Sex with hemorrhoids – what can be done and cannot

Is it possible to have anal sex with hemorrhoids.

With the development of such a pathology, most couples begin to doubt whether sexual intimacy is allowed in this situation. Some even completely exclude from their life sex with hemorrhoids for a very long period. But, although certain restrictions are present, the diagnosis of such a disease should not greatly worsen the quality of intimate relationships. Therefore, you should not be upset, categorically discarding the chance to get satisfaction from fucking.

Anal sex with hemorrhoids

Often, women prefer to agree with men requiring sexual contact with an exacerbation of pathology, although this is not entirely justified. Sometimes even vaginal sex in such a situation causes discomfort, capable of causing pain due to the fact that the partition connecting the vagina with the rectum is extremely thin.

Sex with hemorrhoids – what can be done and cannot

Often there is another situation – hemorrhoids causes a categorical rejection of intimacy, because with frictions, and then orgasm, the abbreviated vaginal muscles press directly on the inflamed cones. Doctors forbid to practice any variant of coatus if the disease has moved to the acute phase. Even vaginal sex is contraindicated at the fourth stage of pathology, as well as the third, when the nodes are too large. Then it is better to think about the need for surgical intervention, since there is a high risk of serious complications.

Doctors recommend engaging in anal with hemorrhoids a maximum of ten times to exclude the risk of complications. In this case, proximity by the penetration of the penis into the anus must be tender and smooth. The process requires preparatory procedures, and then soft, leisurely movements. It is extremely important to ensure careful hygiene of the anus, certainly use a special tool that prepares the intestines to introduce penis into it. Such an event will allow the risk of rupture of the mucosa, which will begin to develop hemorrhoids.

Also an indispensable rule – the use of a condom in case of non -traditional act. So manage to protect yourself and a partner for sex
from sexual infections that can provoke varicose vessels of the rectum. After the treatment of the disease, anal fucking is allowed only a month later, otherwise there will be a high risk of resuming the problem.

Can anal provoke hemorrhoids?

Sex with hemorrhoids – what can be done and cannot

The practice of intimacy through the anus is the most common reason for the development of hemorrhoids in both women and men of non -traditional sexual orientation. This is due to the fact that the introduction of a member in the rectum often provokes its injury, after which inflammation of the mucosa develops, contributing to varicose of vascular plexus. Since most couples ignore the requirement of using condoms, the intestinal infection begins quite often, which increases the risk of developing the inflammatory process.

Sexual contact through the anus enhances blood flow in this area of the pelvis, violates the functioning of the vessels, which provokes stagnation in them. These processes become a significant impetus for the development of such a situation as the expansion of veins and the formation of varicose nodes.

Traditional sex with hemorrhoids

Sex with hemorrhoids – what can be done and cannot

Regarding the vaginal intercourse of experts of experts directly diametr. Some are sure that it is much more advisable in the presence of symptoms of pathology to exclude any option of sexual contacts. They argue their position by the fact that excessive loads regarding the rectovaginal partition are undesirable. Even familiar intimacy can provoke painful sensations.

Another category of doctors is firmly convinced that such a disease should not provoke a rejection of classical intercourse. They even put forward such an assumption that constant vaginal sex can serve as a good prevention of the disease.

Sometimes when asked whether it is possible to practice anal sex with hemorrhoids, you can hear a positive answer from homosexuals, since it involves a certain massage of the prostate. Consider whether sexual intercourse for a man with hemorrhoids really facilitates his condition. It is also worthwhile to figure out the veracity of the statement that gays are much less common than their brothers who prefer heterosexual relations are at risk. Doctors insist that each specific case must be considered individually. The severity of pathology, its stage and duration is of main importance. Undoubtedly, you cannot ignore professional medical advice. Only the doctor is able to evaluate possible risks by recommending sexual behavior for the period of the course of the disease.

But in the opinion that an orgasm has a positive effect on health with hemorrhoids, all doctors are one. At the time of the highest pleasure, blood rises more intensively into the pelvic zone. Therefore, the peak of satisfaction contributes to the effective normalization of changes caused by varicose.

How to fuck, so that it gets worse

Sex with hemorrhoids – what can be done and cannot

After the appearance of hemorrhoids, many couples are afraid that they will lose the ability to fuck qualitatively. This is especially concerned about those who are used to anal sex. Here, doctors are also in solidarity with each other: even the slightest symptoms of pathology require a complete abandonment of attempts to introduce a member into a “chocolate” hole.

Experts recommend in such a situation to be limited only to vaginal or oral intercourse. The traditional occupation of sexual contact is completely not contraindicated in the situation with such a disease. But it is certainly required to minimize excessive activity with coatus. The couple is obliged to choose a pose that would be as comfortable as possible. Some doctors recommend reducing the amount and duration of intimate acts.

Sex after surgery to remove hemorrhoids

Sex with hemorrhoids – what can be done and cannot

Surgeons always warn after the resection of the nodes about the need to tolerate for some time, without trying to restore intimacy immediately. If minimally invasive intervention was applied, vaginal contact is prohibited for three weeks after it. When a hemorrhoidctomy was performed, only the attending physician is able to determine the exact period of return to the joy of sex, taking into account the amount of resection and the risk of complications. It is always necessary to clarify when it is allowed to start sexual relations after excision of hemorrhoidal nodes. As soon as discomfort occurs with frictions, anal crack or blood appears, it is required to stop immediately so as not to infect an infectious disease into the body.

To prevent the problem, caution must be observed during anal sex with hemorrhoids, regularly perform preventive procedures that prevent vascular violation. Moderate loads, proper nutrition, hiking, rejection of smoking and alcohol abuse help prevent varicose veins in this area. If the couple has such a problem, it is advisable to immediately visit a specialist who will tell you safe ways of intimacy in a similar situation.

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