Sex in front of the mirror

Sex in front of the mirror.

Those who have sex in front of the mirror look at themselves at this time and, you can say, watch porn live with their own participation. For those who like to experiment, and for people who feel especially comfortable in their own body, this may have great attractiveness.

There are different ways to have sex in front of the mirror. Of course, the options always depend on the type of mirror. For example, in some people a large wall mirror hangs right next to the bed, and they can lie in front of him in all possible poses. Others have only a regular mirror from floor to ceiling, in which not all positions are easy to see. And those who love extravagance, mirror can be located above the bed.

Positions that are great for sex in front of the mirror, and also give you a particularly sensual look – this is a doggie, a pose of a rider and sex standing. In style "Like a dog" You can face the mirror or side. In front of both you have an incredible look, and on the side of the movement of bodies can look very exciting. In a riding position, as a rule, only one of you has a good review, namely one who is on top – a partner can admire herself. If you have sex standing, you can include a mirror in the process of making love and, for example, leaning against it (provided that it is securely fixed on the wall).

Tips and recommendations for sex in front of the mirror

1. Start small

If you do not want to see your whole body directly during sex, you can start with a small mirror in which you will see a certain part of your body, which you especially like. Or you can use a mirror to maintain visual contact with a partner in behind during sex. When you understand that you like it, you can go to a larger mirror.

2. The bigger, the better

Several mirrors will allow you to see yourself simultaneously from different points. This can create completely new sensations and is just suitable for those who like to experiment.

3. Upside down

The mirror directly above the bed on the ceiling creates a completely new perspective! You can see yourself in a missionary position or pose of a rider and get a completely new perspective. Note: the ceiling should be strong enough so that the mirror does not fall.

4. Purity

Before sex, make sure that the mirror is clean enough. In addition to the fact that the reflection should be good, fingerprints and other spots on the mirror can quickly distract you and ruin the pleasure. So don’t forget about the mirror when cleaning.

5. There are no disadvantages!

During sex in front of the mirror, you should not pay attention to your imaginary (!) flaws. Whether it is cellulite on the hips or fat folds on the stomach – all this is not a problem and should not bother you. In any case, your partner considers you sexy – otherwise you would not have sex in front of the mirror, isn’t it?

Sex in front of the mirror can be very exciting. The main thing is that you both feel comfortable and choose a position where a good review opens.

Sex in front of the mirror

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