Sex with my friend’s wife, what to do, why do you want, is it worth admitting

Sex with my friend’s wife, what to do, why do you want, is it worth admitting.

Sex with my friend’s wife, what to do, why do you want, is it worth admitting

Men claim that friendship exists only between them – the strongest, faithful and devoted. Is it so? Is it really that men who are ready to risk their lives in the war for a comrade will be equally fundamental in matters relating to women? Well, it would be just some left-wing girls, but sometimes we are talking about wife! How many stories humanity know when it happens Sex with his best friend’s wife, After which the insidious seducer cannot really explain why this happened, what to do now, and whether it is worth admitting a friend in his sin.

This is what we will talk about in our new article. Why is a stranger wife so sweet and so I want to have sex with her? What is the reason for the wild craving for intima with a friend’s wife? Why does the wife of a friend want sex with you? About everything in order: about random sex by drunk, and about long-hasty seditious thoughts, and about unearthly love, which dragged on the abyss of the passion of a friend-representative, and about a light adultery.

Sex with my friend’s wife, what to do, why do you want, is it worth admitting

Why is sex with a friend’s wife attracts men, reasons

All men are males in which the fertilization program of their favorite female. There can be many such women in life, and the spouse of the best friend is not always an exception. In most men, the eternal spirit of rivalry is attached to the female instinct-a lifelong formula-1 among spermatozoa for the right to possess a quality female.

Instinct of rivalry

Friendship arises on completely different grounds than love or sexual attraction, which is why friends do not have sex. But among many bosom roots, the same spirit of rivalry remains, forcing to fight for the best place under the sun, where they will be happy to grab a pretty girl. If you slept with your friend’s wife, then, most likely, the instinct of rivalry between you has always been.

A friend grabbed a delicious piece in life? He studied better, graduated from a cool university, took a well -paid position, in his youth had beautiful and delicious heifers, and then completed his staggering with a successful marriage with a chic girl – and this has always gnawed at you deep down! You always weaved somewhere behind him-in his retinue-and were just on the patch. Perhaps you even have a common business in which you are only his right hand … And how you want to take a warm place in all areas! A woman happens in such cases a bargaining coin. Conscience to calm the riot of emotions does not work, alas. And you just fuck his pretty wife. It is possible that you have feelings and plans for her, but in a word – you are still a traitor. This, dear “friends”, envy! No normally thinking man will approve of such creeps.

For a real friend and partner, a stranger wife cannot be an object of lust. To excite – it is likely, but the true comrade will not dare to go further. The wife of a friend is like a sister – you do not want her, because a natural reaction to a relative is disconnected. The difference is that an automatic shutdown occurs with the sister, and with a stranger – an effort of will, that is, meaningfully.

General drinking and parties

You know in which case sex with a best friend’s wife can happen? When you constantly spend time together in the same company: you celebrate the holidays, go to parties, drive to nature, loosen, smoke, etc.D. Here in this general fun, sympathy can arise. She, like an arrow, pierces abruptly: gesture, gaze, breath, and then comic flirting begins. An affair was created, which smoothly goes into more serious flirting. If a friend’s wife is not a taboo for you, soon, at a convenient case, sex will certainly be!

It is likely that you will fuck a friend’s wife by drunken or sleeping, but the fact remains – you were behind the comrade behind his property without permission. Yes, it is property, because most men perceive the encroachment on the crotch of their woman, as claims to the right to use something personal (apartment, car, garage, etc.D.).

Accidentally slept with his friend’s wife

In general, such actions do not occur by chance! You can sleep with a friend’s wife only with mutual sympathies and previously visited seditious thoughts! But suppose you did not plan it, but everything happened. You swallowed saliva into her sweet ass, mentally tried on her third size, and then bam! Something pulled, the quarrel took place. Maybe on a joint rest she had a fight with a friend, and you were nearby, or you had to keep long contact in some common cause. Doesn’t matter. We will assume that this, however, is not from evil.

Sex with my friend’s wife, what to do, why do you want, is it worth admitting

Friend – drunks and moron

Ha, such situations are also! He has a wonderful wife, a great family, and he is a moron. He drinks, walks, raises his hand, scandalite – does not value what is. You are the same person who would like to have just such a woman nearby. Most likely, you do not even keep plans for sex with his wife. In such circumstances, she herself begins to complain to you, seek support (by the way, also at first without intimate subtext), more often call and ask for help. You are getting closer. Suddenly the fact that you have a lot in common, similar views on life and family pops up. The first sprouts of feelings wake up. You, like a real friend, are trying to reason your husband-idiot, feeling that a little more and cross the line, but it is useless. Naturally, sympathies will go into love, and there will be a cool long -awaited sex with a friend’s wife!

Love of life

I saw her and precipitated – a dream, not a woman! It was precisely her who had been looking for her for 30 years, but still! Where have you been before, Klava?! Happens. I just saw and fell in love. The roof is slanted, the brains melted, suffering, snot, mental torment from the category “friend I or the bastard” … Everything in life happens. Anyone who is daringly and less conscientious will definitely sleep with his friend’s wife, whom he fell in love with madly. Fearing public censure and less bold guys suffer and jerk off on the “love of life”.

A fleeting affair

You know, in this case, sex with a friend’s wife becomes a light adultery as if for a wife and for you, dear lovers. Often in such situations, women act initiators and seduce the attracted man. Why choose a friend? Because you don’t have to go far. Yes, and you are unlikely to want to arrange a family drama due to one-time somersault in bed. The married cunning aunt is all calculated. She found the power of the emotions of the first sex, as it was once with a legal spouse, used to call and successfully forgot. Everything is pierced! Of course, you also cannot be called too conscientious in this situation. The wife of a friend becomes one of your sexual victories on the field of sexual battles – nothing personal, Just Sex)))

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What to do if I slept with my friend’s wife

But this is a difficult question! One correct answer cannot be. All people are different: both lovers, and devoted friends-bonuses, and their wives. Who and how from this trinity will respond to an open abscess is unknown. We will offer several options for the development of events if you do not know what to do after sex with your wife’s best friend.

