Sex. Squirt. What is this?

Sex. Squirt. What is this?.

Sex. Squirt. What is this?

Squirt, or otherwise the so -called jet orgasm is an orgasm with the release of fluid from the vagina. Surely you saw how in porn films they get an orgasm exuding the jet of liquid at the same time.

What is squirt. Reality in sex

Let’s figure it out, I will not go into some kind of medical terminology and describe what has already been described hundreds of times on the Internet, and I will answer as I can understand and simply

Yes, there is a squirt, yes, an inkjet orgasm can be obtained, and every girl would not hurt to try it.

When stimulating the point G, a certain secret (liquid) is produced, which simply shoots over time – this is a jet orgasm, and yes – it is not urine, this fluid is produced in the parauretral gland and “shoots” through the mouth of the parairectral gland.

That’s the whole answer, all that needs to be done is to stimulate the point g and completely relax

Orgasm for squirt

All the necessary theory is higher, and you will find it calmly on the Internet.

To bring the girl to Squirt, you need only two things:

  1. Know what and how to stimulate
  2. Completely relax

Let’s start with paragraph 1 – what to stimulate, and we stimulate the point G, what is the point G – this is a small bulge at the beginning of the vagina. If you put your finger there, you will feel a tubercle, thickening – this is a point G (even region G).

How to stimulate it? Stimulate with ordinary pressing it, gradually increasing the pace.

It is very important that the girl is completely relaxed and nothing is shy.How a girl can determine that a jet orgasm will come soon – This is the appearance of the feeling that I want to go to the toilet. No matter how strange it is – but you need not stop and run out of need, but you need to relax, and try to relax all the muscles, as if you will go to the toilet now. Why is that? I don’t know, but for the purity of all action, let the girl go to the toilet first.

This is the biggest problem why a girl cannot get a jet orgasm – this is a constraint, thoughts are scrolling around in her head, and what will they think about me if I help for myself.

And you need to understand that, firstly, for this fingers for this, they are already massaged at you and wait for it, they want, etc.D., Secondly, this is not urine, but a completely different liquid (read again higher)

So, we figured out this, we found point g, we reassured our nymph and she is ready to “piss” at least now, what to do next?

Squirt technique

1. We relax, excite – make an erotic massage, prepare a romantic environment. The girl should want sex right now. After the massage, you can pamper a little with your tongue, and if you are completely anesthetic and trust each other, you can devote time to rimming

But do not bring to orgasm and do not end yourself – your task is just to excite a girl!

2. As paragraph No. 1 is ready, the girl is already excited, relaxed – we take two fingers – medium and ring and gently put in the vagina, the palm should be on top, as if covering the clitoris

3. We begin to gently press on this area, or just raise these two fingers up, believe me, your hand will dry out in a minute, and therefore begin to set the amplitude with your whole hand, t.e. not only with your fingers, but as if with your hand – move carefully up and down.

4. Watch the reaction of the partner, setting over time a more accelerated pace

5. As soon as you feel that the matter is close, that your nymph is wriggling under you, the pace is accelerated, you can crush a little with your free hand on top of the tummy

6. And yes, the most important thing is that if the girl is completely relaxed, then in the end you can see a jet orgasm

If you succeed, the girl will kiss you, but at least then ask her, as a rule, this always strengthens the relationship)

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