Sex after natural birth

Sex after natural birth.

After long 9 months of pregnancy, the woman finally gives birth, understands that her body has a completely different shape and vagina, including. Natural birth can pass with small cracks in the vagina, ruptures are possible, up to the imposition of resorption seams itself. In this case, sex after natural birth can differ greatly by the lot of what was before. What can be done in such a situation?

Sex after natural birth: when you can?

After natural birth, sexual intercourse is allowed both vaginal and anal only after one and a half or better than two months.

This is due to the fact that during childbirth, the fallopian tubes were subjected to voluminous expansion, which is guaranteed to lead to a slight inflammatory process.

During sex, bacteria and infections can penetrate through wounds and microcracks, which in the usual state would not threaten a woman’s health in any way.

Also for about a month, the uterus is required to return to the normal state. During intercourse, the pressure increases on it, which can lead to internal hemorrhage. Therefore, at least 2-3 weeks, a woman needs peace, lack of weights, only adequate physical activity, vitamins and spouse’s love.

In the case of anal sex, there is also significant pressure on the uterus, even stronger than with vaginal.

In principle, the harm of anal sex applies to women in any position, not only after childbirth, but in this case it is especially worth refraining from this type of sex for 1-2 months.  It is important to completely exclude anal sex without a condom for the entire period of feeding a child.

With such an act, negative consequences and infection by infections that your husband may not be aware are possible. Do not risk once again, use the elastic bands.

Cunnilingus after childbirth is not prohibited in any way, moreover, this is a great way to give a woman pleasure without penetration. They can be engaged in literally the next day after the birth of the baby.

Of course, it is worth paying attention to the absence of microcracks in the mouth of a man, since any infections can penetrate the vagina, and the weakened immunity of the partner will easily respond to the inflammatory process.

An ideal option would be to use a clitoral vibrator, which is guaranteed to lead to orgasm in a couple of minutes and at the same time does not threaten infection.

How to quickly recover after childbirth?

After the ban on sex passes, doctors advise the woman to use Kegel’s exercises, moreover, even immediately after childbirth, you can begin to strain the vaginal muscles, thus tone them in this way.

During the first sex, some pain is possible and the young mother needs to be prepared for the fact that this will not be like the first time after pain, but on the contrary, it will be very stretched and unsatisfactory in such cases from the dry vagina will help special lubricants of lubricants. And so, methods for restoring vaginal muscles:

1.Cunnilingus. Without penetration, a great way to bring a woman pleasure, there is a reduction in the uterus and walls of the vagina.

2.Masturbation. For a observant husband, it will be a mega show, a great continuation will be for a loved one in the form of oral caresses, sex after that will be a joy to both.

3.Kegel exercises. These exercises can be performed in any position – standing or lying, throughout the day.

Sex after natural birth: Libido decrease

It is no secret that, seeing in the mirror its postpartum body, sticking out the stomach like at 30 weeks of pregnancy, thick legs and arms, move the woman to depression. This is a normal state of both the body and the mood of the wife. Some successful tips can help in this:

• Dress sexy linen. The sexuality of the chest after childbirth can be emphasized by corset, stockings or role -playing costumes like honey sister or banal costumes for married games.

This is normal, you should not feel like a prostitute. Let it give the mood of playfulness, not corruption.

• Muffled light in the room. Day sex may overshadow the desire of both, but evening candles or light from the TV will help a woman to relax.

•Massage. Simple stroking your favorite places will help to arrange for romance and love. No one canceled the prelude. You should not think about the complexes, the husband will treat with the understanding that his beloved will not immediately come into shape, and gradually playing sports will remove unwanted swelling in the abdomen or hips.

• It is worth turning on her husband for home troubles. Go shopping, take out garbage, walk with a sleeping baby along the street, wash the dishes, vacuum and earn money a man must be earned.

No one forces breastfeeding or changing the diapers at night, but having unloaded the woman, it is given more time to put herself in order, a neat look – the key to success in sexuality and maintaining a romantic relationship, morally, a woman is exhausted, taking on all work to care for the childAnd behind the husband.

When you can deal with your body after childbirth?

There is a fairly simple exercise, a vacuum that can be performed 2 months after childbirth. But stable training should be included in the mode no earlier than 6 months or even nine after the birth of a child. And this time is given to the body for natural recovery, after childbirth, the nutrition changes dramatically:

• Excess salt is excluded in order to avoid swelling and sugar, so as not to cause child allergies.

• The menu includes almost a children’s diet up to 3 years, because much is prohibited.

• It is advisable to cook stewed food or steam or grill.

Such nutrition promotes weight loss and does not harm the child when breastfeeding.

Sex after natural birth: conclusions

A man has a large role in supporting his beloved, do not focus on the figure or decrease in libido, these are all normal processes of restoration of the body.

In the case when there is a fear of getting pregnant, for example, in the absence of breastfeeding, it is worthwhile to always use condoms and lubricants to soften the female genitals. And in the absence of milk, use oral contraceptives.

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