Sex is blindly. Stick your eyes and surprise!

Sex is blindly. Stick your eyes and surprise!.

Sex is blindly. Stick your eyes and surprise!

During the study conducted in 2013, the Lovehoney portal turned out that 69% of respondents at least once in their life tried sex with blindfolded eyes. And there is nothing surprising in this: the blind people are aggravated by hearing, smell and touch. Therefore, making love with blindfolded increases sexual tension and excitement: you do not see what your partner does, so his actions are a surprise for you and start even more.

Sex is blindly. Stick your eyes and surprise!

Prelude in a mask in front

First thing Pick up the bandage. It can be a special mask on the eyes, but it is permissible to use a scarf or tie. The main thing is that the fabric does not pass the light, and that the knot does not go (therefore, scarves of 100% silk will not fit: they glide and unleash for five minutes).

Start preliminary caresses outside the bedroom. For example, during dinner, put on a bandage to the eyes of your partner and feed him with something tasty: strawberries, honey, chocolate. Alternate feeding with passionate kisses. And if you want to continue the evening in bed, remember: no type «Let him taste Chile, and I laugh» should not be!

You can also smear a partner in ice cream or cream and lick this yummy from the body.

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