The first sex with a new guy or a man is ahead?

The first sex with a new guy is ahead?.

You have the first sex with a new guy or man? You want to continue to meet with him, but at the same time you are scared that the first intimacy can be the end of your relationship? We can give you 10 tips that will help you realize your plans in the best way.

1) do not immediately show all your skills in sex! Even if you had a rich sex life and you managed to change several guys from whom you have learned a lot, there is no need to immediately put all your knowledge and skills in practice with a new guy. He can be frightened of such pressure on your part and feel inept, and he may also have the idea that he is not the only one, and nothing can convince him of this. The same applies to women.

2) It is also important not to talk about your former partners. Sometimes it’s better to even lie. Even then, if your chosen one claims that it doesn’t matter to him how you lived before, believe me – he may be unpleasant and inconvenient to listen to stories about your former men. It is important not to tell the intimate details of your past life.

3) Behave naturally! Find the middle ground between shyness, passion and experience.

4) do not take on the initiative! Let the new guy be a leader and initiator during the first sex with you.

5) a little about oral sex. The main thing is not to be obsessive during a blowjob and kiss it with a slight shy. This is done so that he feels the only tamer. The girl should gradually open in bed, and not immediately 100%.

6) Do not be silent! Leave meaningless conversations and stupid questions for later. But at the same time, tell a new man that you are pleased. Just do not exaggerate cries of pleasure.

7) Forget about laughter! A bed is not a place for laughter, although it all depends on the situation itself. A man can perceive laughter as a personal resentment, in the worst case he might think that you are laughing at him.

8) no experiments! So far you definitely do not know the preferences of your new guy, it is not advisable to try extraordinary poses during sex.

9) Be tender! It is unpleasant for someone to do it only if you are both masochists. No need to scratch and bite if he himself does not ask about it. And if he makes you painfully or unpleasant, in no case do not be silent and tell him about it, otherwise it may seem to him that you will moan with pleasure, and not from pain!!!))

10) The most important thing is personal hygiene! Men excites the smell of a woman, but here you need to observe the measure, since too strong a flavored smell can scare away a man. In this case, for the first sex, it is better to choose a neutral smell.

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