Sex without penetration – exotic for intimate life

Sex without penetration – exotic for intimate life.

The more the couple experimentes, the longer and harder it develops.
And this is the wonderful quality of partners, the ability to find and try new, reveals before them surprisingly new pleasures and sensations.
Sex is considered only an act of copulation in which the genitals of both partners are involved. But this category has long expanded its framework, and is waiting for the daredevils to discover the forbidden and secret.

Nobody has been considering oral sex for a long time exotic, although some very conservative couples still deny themselves this pleasure.

Kunnilingus – pleasure for a woman, blowjob – For a man. With proper stimulation of the genitals, partners can get an orgasm without moving to classic sex.
It is believed that oral sex is more intimate, and it is classified as the highest confidence between partners.

Glutual petting – It’s safe «anal» sex. A man simply rubs his penis between his partner’s buttocks. There is no penetration, but there is a certain excitement and stress.
Clamping the penis with lagdians, a man helps himself with the thumbs, which stimulates the penis from above so that the effect is carried out from all sides. The main rule – More lubricant.

Mammological sex, although it has an unattractive name, but has a very attractive content. The girl clamps the man’s penis between the breast, allowing him to carry out frictions. It is also worth taking care of the lubricant.
A woman can kneel before a partner, or can accept him lying on her back. The friction speed may be unlimited, the main thing for the girl to lift the chin as high as possible, especially with large dimensions of the penis of her partner.

Intrabial sex – Here is a real exotic. In this case, the penis is clamped between female caviar, while the partner is made by reciprocating movements.
Some men find this wildly exciting. With some pathologies in sexual life, the only way a man can finish.

And for dessert Petering. This is nothing but an imitation of sex. They can be engaged even in clothes. The main thing here is to focus on stimulating the erogenous zones of each other using the language.
The most interesting thing is that entire heads of Kama Sutra are devoted to the description of this process. If we talk about deep petting, then both partners, being completely naked, caress each other with the help of language, mammary glands. In addition, you can resort to masturbation, fellation and cunnilingus.

Sex without penetration – exotic for intimate life

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