Sex doll – Instructions for use.

Sex doll – Instructions for use..

What is a sex doll? Imagine – your "girlfriend" Never requires anything from you, does not ask you for shopping, is always silent – it does not suit you scenes and does not roll up scandals – but at the same time it is always ready for sex and at any time will satisfy your male needs. You say this is impossible? It is possible if your girlfriend is an inflatable sex doll! How to choose a sex doll? The sex dolls industry, which has actively developed the entire second half of the 20th century, has reached its peak today – in the intimate stores you can find sex dolls for every taste – from the simplest sex dolls, to realistic eyes – with imitation of the eyes, hair – with a coating resemblinghuman skin. Most sex dolls, of course, depict girls – but there are sex dolls hermaphrodites that have a penis in addition to vaginal and anus. There are sex dolls – men, with a built -in phalloimitator;There are sex dolls that depict representatives of the animal world – goats, lambs. As a rule, sex dolls are made of polyvinyl chloride, latex and silicone – in place "love" their holes – special inserts – many sex dolls can be used separately – as a masturbator.

Sex dolls are very popular among men who do not have a permanent partner – as well as those who, due to various circumstances – business trips, military service, work under the contract in the remote corners of the planet – is forced to do without women’s society for a long time. It would seem that married men do not need sex dolls – but a huge number of family men acquires sex dolls in order to find new sensations in intimate joys and feel diversity. Many representatives of the strong half of humanity, preoccupied with the problems of their health, and panicky afraid to get sick, acquire sex dolls – after all, risk "hook it up" Some unpleasant "sore" – like syphilis or gonorrhea – at "communication" With a sex doll comes to zero. Among the female part of customers, sex shops, sex dolls are popular less – more active representatives of the fair sex are bought by phallimitators, vibrators and other sex toys. Nevertheless, sex dolls are great for women – especially those where you can experiment with the phallus toy – changing phaloimitators of different sizes, or using anal stimulants, clitoris stimulants or stimulants of point G.

The use of sex dolls requires certain caution – after all, on many inflatable dolls it is not recommended to try "Missionary" Pose – sex doll can and "explode" – especially if your weight is slightly higher. Air filling sex dolls should occur to a state of elasticity – inflating sex doll is not worth too much – microcracks can form on the surface of sex dolls – because with pressure and pressure on sex doll during use, the material wears out too quickly. Where to buy sex doll? Of course, in a store specialized in intimate goods! First "acquaintance" With a sex doll just bought in an intimate store, it should begin with its treatment with an antiseptic (for example, solutions of Miramistin or Chlorhexidine) and washing sex dolls in warm water with soap. Do not use boiling water for washing your sex doll and do not wipe it with alcohol -containing solutions.

How to care for a sex doll? The best and safest option is during intimate "proximity" With your sex doll, use a condom. And do not forget about grease – your sex doll will not be able to moisten important parts of your body itself. Lubrication will protect your penis from unpleasant discomfort, the occurrence of rubbish or microtrauma of the delicate mucous membrane of your penis. Use water -based grease, do not use fat creams and oils – they can damage the delicate "skin" yours "Girlfriends". It is also recommended to clean all sharp objects away when you are going to a little with your sex doll "Shake" – Even a ballpoint pen, which turned out to be nearby, can cause your sex doll to irreparable damage. If your sex doll is equipped with various vibrations – for example, a vibro -massager – avoid water and lubricants entering the gnoe of the entertainer batteries.

Small defects in the surface of your sex dolls – such as cracks, microwaves, stretching – can be fixed at home – using a set of multi -sized patch and special glue. For some models, sex dolls mini-kuls for the repair of the surface are included in the kit, and if your sex doll is not equipped with the like "A first -aid kit" – Mini-papers for repair can be ordered by Internet sex shop. But in general – inflatable sex dolls are simple and reliable in operation – and provided that the attitude will serve you for a very long time.

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