Sex Feast in Germany

Sex Feast in Germany.

Sex Feast in Germany
To demonstrate the freedom of love, in some developed countries of the West, in particular in Germany, the festival of sex or “Day of Free Love” was officially introduced, t. e., Day of free sexual intercourse.

Every year, on the spring day of May, when the air is filled with 100 aromas of flowers, trees, shrubs and herbal smells of drunk, a holiday of sex is noted. He falls on Sunday.

Washing treason is officially allowed on this day. Every man and every woman give love to the one to whom they feel sympathy, or even an unknown man. If there is no specific partner, then men and women go to the cinema, theater, cafe, walk the streets. They are already waiting for other men and women who also have no partners. Having picked up a partner to the taste, after a short acquaintance someone offers (a man and a woman have a right to it): “Let’s go?” “Went!” – respond with his head or gaze. Or “no” if the partner does not like. This is not a dating day, but a sex holiday. They don’t persuade on this day, they don’t ask, they don’t cunning. On this day, a man and a woman should be given to each other without any persuasion, just like that.

On the holiday of sex should not be married jealousy. Then in bed the couple frankly share their adventures with each other. The husband is very upset if his wife did not like it, if she did not have any sexual intercourse with strangers that day. This is why women are so charming for this holiday. “You will return home with nothing, and you will be bad to your husband” – they decide and act on the other.

In summer parks and squares, they create conditions for those who need sexual intercourse: everywhere where you can, the “screens of love” are installed – high partitions with doors. Such screens have up to 100 cells. For more respectable men and women, all hotels are open. Hotel room on this day is provided without any registration. And no one clarifies who this or that man will be in the room.

A coin is lowered into the machine-a fee for the right amount of hours, the machine is repelled by a ticket with the room number and-please, cordial friends, copulate to health! At your service, a bath, washbasin, toilet, etc. “Men! —In the one joking poster posted above the bed in a room specially allotted on the holiday of sex “Free Love”, – show your talents!” “Women! Lift up above the legs to make it tastier!”

“Day of Free Love” applies to everyone, including girls. Most of Germany’s women connect the beginning of their sexual life precisely with the Day of “Free Love”. On this day, sexual intercourse is strictly prohibited without a condom, p. Neunberg, a great German popularizer of Paul’s questions, says in his book “A New Book of Waterness. The problem of marriage is in the present and future “that a real man should always have a condom with him.

Now abroad, another manifestation of the notorious sexual freedom is becoming more and more fashionable – the so -called “natural exchange”. Men agree to change their wives for a certain period. The same right retains and for wives. All this is carried out officially. The exchange of wives is, definitely, the extreme degree of decay of morality. Nevertheless, many people like him. Moreover, the ideologists of “natural exchange” cynically say that this process is inevitable, for it is a consequence of a new stage of the general crisis of capitalism! And if it is, they say, then why break and pretend to be, go to the whole coil! Separate especially zealous men and women enjoy the right of “natural exchange”;Since the number of exchanges is not limited.

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