Sex and age men: interesting information

Sex and age men: interesting information.

Sex and age men: interesting information

Sex is a natural process that brings pleasure and satisfaction, both women and men. According to experts, a woman is able to achieve an orgasm at any age, but what is the matter with male temperament?

Sex and age of a man, from the point of view of doctors, two interacting factors. The quality of sex largely depends on the age of the sexual partner, because the duration of sexual intercourse and temperament of men can differ significantly in representatives of different generations.

14 years. Start

Sex and age men: interesting information

Puberty begins in boys for about 14 years. At this age, they are just starting to think about sex and search for a sexual partner. Many are shy of girls and actively resort to masturbation.

18-20 years. Peak of sexual activity

Sex and age men: interesting information

The young man feels like a sexual giant in sex. And for this there is every reason. Erections are full, frequent and timely (and sometimes not by time – and at the most inopportune moment). The number of sexual intercourse per day can reach 10, and the break needed to restore the body for new sexual intercourse is minimal.

The only problem is that a man does not know how to control ejaculation to stretch pleasure. When I really want to have this in sex.  The problem is that the amount of sex gradually develops into quality. In view of this, young guys are rarely called excellent lovers.

21-27 years-meaningful and high-quality

Sex and age men: interesting information

The level of testosterone in the blood is still high, while the man already manages to control the erection, he adapts to the high level of hormones in his body. A man can still be excited at the sight of erotic scenes or a beautiful naked woman, but he no longer seeks to rush at the first woman who has fallen, preferring sex with mutual sympathy.

Sexual power in men at this age is almost limitless. The erection is already managing to control, such a man is able to bring the woman to orgasm and after that end himself.  At the same time, the sensitivity of the penis is still very high, so it’s difficult to withstand too much sexual intercourse to a man at this age.

28-45 years-full flowering

Sex and age men: interesting information

At this age, testosterone in the blood decreases, but a man still has a complete flowering of strength and he is capable of high quality sex. Health affects excitability – fatigue and overstrain can cause short -term indifference of a man to sex.

Excitement is no longer as rapidly as at 20 years old. A man knows how to control his emotions, may not be excited from every erotic imagination. In sex, he is not afraid to experiment, uses different postures.

Lovers at this age are very high quality. They are distinguished by psychological and sexual stability – it can focus on satisfying the only permanent partner. The penis head is already noticeably reduced, so the man is able to control ejaculation, he can withstand sexual intercourse with a lasting 40-50 minutes, bringing pleasure to the woman.

After 45 years

Sex and age men: interesting information

The temperament of a man gradually fades away. Most often the possibilities are very limited. In the duck, the maximum amount of sexual intercourse does not exceed 2. But the man has a rich experience of various sex, ejaculation can occur through a significant period of time, which allows a woman to experience long -term pleasure from sexual intercourse.

If a man wants to satisfy a partner several times a night, he may well succeed, but male orgasms in this case will be no more than two.

After 45 years, the excitability of the man is reduced. But at the same time, the quality of the sexual one is in proportion-the 45-year-old lover is experienced and capable of breathtaking sex.

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