Sex with a virgin. What to expect from him? | Psychology of relations

Sex with a virgin. What to expect from him?.

Sex with a virgin. What to expect from him? | Psychology of relations
Women rarely dream of depriving someone of virginity. But what to do if suddenly the boyfriend still had no sexual relationship? What to expect from him in bed?

There is an opinion that guys aged 15-16 are losing innocence, and at the time of adulthood they already have sufficient sexual experience, they can and want to have fun and give it to a partner. However, this is not always the case, there are situations when the young man has long crossed the 20-year line and retained his virginity, there are quite a few reasons for this:

  • Waiting for his beloved and only to give her all the unspent love and affection.
  • It is complex about the size of the penis, considering it too large or, on the contrary, too small, is embarrassed by its naked body;
  • Perhaps he is afraid of disappointment received with the previous unsuccessful sexual experience;
  • The lack of desire and interest in sex are associated with hormonal imbalance or total employment work, study or hobbies.

Some men themselves make up the fact of their own virginity, without embarrassment and without worrying about this, others build themselves an experienced macho, trying to hide the timidity and lack of experience behind the scabied jokes and relaxed behavior.

How to distinguish a virgin man?

If you believe that the virgin looks exclusively like a botanist with glasses and a checkered shirt, then you are deeply mistaken. Many chaste guys do not differ outwardly from their experienced companions. You can recognize a girl-girl by the following signs:

  • He is timid and shy, especially when it comes to talking about intimacy.
  • Does not hint at an intimate relationship, although it shows sympathy for you.
  • By all means tries to push the upcoming sexual intimacy, finding many reasons why not today.
  • Inexperienced in seduction matters.

How the starfish behaves in bed?

Inexperienced in sex men are often too hastily and try to move on to direct penetration without preliminary caresses, or vice versa are too tight with prelude, exploring every millimeter of the female body, which leads to a decrease in excitement in a partner.

Usually, in the first contact, a woman rarely experiences sexual satisfaction, she needs to follow all the actions of her partner, in some cases she has to tell me how to wear a condom, how and where to enter. It is necessary to encourage it all the time with moans, cries and stroking, not forgetting to depict incredible excitement, if there is no one.Sex with a virgin. What to expect from him? | Psychology of relations
Often the first sexual contact in a man ends quite quickly, and this is natural. No need to be shy or upset, the task of the woman at the moment extend the pleasure of preliminary caresses.Even the girls wise by sexual experience should allow the initiative to show the girl-girl, otherwise he will wait for actions from his partner every time.

However, the first sex is not always bad. If a young man is theoretically familiar with an intimate life, thanks to the stories of friends, watching erotic magazines and adult films, then he can give a woman an unforgettable pleasure.

How to behave in bed with a girl-girl

To deliver and get sexual pleasure with a girl-girl is not an easy task, and not every woman will take responsibility and teach all the basics of sexual science.

If the young man hides his inexperience, tries to behave like an inveterate macho, but it looks at least ridiculous, in no case can not be commented, criticized, and even more so laugh. This can become a psychological trauma for a man and discourage the desire for sex for the rest of his life.

Any man subconsciously wishes a positive assessment of his actions and intimate contact is no exception, tell me and show that you like his touch. And then unobtrusively make it clear what you would still like to try. Gently tell him what to do and how.There is no single scenario of deprivation of virginity. There are no certain tips. Each such case is unique. It is only important to maintain tact and not wait for something supernatural. The full disclosure of a man is not possible during the first sex, and if communication continues, then he will be able to teach different methods of stimulation.

The first partner and the first sex will remain in the memory of a man forever, it is likely that he will mentally return to his first proximity, recall mistakes and positive moments, the woman’s task to make these memories as pleasant as possible.

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