Sex story – Available wife of a best friend

Affordable wife of a best friend.

Sex story – Available wife of a best friend

This happened a week ago when I came to my hometown to visit my parents. I spent two days in my own house, and on the third I went to the school friend Yegor, with whom I had not seen for five years.

The door was opened by a pretty blonde. Introduced herself to Yegor’s wife. I immediately appreciated her slender figure and a cute face. Even envied his comrade that he had such a spectacular spouse.

Ella, that was the name of this blonde creature, said that Yegor was not at home – he went to meet friends and should return from minute a minute. In the meantime, I invited me to drink tea with pies. She also bakes pies, I thought. – This is Yegor is lucky. Where he managed to find such a miracle?”

For two hours Ella and I sat in the living room on the couch. For the first half an hour I enjoyed delicious cherries and apricots. Then Ella took out a family photo album and showed me photos with their wedding. I sat and envied silently. And quietly looked into the incision of her pink robe, where a piece of white elastic chest was visible.

Suddenly the front door opened sharply, a heavy clatter of men’s boots was heard in the corridor, and Yegor drunk into the trash burst into the room. It seems he didn’t even recognize me or just didn’t notice me. But he noticed Ella, grabbed her hand and dragged her into the bedroom. I stayed on the couch with my mouth open.

About five minutes later, the disheveled Ella came out of the bedroom, smelling the floors of the robe on the move. She seemed upset, although, as I understood, they had just had sex with Yegor. I did not. It seems to be necessary to say goodbye, but I did not want to leave.

There was a rolling snoring from the bedroom. And I realized that my time came. I confidently went to the drooping Ella, pulled to my waist and kissed the lips hotly. Her flexible body first tensed, and then went limp in my hands.

I launched my fingers into her soft hair, and touched her chest with his other hand – under the thin matter of the silk robe, small standing papillae were clearly felt. I raised Ella in my arms and carried it to the sofa. Gently unbuttoned the buttons on the robe and picked his lips to the pink nipples.

When my hand was on Ella on her pubis, she spread her long legs herself. I pulled black openwork panties from her white hips and began to caress the clitoris. I sucked it, teased the tip of the tongue, licked it smartly. Ella moaned from excitement and with her little hands attracted my head to her hot bosom.

I enjoyed her sweet juices, poured out of the depths of the body exhausted from passion. But I wanted more. Gently massaging her anus, I loaded one finger there. She froze in surprise, but did not push my hand. Then I introduced another finger into her ass, gently massaging a tight hole from the inside.

About five minutes later I turned Ella on his tummy, unbuttoned the fly and drove his tense member into her elastic hole. It seems that she had been in the ass more than once, because I did not notice displeasure. On the contrary, she groaned sweetly and began to skillfully wave the buttocks to the beat of my movements. We finished at the same time. At that moment when she could no longer restrain the screams of pleasure, my sperm poured into her sweet ass.

Then we lay for a long time, hugging. Ella kissed my shoulders and neck. And I’m just a jerk, high from the received sexual satisfaction. At some point, a noise from the bedroom was heard. Egor called Ella. I had to get together quickly and go home.

I haven’t seen Ella anymore. But the next time I come to see my parents, I will definitely come to visit again. Only first I will call his blonde to his wife to find out exactly when Yegor is not at home.

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