Sex record

Sex record.

We present to your attention interesting and piquant records from around the world.

6th place

This is Gangbang, baby!

Lisa Sparks known for adult films in 2004 set a new world record, having sex with 919 men at the same time. She set this record at the thematic festival eroticon.

5th place

The strongest vagina in the world belongs to a resident of Russia. A certain Tatyana Kozhevnik broke a record, lifting 14 kg vaginal muscles. After childbirth, the muscles of the intimate place lost their elasticity and tone. Taking advantage of the vaginal balls and exercises of Kegel, she was able to return the former «youth» your vagina. But I decided not to stop there and continued training. And we have long talked about the magical properties of vaginal balls!

4th place

There is still gunpowder in the powder!

The oldest prostitute in the world of Tszyu, nicknamed «Grandmother» It has been working for more than 40 years in the town. Now she is more than 80 years old.

3rd place

Accurate shot

Horst Schulz shot his seed at a record distance of 6 meters! How he does it?! But he will continue to be interesting records, reaching the most famous mark in the shot up, breaking a record of 4 meters. And also set the highest starting flight speed of the seed – 64 km/h.

2nd place

A lover of masturbation

A resident of Japan, a certain Masanobu Sato, in 2009 set a record for the longest masturbation, the duration of which was 9 hours 58 minutes.

1 place

Mr. Healthy!

Jonah Falcon was born with a giant between the legs. In a calm state, his penis is 24 cm, and during an erection – All 34 cm!!! The exact figure of the diameter of this boaver is not indicated anywhere, but it is compared with a bottle of wine. Today Iona is 44 years old. With such a penis it was hard for him in life, especially with women. Of course, both women and men, for the sake of interest, agreed to sex with Iona, but he never managed to find a permanent woman, ultimately completely established himself in his homosexual orientation.

Sex record

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