Imagine in everything

Your conscience bakes you so much that it doesn’t even sleep at night? You don’t care what will happen to your family later? You, in principle, are indifferent to whether your friend wants to know the truth about double betrayal? You are worried only by the cargo that you hung on your neck, sagging on the delights of a stranger wife. OK. Then tell you everything honestly, preferably in all details. He will definitely forgive everyone! Both his wife-stacked and a friend-wings, who thoroughs his most expensive. Undoubtedly! The best option! And then you will continue to be friends, as if nothing had happened. You can even fuck his wife with a friend to fasten the Treaty of Eternal Friendship.

In fact, events after such revelations can develop differently:

  • you will be forgiven, but crossed out of life;
  • They will be called a scoundrel, forgive and also sprinkle from a list of friends;
  • They will not forgive the fig and silently give Pendal;
  • They will be called a scoundrel, accused of the collapse of the family, they will be thrown out of life forever, having previously pressed the insolent muzzle.

In general, you shut your nerves with your revelation to everyone. Men’s wife can also fly. Imagine that she is thrown out of the house, like a guessing kitten, stuck in a muzzle into his own puddle. Where will she go? Why, it will come to you. If you wanted to shelter her in your life, then, congratulations, you have a “prize” sector on the drum! You are the winner of the “Field of Miracles”,. It was an affair and just sex? Then you have problems))) where to put an unnecessary woman??? Return to another friend to your birthday. Ha ha ha.

Most importantly – you have lost your friend for the rest of your life. There are a lot of women – you can sleep with anyone, but real friends … Is there a random sex with a friend’s wife of such losses?

Silence as a partisan

The decision to be silent in a rag is made by many friends who slept with strangers. It is better. Cuffs, showdowns, tears, nerves – who needs it? A friend of roads, you repent in your act, you want to save everything? Do not admit! Stop lusting to other people’s women, tear off his wife, lure sins in any way and be silent and be silent! This was not all. Forget and never repeat such mistakes.

Friend’s wife wants to continue the banquet

But what to do if the wife of a friend wants sex further? Even worse, if she generally decided to move to you. Here is the aunt all cards in hand. Most likely, she will apply blackmail to you: either sex further, or her husband will find out everything. What if you have your own wife … what can be done in this situation?

  • Try to talk seriously, explain everything, appeal to the distraught Virgin to conscience. Honestly? It rarely rolls. Women in emotions are allying and irrational. You are waiting for slaps in the face, smeared mascara and green snot, reproaches in your unconsciousness and continuation of blackmail. Rather hide your wife if she is. Put her ears to her, otherwise she will know everything in the near future.
  • Go out of sight and reach zones. Run Forest run! We tear all the contacts under the pretext of business trips, diseases, moving to Tmutarakan on the Taman Peninsula and T.D. Drink for a year or two, maybe passion will be harassed. Aunt will come to his senses and your value in her eyes will decrease slightly.
  • Pay off. It’s funny to you? And we are serious. Women love money! Even if she first proves with bulging eyes that her love and conscience cannot be bought … You understand, the question is exclusively in the number of zero at the end. Freedom and friendship cost a lot)))
  • Find yourself a replacement. This is suitable when the wife of a friend is an initially walking dragonfly. Not you, so the other. Look for an active, slender, young fighter with a big member. Finally, give a rubber phallus – the largest that you find. Switching quickly.
  • Shoot Clingter-amendment. Hire a killer and business – grave. Joke!

As you understand, there are options for concealing a spray with a friend’s wife. Look, think, try.

Sex with my friend’s wife, what to do, why do you want, is it worth admitting

A friend himself wanted a betrayal of his wife

It would seem that so complicated if a friend himself wanted your sex with his wife is beautiful Trio “Husband + wife + family friend”. Undoubtedly, there are the so -called chucks and their wives sexwife who are engaged in such games regularly. Among them are newcomers who have not yet fully understood their emotions regarding the sex of his wife with another man. And you had a prize – to be a sort of pioneer, on which they experiment, roll the selected format or not.

We agree that it is difficult to refuse free vinegar, especially with a standing three and elastic ass of someone else’s wife. And with the permission of the best friend … Yes, God himself ordered to use the tired freebie! And it’s good to do for yourself, and to help my friend. And here you can wait for you a nasty wreck ..

Friendship abruptly crossed himself to be a muddy dealer and recalled the traditionalist patriarchal-conservative foundations since the time of King Gorokh! He quickly overcomes into the right husband who is the honor of his wife, and wants to quickly forget about those piquant moments when his dear wife wriggled on your penis, like a street, who was a navigated cat. Here is an ambush! This image pursues him every time when you look at you.

More likely, you will be crossed out of a circle of trust. There will be no more friend. If you are more than you, and more beautiful with a snout and a wallet wider – you will be an enemy in general. This is your friend so hesitates from a possible continuation of the banquet behind him. Here you have sex with a friend’s wife. Of course, if you have a pretty girl, you can offer an exchange as compensation))) why not? Swing is now in fashion!

Men and faithful friends, do not look for adventures to the fifth point! Turn around – so many attractive women! No need to have sex with the wife of a best friend – this is hemorrhoids with complications. If you have already been talked, be silent. Do you agree with us or not? Was there a similar experience in your life? And what do friends of friends think? We are waiting for comments!

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