.

Sex after betrayal, how to return close relations to spouses

There are no secrets, every spouse knows what is about:

  1. Romantic dates (under the moon, on a river tram, in the park, houses, etc.D.). Do not despair if the first attempts to complete the refusal. Overcome yourself by deciding to sex after betrayal only because of the presented bouquet of flowers and a delicious dinner in a restaurant, a woman is not able to. Only systematic and assertiveness will give a result.
  2. A reinstall. The establishment of a new trust contact by communication, joint pastime is the main goal of the husband, which has reached which the chances of returning an intimate component will increase.
  3. Constant affection, tenderness, care and patience. Elementary signs of attention, smoothly flowing into kisses, stroking and hugs – a guarantee to the commission of a more serious step.

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