Sex without breaks: how to achieve a second erection and end several times in a row?

Sex without breaks: how to achieve a second erection and finish several times?.

Sex without breaks: how to achieve a second erection and end several times in a row?

Want to surprise your partner with a sex marathon, having sex two or more times in a row? A woman still requires, and you are only capable of sleeping? A few small tricks and you will become famous for a sex giant… Well, or at least a hardy lover.

Women are arranged somewhat different than men. Some get a bright orgasm and through a short time, subject to the maintenance of excitement, an orgasm is possible again. Others enjoy the whole series of small, so -called multiple orgasms. Naturally, in such conditions a rare woman will refuse to repeat pleasure, well, only if she is not too tired.

American scientists conducted a survey that showed that 30% of women are not satisfied with sexual life due to the fact that the partner is capable of only one-time sexual intercourse, while they are ready for the new orgasm.

Sex without breaks: how to achieve a second erection and end several times in a row?

In men with orgasm, it is somewhat more complicated. Yes, you can get at least 6 orgasms per hour, but, of course, not daily and not in a hurry or pressure atmosphere. Although, there are especially capable orgasms, ready for daily marathons. Most of the male population, unfortunately, cannot achieve a second erection. A serious psychological fear of failure is added to physiology, when even a man capable of second sexual intercourse, due to doubt and fears, cannot be excited. But women demand – Let’s try to surprise them.

How to get excited for a second sex?

If elementary masturbation after orgasm does not help, try one and our techniques, or maybe a little at once.

  1. While at the peak, strain the groin muscles with force. This focus helps to discard the minimum of sperm and maintain an erection. Just a couple of seconds and you are ready for the next climb. Some men claim that orgasm with this technique is much brighter.
  2. Do not give up after orgasm. Do not relax. Yes, it is very difficult, because the body and brain are asked for rest. Just start affection again and the desire to return. As sexologists assure, cunnilingus will help to open a second wind, and for «refreshment» Place of action try oral lubricant.
  3. Actively fantasize. Turn on the imagination and imagine the most exciting personnel, not forgetting to caress the partner and whisper to her vulgarities and tenderness in the ear. Don’t let yourself relax, only hardcore.
  4. Hardcore in real life. If there are few fantasies, try the radical method… strangulation. Just don’t overdo it – Ask your partner to play the mistress and at the right time a little strangle you with a specially prepared scarf. The ancient priestesses of love knew and applied this proven method, even then it was known that strangulation causes an erection in the male.
  5. Rods for an erection. Roman Greek technique will help to enhance the effect. After an orgasm, the partner lightly whips a man in the lower back and below. Tender spanking with a whip activates the work of the testes who resume an erection. Some, in addition to the above, add binding or bondage.

Sex without breaks: how to achieve a second erection and end several times in a row?

How to cause a repeated erection in a man?

We can advise women not to focus on the actual end of sexual intercourse – Start caressing your partner, playfully, delicately, without focusing on erections, but just give him pleasure. For some men, re -stimulation of a member can cause discomfort – Leave it for a while.

Great move – Start sex before a complete erection. The posture is suitable for this «spoons» or «On the side». The partner herself introduces the member to himself, as a rule, a good erection will not make herself wait.

Help him with your hands. Tired man – bad lover, so you need active oral and manual stimulation. There is nothing like that if a man does not have an erection after a hard day, although he wants sex.

For those who are tired, but want to achieve a second ejaculation by all means, masturbation on the partner’s face is suitable. Many men dream of cum on their face, besides observation of masturbation excites no worse than any tactile caress.

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